Let’s Rock These Games

Well ladies and gentleman the day has finally arrived…the 2012 Summer Olympics open this evening with a grand ceremony, no doubt it will be fit for a Queen. The best that London has to offer will be showcased in this ceremony that is sure to dazzle the world

While the eyes of the world patiently wait for the Olympic Flame to enter, light the Cauldron and start the Games. I want you to take a moment to really get this party started by directing your ears this way.

My nephew Ty Asoudegan, the lead guitarists for MACH22, had the badass opportunity to record the Olympic Anthem a/k/a Burgler’s Dream down in Nashville as a tribute to Team USA.


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  1. I’m not a rocker in most people’s estimation, but I can say with a great degree of certainty that I’d much prefer watching your nephew jam for 4:41 than witness even 30 seconds of the opening or closing cermonies, which have somehow turned into an event unto themselves. Sorry to sound bitter, just not a fan of all the glitter and glam – would rather just watch the athletics.


    1. Oh, I hear ya on that Point! Thanks for your kind words about Ty…much appreciated.


  2. (Sorry if I detracted from Ty’s performance, he kicks ass!)


  3. Michelle Gillies | Reply

    I’m with 1pointperspective on pretty much anything to do with the Olypics (especially the sports) 😉
    However, I would pay big to hear your nephew play live. I am still on the list if MACH22 ever makes it to Canada. For now I am just going to watch him play this again.


    1. Thank you Michelle! I will make sure he gets you a backstage pass for these kind words!


      1. Michelle Gillies



  4. Cool! I love the pagentry of the Olympics. Each country does it so differently.


  5. free penny press | Reply

    I’m so excited (I’m a die-hard Olympic fan (atic).. can’t wait to see all of these athletes in action.. your nephew is really damn good.. There are lots of clubs here in Florida that would really like their style 🙂


  6. So cool!!! I can’t WAIT!!!! Thanks for helping get me even more excited!!!


  7. It’s really nice to watch your nephew playing the guitar. Although I am not a big Olympic fan, but I enjoyed your nephew’s performance a lot.


  8. Love your nephew’s wailing! And that white background is so sweet.

    I am an Olympics die-hard. Will watch MANY hours. To me it’s only right to appreciate the years and years of perseverance and dedication that the athletes, as well as the host city put into this event every four years. But I can also understand those who think it’s too much. To me, it’s not just about whether you like sports because it’s so much more than that.

    Rock on, I say.


    1. Thanks MJ! There are 25 athletes from my area participating. (2) are sisters, that just happen to be the daughters of my mothers physician. They have both had to take a year off from Princeton to practice. The dedication is remarkable. If you watch the Field Hockey event you may catch a glimpse.


      1. I will look for them, for sure. Wow, 25 from your area??


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