The C-Word

Life is just chock full of surprises. Some that end with a party, friends, food, drink and gifts and then there are those other surprises, the ones that leave you with a different reaction.

Let’s just say, after I got up and dusted myself off, I was inspired to write this Blog.

Greg, my husband, will be turning the big 50 in July. This is a time for celebration and confusion. The purchase of a convertible sports car, certainly describes the above and lead me to my c-word, conformance. I guess this is the point where I am grateful that there is a topless car in my driveway and not a topless woman in my home!

Mid-life crisis, epiphany, awakening whatever adjective you use, they all lead us to the most frightening c-word of all….change. It’s not that I don’t welcome change, but like any hostess I appreciate a heads-up that your on the way.  Perhaps I didn’t hear the knock at the door or I chose to ignore it, the last thing I remember hearing was that old saying “ready or not here I come” just as the change was rolling into my driveway.

As you can imagine, no one took the news about the addition to our life better than our teenage son. I sat back and just observed the conversation between father & son. This is when I swear the testosterone swelled the room and pushed what little estrogen I have left, out the window. Their eyes were like saucers filled with endless possibilities. Two men, one entering the middle mark of his journey and the other standing on the threshold, but in this moment they appeared to look the same.  So, what’s a wife and mother to do after witnessing this moment of masculine bonding? She does what any female would do, she gives herself permission to have a good old fashioned hissy fit, secures her big girl panties, waves a white flag and surrenders to the idea that her life is far from boring.

The page turned when I wasn’t looking and the next chapter “Life With The Top Down” appeared.


Now it’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

3 responses

  1. Dear God… it took me forever to get here… countless clicking of the ‘older’ button, but I made it! Nice to see where the ‘ride’ started…


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