Give Them Something To Talk About

Living in a community surrounded by caring neighbors, where people look out for one another and genuinely care about the safety and well-being of all residents is wonderful, so please don’t get me wrong with what I’m about to reveal. This sense of community always comes with a price and in this case, it’s the line where caring and down right nosy meet.

Currently, I am dealing with the type of nosy that puts Mrs. Kravitz to shame. My situation is more of a Kraviseal.  This is a Mrs. Kravitz/Navy Seal fusion that leaves nothing off the list of questions or a means to get the answers. If you have a nosy neighbor or if you’ve been, lets just say in a prison environment, you can relate to my dilemma.

The Kraviseals know more about my life than I do!

WTF is that?

The Kraviseals know what time all of my family members leave the house each day and what time we return. The Kraviseals regularly scope out the house to see if we’ve added any new fixtures or decorations and peak in at any opportunity to get a glimpse of who knows what.  I wish so badly that I had a purple unicorn in my living room, I really do, but honestly my life isn’t that interesting.

Dang..what's next
water boarding?

After a long day I just want to sit outside with my dog and enjoy the evening…is that really asking too much?  Within seconds of settling in I am pounced on and interrogated by the FBI, oh, not that one, the more elaborate Fact Finding-Busy Body-Intrusive Investigative sort.  I sit there silently chanting…name, rank and serial number as I’m being DRILLED with the who, what, where, when, whats and hows about everything and anything. I’ve tried silence, changing the subject and sadly hiding behind closed doors…there is NO getting the hint…ever. If I am spotted, it’s back to busy body business as usual…no shame.

They have a flat screen..I knew it!

At first I thought well, it is nice to know that someone is watching the house during the day, but this sort of “watching” is just that, there is no concern. I don’t want to come home and hear “Oh, there was a burglar in your house today and they took the T.V.”  No stopping the crime, or perhaps leaving the window to call the police…just watching (probably eating popcorn) and reporting anything and everything. She could have dusted that thing before it was stolen.

It became very clear the other night that I was being creeped upon by the Kraviseals via my Facebook. Interesting I thought …very freaking interesting indeed.  There was the slip and it was quickly retracted along with some stuttering and forgotten…or so they thought.  Sooooo….Let’s give them something to talk about. A little mystery to figure out.

I thought I would just let the truth be known right here on this Blog, which just happens to be public on my Facebook. How is that for convenient?  Now it can be read, absorbed and hopefully understood that the intrusive behavior is not only unkind, acceptable or necessary, it’s an indication that your excessive extra time could be put to better use. Volunteering for the local Town Watch sounds ideal to me.

ALERT:  The grass is not greener over here, same weeds, crabgrass and dandelions.

So just relax…away from the window and please … Enjoy The Ride!

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  1. That’s downright creepy, and I’m pretty sure it is illegal if they are on your property, peeking in your windows. I hope that they read this on your Facebook page and get the hint. Otherwise, you might need to take stronger measures.


    1. The Facebook really has me boiling, the questioning is just exhausting.


      1. Can’t you unfriend them?


      2. We’re not friends on Facebook..ugh please. He was just creeping at all my public reason to be looking at my Facebook.


      3. Thank goodness! I guess there is not much you can do about the public posts. But if he is bothering you on your property, there is recourse.


  2. So sorry… Oh, by the way is your refrigerator door ajar??? Oh sorry, looking into the wrong house! Have you thought of black out shades?


    1. Hahahahaha … Seriously considering that or getting the purple unicorn.


  3. Michelle Gillies | Reply

    That is creepy. Sadly, I don’t think they will take the hint even if they read this on facebook.
    I did read something once about someone like this and it turned out they were just totally social inept and lonely. They wanted a friend and someone told them they had to act interested in people to make friends. Of course their version of acting interested and a person who actually has social skills is completely different.
    Good luck with that.


    1. You are correct, will not get it at all.


  4. I hope you get them! Good idea using the internet to let them know


    1. They can never say anything about it either, because then I’ll know they are creeping.


  5. Got with the unicorn. I like that idea!


  6. Good for you for calling them out about their behavior! This has to stop before it becomes dangerous.
    On my post today I was talking about how we might have to move because of some problems in our building, but your post reminded me of an unfortunate incident last summer. We had been living in our suite for a few months & the suite in the building across the parking lot was for sale. We saw quite a few people being shown around the suite, but it seemed like no one wanted it. Finally, a young couple appeared at the suite a few days in a row & without the real estate agent. My husband was sitting on our balcony when they came out on theirs & he called across asking if they had bought the suite. They replied in the affirmative & he welcomed them to the neighborhood. No more, no less. After that, whenever we would go out on our balcony, if they were on theirs, they would get up & go inside. We really weren’t stalking them – just wanted to welcome them, but I guess they didn’t appreciate it! Mistaken intentions?


  7. That’s odd. Maybe they moved away from intrusive neighbors and now they’re afraid to be friendly. My neighbor would have asked how much? where do you get the money? and then stalk and watch all he belongings moving in!


    1. What’s worse is now I check every time I go out on my balcony to see if they’re scurrying away & so now I feel like I am actually stalking them because of their behavior.


  8. I feel for you – we lived in a neighborhood like this for years (not just one neighbor, the whole block) and actually “just got used to it” – so glad not to be there anymore. Good luck !


    1. That’s how I feel “use to it”….


  9. Oh dear, I’m happy I don’t have neighbors quite that nosy. I have one who kept asking me what I was going to do with the backyard once I cut all the weeds and blackberries away even though I kept repeating I didn’t know.


  10. I don’t know if you ever saw A Clockwork Orange (I snuck into it as a kid and was very sorry — very disturbing movie). But there was a HUGE Penis sculpture in the living room in one scene. I think that would be WAY better than your unicorn, Tops. Because it would shut them up!


    1. Or, a unicorn with a big honking penis.


      1. We think alike..that was my first thought! hahahaha


  11. That is creepy. Maybe they are seeking verification of your Facbook life in terms of your real life. Either way, someone has way too much time on their hands.


  12. Isn’t Google Analytics great? You can see and identify the anals watching you…


  13. “Abner! She’s at it again! She and the dog are just sitting on the couch, watching TV! Can you believe it?”

    “Gladys, unless she’s walking around naked, I don’t care. If she is, get out the video camera!”

    I can imagine your pain – I have done quite a bit of apartment living, where I learned to keep my blinds closed – 1) so that my neighbors wouldn’t see a balding fat guy walking around in his underwear at night, and 2) so that I didn’t have to see THEM (several times I’ve seen naked flesh in their living room – it’s not pretty).

    That being said, sounds like you Kraviseals are borderline stalkers…you could always tell them some crazy things in order to stop them from looking in on your life – like “Oh, just so you know, we’re going to have a dinner party for Memorial Day, where we’ll be having roast cat and pigeon to remember what the doughboys in Europe were eating during World War II.”

    Guaranteed they’ll stop looking into your life if they think you’re weird like that…and if they call the cops for “animal cruelty”, greet them and ask, “Are you here about the stalker that I have?”


    1. Hahhaha…I will try the roasted cat, however something tells me they would just love to try some. My daughter was interrogated yesterday. Poor thing just got back from college so there were zillions of questions to be answered.


  14. With that mention that they might want to try roast cat, here’s a little story for me to share with you:

    In the summer of 1995, my mother won a trip to Hawaii that she used in conjunction with my graduating high school. We went to visit my family out there, and my mom’s cousin, Richard, took us to this Chinese restaurant called Woa Fat.

    While we were there, we were told to try the manapua, which is a steamed bun filled with sweet pork. I’d had them before at the local Chinese markets here in San Diego, and enjoyed them. These, however, didn’t taste the same, and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

    Well, about a week after we got back home, my mom’s cousin sent us a a copy of the Honolulu Gazette. In it, there was a story about how the Board of Health had gone in and shut down Woa Fat.

    Turns out the rat population in the area had skyrocketed, and people were questioning what was going on. When the health inspectors started investigating, they found the reason – the neighborhood cats, which normally caught a lot of the rats in the area, had gone missing.

    Where were they, you might ask?

    The Chinese restaurant owners, in an effort to save money buying pork, were killing the cats and turning them into the “sweet meat” for the stuffing in the manapua. Pictures of cat heads were lined up around the kitchen and made it into the paper.

    They warned of possible side effects in the news article, specifying possible intestinal worms and other possible feline transmitted diseases.

    I never experienced any of this. However, there was one side effect that everyone who ate the manapua experienced:

    A horrible craving for pussy.

    Yes. It was a joke. 🙂 And if you find it offensive, go ahead and delete it, I don’t mind. 🙂 But it would go along great with freaking your neighbors out eating cat…:)


    1. I am on the FLOOR!!!!! It would take more than a pussy reference to offend me…hahahaha.


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