Flowers for Friday

Last week Judy over at the wonderful Blog Raising the Curtain presented me with the Sunshine Award. Little did she know that the Gerber Daisy just happens to be my most favorite flower in all the land, which makes this award extra special indeed.

Just look at that pretty lady holding her head up high, confident that her stem will have the strength to withstand storms that come her way, knowing that no matter what her colorful face will create smiles to all those lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

Did you know that the Gerber is the 5th most popular flower in the world? Well it is, right behind that bitch Rose who is always stealing the spotlight with her “look at me” attitude.  Rose is so overdone & boring, the Kim Kardashian of flowers as far as I’m concerned.

Next we have the trusty Carnation, she’s cheap and serves a purpose. She finds her way into almost every event trying to shine next to the more popular flowers in the arrangement. She’s the always the bridesmaid never the bride of the flower world.

Look who’s next Chrysanthemum, the name just screams la de freaking da! She’s been around a long time, since the 15th century to be exact. She has no interest in being number one on some list that was obviously created by minions. There is no need to announce great beauty, her presence in the bouquet speaks for itself.

Number 4 is the Tulip, the tease of the bunch. This girl loves to get the juices going. She arrives in early Spring, makes her presence known, wows the crowd then it’s out-of-town until next year. She leaves everyone wanting just a little bit more….

Finally we have the Gerber, the most distinguished of the crew with her large flowering head. She just loves her bright colors of pink, yellow, orange and of course ruby-red. As soon as she enters a room it immediately fills with happiness. How could it not? Look at her…she oozes cheerfulness. That’s my girl!

We all have our own unique way of making this world a more beautiful place. As for me, it’s making people laugh or smile to brighten their day, even when I can’t brighten my own…it just feels good. Just call me Daisy, Gerber Daisy that is…

Now, lets get down to business and answer some questions.

What is a real fear you have?  Heights, for me there is just no purpose being for on top of anything that causes, ear popping, spinning or nausea.

How would you describe yourself?  A work in progress.

What Countries have you lived in?  Only the U.S., but the way things are going, I will admit I’ve looked at alternatives. No, I’m not going to the moon with Newt…for god sakes people I’m not insane. 

What is your style?  Classic with a dash of contemporary and a smidgen of retro.

What is your favorite breakfast food? Waffles with fresh fruit and powdered sugar.

What are some of your hobbies? Reading & writing this blog.

If you could tell people anything, what would be the most important thing to say?  Lying is not worth the price.

What is one of your passions?  Youth. I am always energized by being in the presence of young people, they leave me feeling happy & hopeful.

What is the one truth you have learned? Doing what’s Right is rarely popular and harder that you could imagine, but it’s the only thing that will actually encourage change.

21 responses

  1. Great answers, Tops!


  2. I am going to echo what Elyse said. Great answers. I like the way you describe yourself.
    And a big congrats to you on getting the award.


    1. Thank you! We are always growing….


  3. That last answer about truth is perfect! Wish more people felt that way.


    1. Me too! We would certainly make the world a better place.


  4. free penny press | Reply

    Love, love flowers and tulips are my favorite.. Ok, sunflowers too, oh and a yellow rose and, and…
    Love your list and you & I would do fine @ breakfast. No syrup for me on waffles, butter & powdered sugar and voila, I’m set!!!
    Have a great day today!!!


  5. Haha, I didn’t even know that a Gerber was a flower. However, true to form, I like the Chrysanthemum for its amusing name. This has been true for me since grade school. I guess some things never change 🙂


  6. Lisa, congrats on the award and thanks for the morning smile.
    Love the list! Kudos!


  7. Now I will think of you every time I see a Gerber. They are wonderful flowers. I confess to loving Roses, but only when they are outside on a bush, they don’t treat me nice indoors, my favorite is the iris, don’t know why, but they make me smile whenever I see them. Thanks for your post and congrats on the award, you deserve it!!!


  8. Congrats on your sunnyshiny award! 🙂


  9. Congratulations!
    I have never heard anyone talk about a rose like that! Quotes from Shakespeare sure, but Kim Kardashian, never! Love it! 😀
    I love gerber daisies too, their just so pretty. But plain old regular daisies are my favorite


  10. I love your comment “la de freakin da”. You are well deserving of this award, I was very proud to put it on my page when I got it. My favorite flower is the gladiola, I wonder what that says about me. I like to be ostentatious? Gladiolas are pretty big after all. But I’m anything but ostentatious. I just love the colors & the fascinating shapes the blooms come in.


  11. Congratulations on this well deserved award! And yes, the Gerber Daisy is a lovely flower. I am shocked however, to see the beautiful Rose attacked in such a shameful manner. Kim Kardashian… Never! I would not allow a Kim into my garden… it is full of Elizabeth Taylors, Charlize Therons and Princess Di’s. This is Tulip country… I have not a one, but to see the fields in their blaze of color in Skagit County each April is something to behold. Do you know they plant each field with a different color? I would say, based on your comments, the Chrysanthemum makes me think of Queen Elizabeth… yes… both of them, since it’s been around that long. I don’t have any of those either and I have not carnations, nor daises to water.

    In honor of your award… I am going to the nursery today and buying a Gerber Daisy… I will plant her, and name her Lisa. I’m not sure what color Lisa will be… I guess I will just pick out the prettiest one.


    1. Oh Ted simmer down I like roses in gardens, they are beautiful. I just don’t like that women get all crazy when someone send them roses. I would rather have a Gerber, Zinnia or Hydrangea any day..even a plant would make me happy. I’m blushing that you would name your Gerber Lisa! I hope she blossoms amongst the other beauties : )


      1. Wow… it’s been a long time since anyone has told me to ‘simmer down’! I see your point.

        Just so you don’t feel inclined to call me out on your blog as being full of BS, I did buy a Gerber Daisy today, but it is pouring rain, so the planting and naming will have to wait till tomorrow. I may make it a TedBook Pic of the Day.


      2. Yea! I look forward to seeing her.


  12. This may very be my favorite essay so far. I love how you compare daisies to women and that bitch Rose is a pain in the ass, I know, especially when she wears red.

    I hope that you continue to write since you really have a gift for it.



    1. Thank you’s rough around these parts right now, but it will all work out it always does. The red rose ….polease!


      1. I just read it again. It truly is a wonderful piece of prose. Despite what’s going on, be proud.


  13. I had to come back to visit Little Miss Sunshine… I hope she approves of my choice…


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