Let The Music Play

I recently created a Playlist on my iPhone in order to motivate me at the gym. The pumped in selection via the horrific sound system, couldn’t motivate this ass on a good day!  It was time to create the playlist.  This wasn’t going to be an easy task for me and I’ve been putting it off for quite some time. Honestly, it shouldn’t be that difficult, but I appreciate all genres of music and can go from Al Green to Led Zeppelin with a dash of Beyonce and back again without even batting an eye. Where would I even begin?  As a self admitted channel changer and a beat a song to death with the replay button person, this would be challenging to say the least.

When I listen to music I have to feel it, it can never be noise in the background, unless of course I’m not in control of the buttons…ugh.  So, I finally decided to go with whatever came to mind first and let the selections choose themselves. When I was finished I read the tiles back and they were telling quite a tale, the tale of me.

 This is my profound list of tunes that will be motivating me in and outside of the dreaded gym……for now anyway.

1. Somebody That I Use To Know…Yea, the doormat version of myself …she’s gone now, tootles.

2. Don’t Stop Believin…Best advice every given..if you have the strength to believe it’s true.

3. Maybe I’m Amazed…Taking time to notice something every day that makes me think..wow.

4. Sweet Child O’Mine…Emily & Zachary of course (even though they would not participate in my sing-a-long of this song)

5. Losing My Religion…12 years of Catholic School..nuff said.

6. Learn To Fly…I am finally starting to see the importance of this in my life.

7. Hear Comes The Sun…Always seeing a bright side in the darkness.

8. Dream On…Can’t let them get away, life is too short not to live your dreams.

9. Like A Prayer…Laughter is my prayer, always heals my soul.

10. More Than A Feeling…Greg 

11. Peace of Mind…Something I wasted so much time looking for while the controller was in the mirror the whole time.

12. Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad…Um…yea..they were.

13. I’ll Do Anything For Love…Dam straight! 

14. Man In The Box…The core…the deep dark seeded core. 

15. Your Decision...Made some very good ones, some very bad ones and learned from them all (sooner would have been nice)

16. Rooster…Obviously the fact that I am an early riser… always have been.

17. Simple Man… My happiest moments have always been the simplest.

18. Good Life…How I’m living right now.

19. A Change is Gonna Come…O, indeed they have come, gone and some have pleasantly made themselves at home. 

20. Let It Be…If you can do this, you can do anything….big lesson for me. 

21. Sexy and I Know It…Represents a new found confidence.

22. I Can See Clearly Now…New glasses will do this to 48 year old eyes (factual and metaphorical glasses)

23. Fall to Pieces…Yep, this has happened many times for many reasons..good, bad, happy & sad.

24. Walk on By…Not easy to do, but sometimes it’s just necessary.

25. I Want To Break Free... In the process of completing this mission.

Take a minute to read your Playlist … you might be surprised at what you discover.

All I’m gonna do is just go on and do what I feel. Jimi Hendrix

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