Democracy Is Alive

Since August 1st I’ve been working, along with a few neighbors, to stop the destruction of a beautiful piece of land near my home.  As residents, we learned of this project the day the bulldozers rolled in to flatten the area. According to the Buck at my back gate, no members of the animal kingdom got the memo either and now they are scurrying to relocate.

It appears that a local tour bus company is expanding their parking lot to include 66 additional parking spaces to fill this once Open Space. Asphalt and diesel fumes will soon be our new neighbors, without so much as a peep on their arrival. The welcome wagon will remain in the garage for this addition. 

Collectively we have been hounding our elected officials Whew, now that’s really been a freaking joy, utilizing the social media, pounding the pavement with petitions, exercising our freedom of speech in the press and now my blog.

It’s incredible how many people are up in arms, but disappointing to know that only a handful are truly committed to do the work. Personally, I believe in the beautiful words of Margaret Mead and I will continue to do so. 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Please watch the video and be inspired to sign our online Petition at parkwood-manor-preserve-our-open-space-stop-construction-of-tour-bus-parking-lot-2

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  1. Done! I love that you’re doing this

  2. Michelle Gillies | Reply

    That is a very powerful video. I have signed the petition and I will be pulling for you and your neighborhood although I fear it is already to late. The fact that it got this far without any of you knowing about it is suspicious. They had to know how important it was to the community just by the fact that the community was taking care of it…not the city.
    I will leave you with words from Joni Mitchel’s song that has been in my head since watching your video…

    They paved paradise and put up a parkin’ lot
    With a pink hotel, a boutique, and a swingin’ hot spot
    Don’t it always seem to go
    That you don’t know what you got till it’s gone
    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

    1. Thank your for your support. I am holding on to a glimmer of hope…a very dull glimmer since I just walked my dog and they are out working on this beautiful Sunday morning.
      I am in the middle of writing a speech for a meeting with the powers to be on Tuesday..I will be including that line.
      They scheduled the meeting for 3 in the convenient for this blue-collared neighborhood. The city official have to do it while on the clock. As if their punching one like the majority of people trying to attend. Unbelievable!

  3. free penny press | Reply

    Very proud of you all for doing this. Animals have no voice, so thank you for being that voice. I gladly signed the petition!!!

    1. Thank you! Some were actually just plowed over without a thought…makes me sick.

  4. This is heartbreaking and I’m so, so sorry. Where are they to go, the fearful fauna who know no other home. I too agree with you and Mrs. Mead, and hope that something can be done. It’s great that you wrote about it, the energy will go out and hopefully ignite the consciousness of those behind the curtain responsible for this. More parking spots is just not a good enough reason to pollute and depopulate an area of nature so precious. Such sneaks they are. I’m upset for you.

  5. It’s not just about your neighborhood…it’s about our entire planet. Act locally, which you’re doing and I thank you for the opportunity to help. Think globally: deforestation affects us all, humans and animals alike! All the best, xoM

    1. Thank you M and duly noted. We are working very hard to fight something that is in full swing, including bulldozers running on this beautiful Sunday morning. Thank you for your support!

  6. Signed and very good luck to you!

  7. Go forth and conquer!

  8. A parking lot for buses? Next thing you know they’ll be drilling out there in the woods or worse, fracking for fuel to run those buses. I hope you and your neighbors are successful in stopping this parking lot construction.

  9. You go girl! Sometimes the squeaky wheel get the grease and I hope you save your safe haven!

  10. It’s amazing when projects are quiet until you feel you have to rush about and expend so much energy only to realize that many people really don’t care. Hope you don’t loose the open space, there is too little of it. DAF

  11. It’s so hard to fight these things. An attempt at stopping annexation into the neighboring town took our tiny rural burg almost a year to stop. And it was all due to the tireless efforts of one woman who read through so many two-inch documents and attended so many mind-numbing meetings. We signed petitions, but it was the persistant work of this one gal who kept the noise alive and the politicians on their toes. May you be granted strength.

  12. I’m so surprised that they just rolled in there like that. Pretty sad. Usually govt agencies are way more sensitive to these issues. Of course, I do live in California where you practically can’t chop a tree down without approval. 🙂

  13. […] she’s one of the people who truly honestly cares about the world. In fact, go to her blog and help her sign a petition to preserve a piece of land near her […]

  14. Good for you for getting involved. I, too, think it is suspicious that they didn’t give notice of the plans and have a public hearing before they gave the go-ahead. Makes you wonder who is on whose payroll, doesn’t it!

  15. I had the same thought as Michelle G., Paved paradise and put up a parking lot!

    1. I’m giving a speech tomorrow and I’m using that line!

  16. Paved paradise and put up a parking lot…:(

  17. You are doing very inspiring stuff, I feel proud to come across a person like you. I have never ever heard Margaret Mead; But just like I too believe in these words. To bring a change, we do not need a large group of people; but what we need is a small group of people with honest and right intention. Great post.

  18. Sorry to hear about the loss of green space. I don’t know what it’s like where you live, but where I live if someone wants to expand their property the neighbors have to be notified. They also have to approve the request. So someone fell down on their job I would think. My heart is with you!

    1. That’s exactly what happened or as the City Councilman said “I take full responsibility, but I would do it again” Something tells me he won’t be getting that opportunity….

  19. Hurray! Not for the development but for your efforts. Love the Margaret Mead quote.

    Writing from the west coast (Oregon), where I’m working on a blog post about another backdoor maneuver: The state Dept. of Agriculture granted a “temporary” exemption to allow rapeseed (Canola), including genetically modified rapeseed, to be grown on 500,000 acres in a protected agriculture zone. Just like your bulldozers that appeared one day, there was little publicity ahead of time and no public comment allowed at the hearing, in violation of the regulations. Canola cross-pollinates with several crops, including grass seed, broccoli, radish and cauliflower, all important here. Four groups filed suit and won a temporary injunction, but like yours, the fight has just begun. It is discouraging.

    Keep us informed and best wishes.

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