Oh Behave

Spring is in the air!  The budding trees, blooming flowers, green grass and of course allergies. I have a box of tissues in every room, my eyes look like I’ve been partying with Cheech & Chong and I am waving a white flag surrendering to the latest menopausal wrath of Mother Nature, but I still love this exciting time of year. There is something about Spring that makes you feel like you should be getting your “new” on, whatever that may be.  I’ve been trying to do just that, but find myself dragging to take the first of many steps. The easy answer would be “it’s the allergy drugs”,  but it’s much deeper than the Zyrtec.

Too many times I find myself putting off things that would most likely will bring me joy, because it doesn’t fit into my routine. I am way too young, or at least I think and feel way too young, to be living my life by a rigid routine. Honestly, I’m really not that busy! Yet I am finding myself deferring invitations with a lazy excuse such as “Nah, I can’t, I already took my bra off.”  Did I suddenly lose the use of my hands and now I can’t put it back on?  How about just … dare I say … going without it.

I can’t count how many times I think about joining a class, going for a drink with my co-workers or having dinner with friends, yet I don’t make the effort to put these ideas into action. I can talk myself out of a plan in a flash. I am a clearly a professional sloth who accepts such lame excuses as “I have to do wash”… for god sakes it’s not like I’m lugging it down to the river to beat it with rocks, I’m pushing a button and waiting for it to be done. I would NEVER accept this excuse from someone else, so why the hell do I accept it from myself?

Time is accelerating at lighting speed and I am I allowing myself to miss out on life based on chores.  Basically, I am just sitting around making empty promises and lame excuses to myself while I’m missing the now.  Jeez, at the rate my life is traveling, the only thing I’m going to have is a big list of  “I was going go here.” and “I was going try this or that when things weren’t so crazy.”   Now that is just beyond pathetic. Where is my sense of adventure, my vigor …. my SELF?

“Life Happens When You’re Busy Making Other Plans”  John Lennon

I know exactly what this is all about…it’s about loosing my Mojo! ..Oh, yeah, baby

Somewhere between falling in love, raising children and having young adults, it went missing. It must have happened during the height of raising, running, rushing,working, going, getting and doing for everyone else … it slipped right out of my hands.

Well, the good news is I can vaguely remember what it looks like and you better believe I’m on my way to get it back…..Groovy baby!

Life is too short not to …..

  •  Be the freaking Rock Star from Mars I was meant to be.
  •  Eat bacon & have sex (not necessarily together or in that order)
  •  Break some rules and raise some hell.
  •  Sparkle
  •  Do something that matters.
  •  Have a little umbrella in my drink.
  •  Do what I love and love what I do.
  •  Eat dessert.
  •  Laugh out loud
  •  BE HAPPY.

Life always offers us a second chance. It’s called tomorrow. Take it slow. Don’t rush through it and just … Enjoy the Ride!

6 responses

  1. Yeah, there is always a second chance of re-creating who we choose to be. 🙂


  2. Seriously, I swear you were talking about me in this post…even to the point of the bacon and sex thing ;). Aren’t we so good at talking ourself out of doing stuff or feeling like we can’t be bothered? I made a conscious decision in the past year to stop doing that. Each time I found that within minutes of arriving at the activity, I overcame the getting there malaise and more than felt justifyed in putting my bra back on.


  3. I do this sometimes. I keep my Mojo in the closet and take it out when the weather is perfect, when I feel absolutely good, when there are sales going on, when there is nothing good on the tube in other words, I can also be pathetic!


  4. Having sex while COOKING bacon is fun……really. You have to be careful of the grease splatters though. 😉


  5. Why not break some “rules” – go out to the pharmacy with your pjs on reeking of (turkey) bacon and ask in a loud voice “where did you put the antihistamines?”


    1. Hahahahaha … now there’s an idea!


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