Garden Center Swag

Holly Tree We Rescued
From The Big Chipper

What does one do on a beautiful Saturday in April?  They get their Garden Swag on of course, especially on Earth Day weekend!

Since the hubby’s truck was loaded with dirt and the teenager took the car to work, I was left to take the MLC to the garden center to pick up some flowers. So, top down, towel in the trunk and off I went.

After I loaded my cart up with some beauties and checked out, I headed for the exit. Hmm, the exit appeared to be blocked by a man and his cart. I gave a polite “excuse me” and the man quickly moved. He actually did a little dance with the cart to be funny….I chuckled at the extra effort.

As I’m loading the flowers I hear, from across the parking lot, a very loud “DAM! Are you single?” followed by “Is that your car?” O Dear Lord…now he’s heading my way..ugh.  Well, he was kind enough to help me back with the cart as I explained that I was married and the car is my husband’s Mid-Life Crisis of sorts. This somewhat of a caveman asks …”DAM! He LETS you drive HIS car?”  Well, I refrained from saying the first thing that came to mind “Jeez, this car is a seems to be ASS magnet!” and went with “We are both enjoying this ride.”  Got in, buckled up and heard the very appropriate…Rolling Stones Give Me Shelter playing on the radio.


After our long day of gardening we decided to take a short ride on a beautiful evening. This time we headed North and followed Rt. 29 in New Jersey. It’s a refreshing ride on the Jersey side of the Delaware River. The scenery is stunning and the little towns of Lambertville and Stockton are nothing short of quaint, funky and beautiful.

Bridge to PA

We crossed back over to Pennsylvania and took a ride through the very cool and down right wild town of New Hope.  The streets were packed with people of all ages and from all walks of life…it was electrifying.

All this electricity is what most likely lead to the husband singing Wild Cherry’s–Play That Funky Music like it was nobody’s business. He was suddenly on stage, or so he thought, behind the wheel!  This is a moment that will be remembered, with a smile and some funk of course.

Watching everyone bustling around town and taking advantage of the warm weather, certainly had an impact. Being silly and ridiculous, certainly brings happiness. Mixing them all together, certainly lets you … Enjoy The Ride! 

6 responses

  1. I’m sure Caveman would have rather heard Under My Thumb blasting from the Ass Magnet. 😉

    Nice green-thumbing!


  2. Hahahahaha! Indeed he would.


  3. Hubby’s got good taste.. Play That Funky Music rocks… especially coming out of a convertible!


  4. I tagged you in my post today!


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