Sexy ….. M. L. C.

Well, well, well, Saturday was the first ride in the MLC (MidLife Crisis) with the top down and I must admit it’s a SEXY ride. I am pleasantly surprised at my sudden love for this vehicle. We went for a long drive through Bucks County and stopped for lunch, nothing fancy…but it was the sense of fun and adventure that I haven’t felt in so long that really turned it up a notch. No kids, actually, no acknowledgement that they even existed for the 2 plus hours we were riding around, singing “Dream On”  with the wind in our hair….shear pleasure!  Suddenly I started to wonder why is this making me so dam happy .. wait a minute here, who was the one in “crisis” mode?  I was using the term MLC as a cliche. It was my justification to describe the sudden decision of my soon to be 50 year old husband, to purchase a convertible.

Surprise!  Guess who is symptomatic….Yikes!

  • Boredom with people and things that may have been of interest to them before. Ugh, Yes
  • Feeling a need for adventure and change. Absolutely
  • Questioning the choices, they have made in their lives and the validity of decisions they made years before. Oh, Sweet Jesus call 911

According to the results of my Google search, I am positive for all 10 symptoms of a MLC!  How could this be happening? How can we both be going through this at the same time?  It was fine when it was happening to Greg, I can try to fix him.  I’m good at fixing other people and their problems.  But me? Oh no….Huston…we have a problem.

Like it or not, it looks like the ole MLC has a way of sneaking up on us. No matter how much I thought it was only for “others,” no matter how much I tried to make it about someone turning the big 50, here it is and, it could hit you too. Sometime around 45 (more or less) I woke up saying, “Who am I?” and “Where am I going?” I experienced mild depression, an emptiness inside. I wanted to run away – but where?   It never dawned on me that it was a mid-life crisis, jeez I had a couple of questions is all. I cried (hysterical) at pet adoption commercials, who didn’t?   I certainly wasn’t out buying a car or getting my groove on. I was way to busy thinking…ugh.  All that thinking can take a toll so yes, I was presented with the opportunity to take a pill and call it a day, but how would I get all my answers to these questions if I was walking around like a zombie?  That wasn’t a good solution for me.  My mind is way too curious to be stifled. Frankly, there wasn’t a pill big enough, so why bother.

Instead I started to look in the mirror, trying to find what I was so desperately seeking …

Every time I look in the mirror..all the lines on my face getting clearer…the past is went by like dust to dawn…isn’t that the way.  Steven Tyler, Dream On

We all have the so called answers, but for me it was all the time reflecting inward trying to justify them that stopped me in my tracks.  Well, you know what pushes you off those tracks?  In this case it was a convertible, but it could also be a ton of bricks. Whatever form it comes in, you rarely see it coming until it’s all up in your grill!  This car, this dam car that rolled into my life without warning has given me the opportunity to stop searching.

It has pushed me out of  those feelings of “not good enough” and has me plunging right into “why the hell not?”

It has given us the opportunity to be Greg & Lisa for a few hours on a weekend, instead of consuming ourselves with being Mom & Dad and all those other dreadful titles.

It forces us to reconnect, confirm that the decisions we made are made, accept them. Keep an eye on the kids…from a distance and most importantly…Enjoy The Ride With The One You Love.

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  1. When I ventured into therapy, my therapist said that MLC was not what was unique about me. It is so much more common than people think. Loved this post 🙂


  2. Once again you have me smiling and thinking, “Holy crap, I’m not the only one!” thank you Lisa, for taking the time to put your thoughts out there for us to read, absorb and contemplate. You never know who you may be helping & that, is a beautiful thing!


  3. I cannot agree more with the two remarks already made…I think you are forming a MLC club! LOL


  4. I found myself nodding going yesssssss! Fantastic post.


    1. Talk about an Ah Ha moment..lordy!


  5. Terrific post — thanks for liking my post — so I could find yours! And it looks like you’re a new blogger (or this is a new site). Congrats on a great start.


    1. I’m a newbie and thank you. I posted your video on my FB wall…dear god people are going crazy. Now I am a hooligan giving into the temptation. My conservative friends will probably delete me….lol


      1. You know, I really think that people don’t connect one position with the other — like being anti-abortion while supporting the death penalty. (I always think that John Stewart hit it on the head when he said that we should call poor people “former embryos.”

        Good luck with your blog!


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