This week certainly was packed with emotion. It is incredible how overwhelmed you can become when this bunch of hooligans come flooding in the door all at once. 

Love, worry, fear, sadness, heartache, confusion, suspicion, anger, joy & happiness. Bring it on!

We celebrated our wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day. We went out to dinner, ate a delicious meal and enjoyed a quiet evening.  Our daughter sent us a beautiful arrangement, which was so thoughtful, unexpected and certainly filled our day with extra love and warm hearts.

However, that moment was short lived due to a phone call informing us that a family member had been missing for (5) days…hello worry and fear, we hope your not planning on staying too long.  Well, they only decided to stay for a short time before sadness and heartache came barreling through the door with the news that our loved one was found, but was no longer with us. 

The circumstances surrounding her passing invited confusion and suspicion along to hang out for a few days as well.  These two are just so invasive. They whisper and create havoc amongst everyone, which only welcomes anger with open arms.  Sadly, they may actually extend their stay, but we are hoping that acceptance and contentment will escort them to the nearest exit …. quickly.

As days are passing and we are flooded with memories, look who shows up…that’s right…. sure enough…it’s joy, happiness and love.  They snuck in the back door.  These 3 amigos are always welcome!  I love that they always bring that big ole third wheel comfort along.  Comfort is all warm and fuzzy….it  just has a way of making everything better.

As for our loved one Debbie, she came into this world weighing only 2 pounds, starting her life with with both strength and struggle.  She lived her life having those two S’s follow her like shadows.

 Strength and struggle are a relationship that can only be defined as “complicated.” They come into your life at your weakest moments, stand outside the door quietly, waiting for you to recognize that they brought opportunity.

 Jeez, opportunity…what can I say other than he is that guy at the party, in the center of the room, acting crazier than a Hoot Owl. If you are brave enough to approach him you’ll realize he’s not that “crazy” after all, in fact, you are two peas in a pod.

Debbie never had a problem recognizing opportunity, but she did have a problem holding onto the relationship. She had a weakness that always interfered and caused a breakup, this was her struggle.

It’s the weaknesses (our free will) that make us human.  We are all so much more than our weaknesses and Debbie certainly knew that to be true.  She never thought “less” of herself, even in her worst moment she believed she was so much more than what we saw in front of us…. that was a gift. Debbie always knew she was smart, talented, funny and kind long before she met her weakness….that was her Strength looming in the shadows.  Now it’s our turn to be strong and remember her in that same bright light as a daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend. 

The havoc of this week has left me with the opportunity to focus on my strengths…send my weaknesses packing and extend my plans to live my best life. 

My hope is that Debbie has met that special someone she had been longing for …….. PEACE.


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