Fly Your Freak Flag Friday

It’s been Smok’n Hot this week on the East Coast!  Record breaking temperatures, soaring thermometers and the scorching heat have left us all waiting for a much-needed cool down. Let’s celebrate the impending dropping digits by giving ourselves permission to let our FREAK FLAGS FLY today and do whatever the hell our heart desires.

Watch what happens simply by letting your Freak Flag Fly, others feel inspired to let theirs fly too. It’s so contagious! Let your Mojo loose, express yourself, be YOU without giving a hoot what anyone else thinks. Within reason people, I don’t want anyone behind bars. Your Freak Flag shouldn’t be dangerous, it’s there to express your joy and release your happiness.

Everyone has a Freak Flag. Some are neatly folded, others shoved in the back of a closet and sadly some have been depleted to the point of no return, but most have just drooped amongst their busy lives, waiting patiently for permission to fly high. Today is your lucky day folks…let’s fly’em high!

Ok, maybe that was a little over the top. How bout we try looking for it first, shake it out and lay it on the bed. Hell, wrap it around you and reintroduce yourselves until you get that..Ah, where have you been baby…where the hell have you been feeling. Then, and only then, if you’re feeling brave, take it to the poll. Don’t get discouraged if you have difficultly getting started, every Freak Flag resurrects at its own pace. Sometimes jumper cables are in order.

I’ve compiled a few suggestions in order to jump-start the resurrection of your Freak Flag. These are some things that I’ve been working on for me. I’m not going to sugar coat anything here…it takes time.

Take some advice from Lady GaGa … Just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm. Hey if you want to get your groove on and dance to your favorite song…DO IT.. it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than it is to be absolutely boring! Marilyn Monroe said that…umm hmm. 


Hold hands with your lover, hug someone who needs one, kiss your kids, hug your pets and start spreading the LOVE. Unlock those chains on your affection and stop holding back. The more love you put out there, the more you will see it flowing in like sweet honey. Let your Mojo flow.


Behave the way that makes you happy and STOP listening to that voice that keeps saying “what’s everyone going to think?” Who the hell is “Everybody” anyway? Your mom, kids, husband…they’ll survive. Sing your favorite song out loud, don’t worry Simon Cowell isn’t watching. Cool off in a sprinkler, put your feet in a fountain and just dive into LIFE.


Hang out with other Freak Flag Flyers. This will make it so much easier to let loose. Distance yourself from the fun suckers, key holders and rule followers. Surround yourself with people who inspire and encourage you to be yourself. Put a flower in your hair. Wear bright colors. Ride your bike with no hands … please feel free to shout weeeeeeeee when doing so!  


There is nothing more Badass than being yourself, so use this opportunity to drop your guard along with the temperature. No matter what you do, let everyone know you are grateful. Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care and be present in the moment. If you can’t smile…..scream your way through it.  

Listen to your inner self and trust what you hear. Pssst…Lisa…Enjoy the Ride! 

28 responses

  1. great post, I need to dig mine out, i know it is somewhere in this house.


  2. I know a few people who keep their freak flags neatly folded in cedar chests to keep the moths at bay. To my mind, folding a freak flag is like sipping a shot of tequila, but to each his own.
    Thanks for the inspirational advice, in any case!


    1. I’m going to see my nephew’s band play tomorrow night on South Street in Philly…Freak Flags are mandatory, so this 48 year old has some ironing to do!


      1. I’d join you, but I’ll be down in Sea Isle City with my flag snapping in a stiff breeze off the Atlantic (hopefully not a green-head filled breeze off the bay). The rental will be filled with progeny and grand-progeny and no shortage of food, drink and board games.


      2. Beautiful weekend for the shore…enjoy! I’ll cross my fingers for a fly-free event…those things think I’m the Country Buffett.


      3. That’s an unfortunate aspect of having good taste


      4. Oh, is that what it is….I’m very popular in the bug world. Ticks, mosquitos, flies they all want a piece. Being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


      5. A dear old friend used to tell me that “The French have a saying; ‘You have to suffer to be beautiful” It was funny when he said it, but it took all the fun out of complaining.


  3. “If you can’t smile…..scream your way through it.”
    Love love love this post! Really needed it today
    I don’t know how you do it 🙂

    P.S. I wish I could dance like Elaine


  4. free penny press | Reply

    Oh we are never too old to let our “Freak Flags” fly.. Love this post and you have a freakishly fantastic weekend my blogging friend..
    (Now that song, “get your freak on” is playing in my head- tee-he)


  5. I’m always letting my flag fly 🙂 when I walk around the house singing Led Zeplin, I know I sound just like Robert Plant, especially the high notes. I’ll glance at my hubby & see he’s shaking his head and smiling (thinking to him self that I sound like a cat that got stepped on, most likely) but I don’t give a damn!
    I know your blog inspires people & this one should have them raising flags everywhere 🙂


    1. Rock on jen..rock on! I know EXACTLY like all lead singers in the world when I am jamming..sometimes I even do a little Luther Vandross..because I can.
      Thank you for your comment!


  6. Great advice! I may, however, be writing back tomorrow morning to ask for bail money.


    1. No doubt…you’ve been warned.


  7. Well, my day just started off a little better now. I’m going to be just like that little kid on skates.

    I don’t know why you are whining about the heat? For someone being driven around in a Mercedes convertible all the time, I would expect more. It is going to be very hot here today… maybe 70.

    I have no doubt freddyflow will end up in jail… just look at that mugshot.


    1. I was out in on on Wednesday and I should have gone directly to the sun. I don’t know it was possible to sweat that much…I had the top down and the air on!


  8. the curtain raiser | Reply

    My freak flag is going to get a wonderful airing this weekend. I’m taking it along to the Lady Gaga concert together with feather boa. Just had to chuckle at your opening Lady Gaga reference. Hope you and your flag have a wonderful freaky weekend :).


    1. Freak Flags are mandatory at a GaGa concert!..Have a great time and dance. I’m going to see my nephew’s band play tonight…Flags are mandatory there as well…rock on!


  9. The pictures are amazing. The dancer cracked me up. Yes, the heat was more than a little compromising. I looked like over cooked linguine. My freak flag by the way never leaves it pole. Wonderful essay.


  10. Love this post! We are so easily shaped by what we see as correct or careful or sensible. Excuse me now, as it’s time to embrace my inner Annie Lennox and rock around the house singing at the top of my lungs!


    1. You go Sally! You are 100% right!


  11. Great idea. I’m gonna fly mine today. By the way, I dance almost as well as Elaine.


    1. I love Elaine! I went to see my nephew play last night..the Flag was Soaring. There must have have been something in that $4.00 bottle of WATER.


  12. My freak flag is a bit like the Jolly Roger… I look all innocuous so people start to approach and the flag unfurls, I board their ship and pillage. MWAHhhhhh ha ha ha!!


  13. […] at hiding their flag.  I got to thinking about this idea after reading Lisa’s post about Fly Your Freak Flag Friday and how an appropriate flag for me is the Jolly Roger. The flag of Edward […]


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