WTF Friday

What The Fill in the blank Friday (Filthy minds you have…dirty, filthy minds) 

The following story will surely leave you saying _________________.

a) Come On People   b) Really?   c) WTF   d) a & c   e) b & c   f) a, b, & c

I bring to you the tale of a grieving family. Oh, the grief was almost too much to bear for the family of this young man. Obviously so stricken by the loss of their lying, cheating family member they decided to seek revenge on his Cardiologist. Yea, that’ll teach him a lesson!  Get your torches we’re going to put this doctor through the wringer to make sure his other married, lying, cheating patients don’t partake in threesome the night before their cardiac testing. 

I’m convinced that common sense is not factored in on these cases. Obviously evidence as to which “head” was making the decision should have been considered.

I’m going to assume that the patient was listening to his Brain when he made an appointment with a Cardiologist, suspecting something was wrong. Therefore, the Cardiologist was talking to the Brain when he instructed the patient to follow-up with testing. Is it really necessary to go further? 

Was he wrong for not consulting the Penis? Should he have told the Penis to stay put until we find out what’s going on with the MAIN ORGAN in the body?  NO! The Penis is already on a power trip believing it is the MAIN ORGAN anyway. It’s common knowledge that the Penis doesn’t listen and is notorious for making poor decisions….Isn’t it?  

BRAIN:  Hey are you up for a threesome?  NO! Are you crazy? I can’t partake in a threesome. First of all I’m a married man. I have small children. Not to mention I’ve been experiencing chest pains and I have a cardiac work-up scheduled tomorrow. Sorry pal you’ll have to find someone else to participate in your fornication festival. I’ll pray for you.

PENIS: Hey are you up for a threesome? Sure. 


Family of man who died during threesome win $3m as doctors did not warn him about physical activity

Brain: No! I have CARDIAC testing scheduled.

William Martinez, 31, a married father of two from Georgia, engaged in the threesome with a friend and another woman who was not his wife, according to reports, when he died in March 2009, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The week before Martinez had reportedly visited the CardioVascular Group in Lawrenceville, complaining of chest pains that shot up his arm.

He was due for tests the following week but the threesome took place the day before he was scheduled to return.

Lawyers for Martinez’s estate, in filing a medical malpractice suit, had argued that his cardiologist did not tell the man to avoid strenuous physical activity before the test was performed, and that high blood pressure as well as a risk of clogged arteries put him at risk.

Jurors at a Gwinnett County court on Tuesday awarded his estate $5 million but they reduced it to $3m after finding him 40 per cent liable for his own death.

31 responses

  1. A…..B…..AND C!!!
    Here’s D…….Wow!

  2. F!!
    I wonder how it happened. I mean he was with two women, and he just dropped dead? Their reactions must have been pretty interesting!
    ….Not that I think that is something to laugh at. No, absolutely not. My condolences.

    1. I thought that same thing…lol! That awkward moment when a member of your threesome dies.

  3. Michelle Gillies | Reply

    Definitely all of the above! I think your little video is absolutely perfect and can explain so much in so little time. Priceless!

    1. Honestly, the picture sys it all (for women anyway)

  4. What on earth was the jury thinking? I expect the men were doing high fives (hey, what a way to go) and the women were saying “who is going to support the kids.” It’s 40% his fault? in my book it’s 100% his fault. He should have been neutered.

    1. Hahahahahahaha! Seriously! I was screaming 40%!

  5. I love the video.

  6. First things first, you’re getting really amazing blog wise. Love the film. If you knew how much doctors scare me. I only go when I’m desperate. I hear too many stories. I like that you wrote about something that really pissed you off.

    1. Thank you! Regarding doctors or illnesses, let me put it this way. I go from diagnosis directly to the funeral i between. Its horrible. I hear a story…I immediately have the condition! I was fuming over this one…you really can sue for anything.

  7. A, B & C… but mostly C…

  8. Had he lived and been caught, his wife would have gotten a divorce settlement, luckily for her, numb nuts kicked the bucket and instead, she hit the mother load! WTFF! Love the video clip 🙂

    1. So lucky to be dead! They should have sued the person conducting the threesome, not the doctor!

  9. Definitely F.
    That is hilarious. How do I find his lawyers. lol.

  10. I actually work in medical litigation, Tops. You would be amazed at what folks will sue for. But I have come up with an answer:

    1. Why are you not ruling the world? I’ll be your campaign manager and together we will end this insanity and rid the world of stupid. That woman is so beyond an ASS, it’s not even funny. We’ll have to come up with a “special” place for her kind..maybe a cave. I am on the other end of stupid and work for a doctor..I have the pleasure of seeing stupid live.

      1. You know, I ask myself the same question. Why am I NOT ruling the world. Or why aren’t you? Or why don’t we bloggers just TAKE IT OVER? Hmmmm, I think there might just be a post in that.

        The problem is, I think, that even smart people become stupid sometimes. It doesn’t seem to work the other way around. Sadly.

  11. the curtain raiser | Reply

    So WTF doesn’t stand for Well That Figures? Seriously, at what point does the jury expect common sense and responsibility should kick in? The current concept of negligence is so far removed from where it started. It’s a scary thought that a jury is meant to be made up of one’s peers.

    1. Peers? I’ve been called to jury duty and I have YET to see someone I would consider my peer. It really has prevented me from following through on some thoughts. I don’t want that crew of people deciding my fate. The system is broken!

  12. I just reread this. It’s very well written. I appreciate all the trouble you go to. It’s work, happy work since I know, like me, you love writing, but I’m just saying. It’s well done and I like when you’re mad.

    1. Thank you! I’m pretty mad right now, so we’ll see if it makes the screen!

      1. One more thing, I write by ear and I could be wrong but I think you do too. You hear it all in your head before it makes the page, that’s why your posts are so conversational, as if you’re talking one on one. Churchill wrote that way too, and he was considered brilliant.

      2. Yes I do..that’s very interesting I didn’t know that about Churchill. You’re always the teacher…many thanks Grasshopper.

  13. Are you kidding me? The jurors in this case should be shot! Since when did common sense die an unnatural death? This guy was a lot more than 40% responsible for his own death, he was engaging in risky behavior for even a healthy man! No wonder doctors are afraid to treat patients anymore!

  14. Unbelievable on so many fronts! You just want to shake your head at the idiocy. No wonder doctors have to charge so much to cover their premiums for malpractice insurance when cases like this go against them.

    1. Every patient is looked at a potential lawsuit, not a person. It;s aweful!!

  15. LOL As a cardiac patient, and having been told to avoid strenuous activity, I literally asked the doctor, “Sooo…. is this like the Viagra commercial? ‘Please ask your doctor if your heart is strong enough for sex.’ So, Doc… is my heart strong enough for sex?” She LAUGHED. Then told me it was. Hooray!

    1. See…you have proven that people with VAGINAS ask questions, we don’t jump into things…we THINK first. This is why the Vagina is so very powerful!

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