Enjoy The Journey

This weekend certainly was a well-earned beauty! Mother Nature finally broke down and took something for her recurring hot flashes, giving us all a well-deserved break from the heat and humidity. Even my air conditioner let out a huge sigh of relief when I hit the off switch.

We decided to get our Ferris Bueller on, take the day off from our humdrum chores, put the top down and ride on … Oh Yeah!  Ok, so we didn’t crash a parade or have entire city singing Twist and Shout, but it was still fun.

We decided to check out the Covered Bridges of Bucks County. I’ll be honest; the bridges weren’t nearly as exciting as the journey to locate each one. I was very proud of my co-pilot abilities. I was really on my game, Pocahontas level if I do say so myself. Considering my lack of map reading skills, this was huge deal for me.

We had the GPS, but I did not feel like hearing that condescending bitch the whole ride. We haven’t gotten along since I completely ignored her repeated demands to get off an exit while singing along to the radio. She really needs to get over her recalculating self. 

I wasn’t sure how the trip was going to go since right out of the gate we encountered (2) fun sucking moments. First up, humanity at its lowest. A young, very impaired man in a motorized wheelchair was trying to cross the street. The light turned green as he proceeded to cross SINCE HE DOES HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY, however the trained rats at the light also proceeded to go forward. Green means go, must go, light is green. The young man was pointing at the light, with a contorted hand, to indicate he had the right of way.

In this moment it really paid off to have a convertible. No need to roll down windows or hide behind tinted glass; you just raise your head over the windshield and let loose on this lack of civilization. No doubt I looked like a deranged giraffe, but was worth it. 

That glory did not last long. Within minutes we encountered the downside of a convertible, which happens to be all that openness. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a young buck running out of the woods. This thing was practically in the car!

He seemed unfazed as he went back to the forest, where I’m sure my screams were the highlight of conversation around the woods. You should have seen her face, she was all screaming, it was straight up cray cray. I was sweating from fear while Rudolph was doing stand-up!

Onward to the covered bridges dammit! Uncivilized people and comedic wildlife are no match for this dynamic duo!

The bridges were located in obscure locations, which made the journey between each one interesting to say the least. Many of the roads were narrow, covered with debris from the recent storms that left me hitting “my” break every five seconds, not to mention the lack of human life form. My city slicker status was officially confirmed. 

Throughout the day my husband kept pointing out different properties for sale. Look, that one has your name on it. Not unless my name is NO WAY it doesn’t. These places were beautiful, but I require entertainment. Grass growing is not entertainment.

As we were riding along these beautiful roads, with no lights or signs of human life, he continued to ask me if I would consider thinking about moving out to this beautiful countryside. Um, actually I was thinking that if I ever killed someone this area is loaded with good places to dump the body. What? You asked.

Honestly, he could live out there and be busy from sun up to sun down, he is a putter while I prefer to bustle. This works out wonderful where we are now, but I would not fare well in putterville. I need someone to give me the finger every once in awhile, let me know I’m alive for god sakes!  

Reality set in and he saw the light once we lost the signal to our radio station and a man suddenly appeared with a shovel on the side of the road. My immediate thought was “holy shit this is just like an episode of Criminal Minds.” Once I regrouped, I realized he was just heading to scoop up the latest possum that didn’t quite make it across the road. Call me crazy, but that seems a little odd. 

All in all it was a great day off filled with excitement, adventure, laughter & love. I highly recommend taking some notes from Ferris Bueller. Take a moment to experience the journey and Enjoy the Ride! 

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  1. Enjoyed your entry. You might like what I write too..check out http://www.thethirdtrimesteroflife.wordpress.com

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Will certainly check you out.

  2. Excellent! I am still smiling and chuckling to myself. The ride sounds incredible, and I bet that stupid deer was doing stand up, you can’t trust them, you really can’t. They love to jump out and scare the crap out of you! Thanks for sharing your day, it made mine. DAF

  3. What a wonderful trip!
    I think the deer have made a game out of it. They really aren’t as scared of us, but they know that we’re terrified of them! So they cross the road in front of our cars while the other deer quietly hide in the woods, 10 points per scream

    1. Oh, it’s all on purpose. There is no doubt in my mind they plot ever run across the road. Let’s just say the buck I encountered clearly was a winner!

  4. My mother grew up on a farm — corn cobs for toilet paper, the whole nine yards. My father must have thought this predisposed her in favor of rural property. We (six) sat in the back of the station wagon and listened to many such exchanges during country drives. NOT. Mom couldn’t wait to get off the farm and never looked back. She consented to growing a few carrots in the backyard, but that was it. Doesn’t sound like you need to be encouraged to stick to your guns, either. Funny!

    1. Hahaha! Corn cobs for toilet paper, dear god the woman is a saint! No doubt she was scanning high rises in NYC after that experience. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. the curtain raiser | Reply

    Here’s to deranged giraffe looking women battling for the good guys! Would have lived to see you in full flight and would have joined you. Over here we call a move to the country a “tree change”. So no tree change for you anytime soon :)?

    1. OM! I was a maniac screaming at the light. This young man was so impaired I was amazed he was even out alone. Honestly, where were these people going so that was so important? NOWHERE.
      No move for me…I just do country in small doses, I need to know there is life out there.

  6. The more you described your and Mr. Top-Down’s differing opinions, the more you guys started to look like an episode of Green Acres in my mind’s eye. I was waiting for Mr. Haney to show up and try to sell you a broken down mule.

    1. Hahahaha! So true…I’ll have to share that with him, no doubt he’ll agree!

      1. …and really, who wouldn’t want to be married to a Gabor sister?!

  7. free penny press | Reply

    Well the damn deer would have had me reaching for a flask of something in order to continue my country-road trip..like you, I need a wee bit more excitement than watching Mr Mosley scoop up road kill although I do enjoy a ride in the country!!

    1. Hahahaha …you’re not kidding! I was scared to death when those hooves were coming our way.

  8. Funny post! I lived in the “country” for two years. It was beautiful and I enjoyed my Sunday morning coffee on the patio. That was it. I had to get out of there or be committed!

    1. We could be roommates Kate…I could never do it. Small doses are wonderful, but that’s as far as I go.

  9. Deliberately Delicious | Reply

    What a great idea for a road trip – and what an entertaining post! Loved your description of your GPS! The beauty of exploring beyond our own neighbourhoods is that we can have that five minute “different life” fantasy experience, and recognize again why we’ve made the choices we have. I loved escaping with you. Thanks for taking us along on your road trip!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. With college tuition sucking us dry, we decided to do some local sightseeing. Surprisingly there is a lot to see.
      Oh, the GPS is really lucky to be alive..she has such an attitude.

  10. You crack me up! Now you know how I feel on a daily basis since we left the concrete jungle almost six years ago. Imagine a traffic jam that is caused by a big farm vehicle or even worse, a bunch of turkeys in the road. That is now my life, I’m glad you got to enjoy your ride out of country hell! 🙂

    1. OMG! You need to come back to the mother ship where you belong…dear god a snail could out run farm equipment.

  11. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only person who ponders good places to dump bodies. I think I watch way too many shows dealing with Forensics…

  12. I LOVE this~ ” I need someone to give me the finger every once in awhile, let me know I’m alive for god sakes!” So funny. Sounds like a great road trip!

    1. Hahahaha! Thanks…I’ve always felt that way. My husband has family in the boonies and every time we are there people wave, even if you just saw them…it’s exhausting. I would really have to get use to that pleasantry.

      1. That’s me in my front yard. Even though I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin which is by no means a small town, I grew up overly friendly! Hahaha!

      2. Hahahaha! Wisconsin & Colorado….it’s in your blood, you could never be mean.

      3. I know, seriously! Hahaha!

  13. Michelle Gillies | Reply

    What’s the best thing about the country? Being able to leave and go home.

  14. Think of all the possumbilities!

  15. The part about the deer discussing you in the woods is so funny. It was like I was in the backseat the whole time. Very funny.

  16. Way too funny, Lisa! I must admit, I feel totally the same about any time in the country. I just don’t do well with peace, solitude, and tranquility. Yeah, I too am a little cray cray. hehe

  17. That is too funny but sounds like a great day full of laughter and love. 🙂 I must be a putter – I would love to live on a ranch in the mountains. But I would need frequent trips to get my bustle on as well…:-) Great post, as always!!

  18. Great post! I grew up in Bucks County – I remember a buck jumping right over my little car from a raised roadside one morning, while on my way to school – scared me half to death!

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