Whoa…..flying your Freak Flag is exhausting! This weekend started off fairly normal on Friday with food shopping, a dentist appointment, visiting mom and a trip to the Mall with my daughter.  On Saturday I had plans to go see my nephew’s band play at the TLA (Theater of The Living Arts) here in Philadelphia. MACH22 wasn’t hitting the stage until 10:00 pm, so I had to rest up before the big event by chillaxing at the homestead.  I wrapped it up Sunday with the hubby, breakfast and a looooong ride with the top down.

On Saturday I finally finished a book I received for my birthday in February…so pathetic that it’s taken this long. It was the autobiography of Steven Tyler …”Does The Noise In My Head Bother You” a Rock ‘N’ Roll Memoir.  Now, I was never a hardcore Aerosmith fan or anything, but I did master drawing their logo all over my copy books in high school.

Recently I became interested in Steven Tyler after watching an interview he did with Oprah. I was immediately captivated by his honesty, which also resonates throughout this book. If you’re admitting to smoking a comb, yes a comb as in the one you use for your hair, it’s safe to say you’re an open book. The admission was a very nonchalant “I’ve smoked combs for chrissakes.”  Which left me with one question … “How the HELL are you still alive?”

I learned that Steven is not just a Rock Star, he is musically gifted. His father, who studied at Julliard, taught him the importance of listening to the notes. Music runs through his veins and fills his soul…that is passion friends. I think he wears his passion well…looking pretty dam good still ROCKIN out at 64. Dream On indeed!

Next on the Freak Flag agenda…MACH22. My daughter and I headed to the city for the show. Whew and what a show it was! I was standing at the foot of the stage in amazement as I watched Ty bring his Les Paul to life. There was a moment when I was emotional…I just couldn’t believe that the sound coming from that instrument was caused by the hands of my nephew. That guitar was singing a song one chord at a time…dam!

They rocked the faces off of the audience, who were begging LOUDLY for an encore! I really wouldn’t want to be the next band up…that’s for sure.

It was the first time they had merchandise at the show sporting their logo. I was working the room offering FREE boxes of matches to the audience.

Young people are not very receptive to FREE merchandise, they actually seemed scared. It’s not like I was spraying them with perfume for god sakes! However, the doobie smokers were more than happy to receive a free light.

I concluded that the $4.00 bottle of water, ringing ears and newly acquired deafness were well worth the magic I witnessed!

Sunday, the day of rest…NOT, was spent with the top down. The hubby wanted breakfast, but we were slow to move and settled for Brunch at the Washington Crossing Inn.

The Inn is very beautiful and historic. I could have done without seeing the enormous flat screen TV amongst the historic decor, but that’s just me. We were able to dine outside, which was a treat on such a beautiful day. The food was delicious, or as the hubby said “over priced” and the conversations surrounding us delightful.

I am wired for sound and can hear a conversation across the room. This can be very entertaining, especially when a father announces to a table of his peers that he will be saving $17,000 this year because his son is going to commute. He was scared living in a co-ed dorm with half-naked girls walking the halls. Let’s just say that justification probably sounded so much better in his head.

Next stop was through New Hope and then Doylestown where they just happened to be shooting a movie called The North Star. Needless to say we didn’t bring our head shots, so we had no chance of being an extra and were forced to continue along the open road. So long Hollywood….you had your chance.

By this point the sun was blazing, my Freak Flag was practically pleading to be shoved into the closet and I was ready to R E L A X.

All good things must come to an end folks, but some weekends require an ENCORE … Enjoy the Ride! 

17 responses

  1. sounds like a delightful weekend, thank you for sharing your adventures with us. Love the post and all the photos. DAF


    1. Thank you DAF! That weekend was so needed.


      1. Isn’t it wonderful how those weekends come just when they are needed?


  2. Indeed, you had an awesome weekend. I wish it was that sunny over here. This post, I love and enjoy. Thanks for sharing!

    Love f rom Sunny UK,
    AJs Mom


    1. Thank you! I haven’t had a weekend like that in a long time.


  3. Isn’t it great to have a good positive exhaustion? Sounds like an awesome weekend deserving of a standing ovation. You can always do Hollywood the next freak flag flying weekend, which hopefully won’t be too long into the future.


    1. Positive exhaustion is soooooo much better : )


  4. free penny press | Reply

    I saw that interview Mr T did with Ms O and I too was impressed. He’s very spiritual and anyone that sleep outdoors on a carpet of moss to get away and meditate is ok in my book.. Yeah for the band concert.I see good things in their future.
    I had a great breakfast myself on Sunday.. Alas I was the cook, and dish washer..Yours sounds much nicer!!!
    Happy mid-week day to you!!


  5. Referring to wearing the clogs as looking like a MONSTER TRUCK? LOL That one did me in, I will be laughing all day…thanks!


  6. Whew… that was an exhaustive ride! Get those boys on Letterman! What a thrill…


  7. Michelle Gillies | Reply

    That was quite the weekend. I think you did enough for both of us! How was the Steven Tyler book? I really like him and would be interested in giving it a read if it isn’t just crap.


    1. I loved it..he is hilarious, he is raw and he is just so darn cool.


  8. You sound so much better than you did. All things pass, don’t they.


  9. Oh I have wonderful music playing in my head now, Tops. Thanks for sharing the adventure!


  10. Call me crazy but I think Mr. Tyler always has been and always will be hot! I think it’s the passion for the music, you can see it radiate from him. That sounds like te perfect weekend, I’m glad you enjoyed it. And don’t feel bad, I know I would need a day to recover from that much fun too 🙂


    1. Steaming hot! Love my Steven!


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