Peace and Noise

I had the pleasure of visiting my daughter this weekend at college.  She recently joined a Sorority and I was invited for a mother/daughter pinning ceremony .

Everything was very nice, but I was hoping for more of a Legally Blond Sorority moment with Ann Taylor dresses, pearls and everything pink. Not that these things reflect me in any way, I was just looking for some entertainment.

Since this ceremony was on a Sunday evening, I decided to book myself a room at a local Bed & Breakfast near the college.  I was really looking forward to the getaway, mainly for a good nights sleep.  A night away from the husband and dog, who spend their days plotting to simultaneously snore so they can have the room all to themselves.  I have no evidence of this master plan, other than the bags under my eyes.

My room at the Inn
Ironically labeled ... Freedom

After a very long day I headed back to the Inn, which was absolutely beautiful.  The Inn Keeper informed me earlier that I was the only guest for the eveningAt the time I thought this was a good thing, but when I walked back into this immense historic house in the dark…well, I was having second thoughts (yes, I am the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town and no, I don’t care).

I got settled in the big comfy bed with hopes of quickly falling sound asleep. Of course that didn’t happen..why you ask…because, brace yourselves… it’s too QUIET!  I am wide awake and declare myself a middle-aged Goldie Locks. Home is too noisy and now this place is too quiet…ugh..come on.

Well, I did in fact fall asleep, only to wake up at 2 a.m., realizing I was in a strange place and *BAM* ….. the Sandman has left the building. This is where having a vivid imagination is a curse. Anyone else would turn on the T.V. or read in hopes of dozing off again, but noooo… not me.  I lay there wide awake with the wheels in my head spinning with thoughts of how the Inn Keeper was actually like Kathy Bate’s character in the movie Misery. Remember that looney tune?

We'll See Who Can Blog
Now Won't We....

She obviously enjoys my Blog and is jealous that I won a contest over at The Byronic Man blog.  In her jealous rage she screams at me for being Tagged by MissFourEyes and decides to hold me hostage at the Inn. This is where I give myself a firm…Lisa! Stop it and just go to sleep, you big…gigantic…weirdo!

Finally, I managed to get myself back to sleep, right before it was time to get up…so much for rest and relaxation. My Kathy Bates/Misery thoughts made me chuckle, until she was serving me breakfast and my imagination surfaced, yet again; and suddenly my pancakes started to look very suspicious.

Monks Gone Wild
I'm In!

It was just so unbelievably Q U I E T.  I couldn’t stand it another second. There was some light conversation at breakfast, but other than that I was officially a Monk. (I could only be a rebel Monk)  

My Conclusion:  It has been a very long time since I’ve spent time with a very important person….ME.

One of the most important things you can do is surround yourself in true silence and rest your mind, but it is very difficult in this world of  sensory overload. Obviously I need to practice shutting down my mind otherwise I will be talking to lamps and it will sadly be a two-way conversation.

So, take a minute to unwind, untangle, refocus and as always…Enjoy The Ride!

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  1. Michelle Gillies | Reply

    You big, gigantic, weirdo! I am so glad you are like this. You know what they say…”Misery” loves company (pun intended) and it is good to know that I have a companion for those wide awake paranoia moments int he middle of the night when I have super sonic hearing and know that I am about to get it!


    1. Hahahahahaha! There is a magnetic force that connects the Big Gigantic Weirdos of the have just confirmed my suspicions.


  2. I’m not a huge fan of quiet either. Unless I’m sleeping, in which case, why won’t that clock stop ticking already?! I totally get becoming Goldie Locks in the middle of the night 😀


    1. Good to know I’m not alone..literally.


  3. For years, I have enjoyed silence. My husband has to put on music to sleep which is why I often follow him about an hour later (when the music turns itself off). Unfortunately, sometimes he’ll get up to use the bathroom because he’s been disturbed by me getting into the bed & then he turns the music on again. I can go the whole day without any noise & as soon as he walks in the door, it’s noisy again.


    1. I’m impressed with your ability to be in silence..I am working on it, but no guarantees. Like your husband, I can not be in the car without music…ever.


  4. free penny press | Reply

    Oh we are so much alike.. while I do enjoy time alone and such, traveling to a hotel alone can have me sitting up all night long.. Sounds like you ended up having a great time with your daughter 🙂


    1. I did have a lovely time with my daughter. I would have to be somewhere for 2 weeks in order to sleep one night..ugh.


  5. The Inn certainly looks quaint. Do you find that you ever disagree with yourself during a ME conversation?


    1. The Inn was beautiful, the food was amazing and the Inn Keeper was actually very lovely. The ME/ME conversation can turn into a debate in a heart beat…lol


  6. Lol. I don’t mind quiet, but I need some kind of ambient noise to sleep – the drone of a fan, a muffled snore, a passing car, a distant train, creaking walls and such…but when I can hear my own heart beat, I know it’s too quiet, either that, or I’m sleeping in the wrong position. Bed and Breakfast quiet when you’re the only guest, now that’s quiet…and creepy.


  7. Ah, noise. I grew up next to I-95 and so I can sleep through just about anything. Except my dog, my husband and my imagination.

    Glad you had a great time with your daughter!


  8. this post was wonderful! I totally understand the ‘too quiet to sleep’. I am relieved to hear mine is not the only imagination that goes haywire in the middle of the night. Thank you for the laughter and sharing your memories in the making.


  9. GREAT, now I’m going to have dreams of Hobbling tonight, thanksalot…


    1. Hahahaha…as if I didn’t!


  10. am the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town and no, I don’t care Loved that. I can relate. Isn’t that scary…. T


  11. sounds like you had yourself a stay at Motel 666.


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