Fun Fact Friday

1967, The Jimi Hendrix Experience appeared on UK TV’s Top Of The Pops’ .  Jimi gave his unscripted opinion on the music that made it to the top. No filters, no PR waving their hands trying to make him stop talking …nothing but an honest answer to a simple question.

However, I did notice that Jimi tended to use the descriptive words, beautiful, pretty and ridiculous (in a good way) repeatedly throughout the article for his  positive feedback and a very mild “Musicwise, I’m sorry, but I just don’t care for them”  as the negative, when referring to the Monkees.

This BadA$$ with a guitar was a gentle soul or maybe it was the LSD talking, who knows. What I do know is that … it isn’t such a bad thing.

This lead me to ponder the idea of perhaps putting a little LSD into, I don’t know, the ventilation system at The Capital. I believe it could be a game changer.

John: Nancy you are beautiful.

Nancy: John you are ridiculous.

The possibilities are endless…..Enjoy the Ride!

7 responses

  1. free penny press | Reply

    Oh I was and still am a HUGE Jimi fan for the ease with which he lived his life.. now i donb’t condone dope use, buy have to agree with you.. A bit of Capital doping might not be so bad..:-)


    1. I don’t condone drug use either, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Gotta love Jimi…the essence of cool.


  2. So he liked Tom Jones. I wonder what he would have thought of Sex Bomb in the late 1990s ….


  3. Something tells me he would still be doing his thing in the 90’s if he was around, so he couldn’t say anything’s beautiful man…just beautiful.


  4. I love history of any kind so this rocked, no pun intended. Electric Lady, the recording studio he opened and owned till he passed away, is still in the East Village going strong. Don’t you love that after all these years it’s still there? I love the pictures and how you posted them. Well done indeed.


  5. Michelle Gillies | Reply

    JImi…such a graceful soul. It is wonderful that we can see, from this article, how generous, polite, well spoken, polite, smart …did I mention polite?…he was.


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