Welcome Home

Prepping the welcome wagon

My daughter is home for a short break, which just happens to be the perfect cure for Batshit Crazy.

The weekend started Friday with a big turkey dinner including all the trimmings and a side of pumpkin pie. Oh, I’m not cooking a meal like this with the damn air on for just anyone … just my starving daughter.  

My daughter’s review of the new multi-million dollar food hall on campus would go something like this…If you’re looking to lose weight this is your ticket. Yep, you can enjoy the new retro styled decor while the scent of “disgusting & gross meat” cooked in water passes your nostrils and immediately takes away your appetite. Needless to say my home is an all-night diner when she is home.

Heirloom Tomatoes & Pesto …. it should be a crime to be this GOOD

Saturday was spent on a spontaneous trip to downtown Philly. We shared an heirloom tomato and pesto pizza at Stella’s, an amazing brick oven place in Old City. It was a beautiful afternoon, so we chose to sit outside to people watch, while we enjoyed some much-needed relationship conversation. “Enjoyed” is probably a bit strong. 

My darling daughter is going through the post break-up woes. She recently ended a 4 year relationship with her first love. Insert cheering crowds, clowns, balloons, perhaps a marching band, some dancers, banners, flags and of course my joy. 

It was the typical first love where you fall hard, despite the obvious signs of relationship Armageddon that the rest of the world is witnessing. Gotta love those damn Love Goggles!

Trying to convince your daughter that you know what she is going through, you know exactly how she feels and that you are living proof things will be better, is painfully difficult. No one and I mean NO ONE tells you about dealing with this shit at the baby shower… it’s not all freaking Ooos & Ahhhs is it?  

This leaves me with the pleasure of sitting on pins and needles with my mouth shut, as I pray for her healing heart. Suddenly breastfeeding and dirty diapers are looking pretty good. 

No sails due to weather…boo.

After lunch we walked off that heavy conversation, oh yea and the pizza, by heading over to Penn’s Landing. What a pleasant surprise we had when we came across the visitation of Tall Ships to our port.

We really had a lovely time walking, talking, listening to music and taking in all the incredible sights, including two young pirates kissing on a bench. It’s amazing how quickly your troubles disappear when you get outside of yourself.  

Next on the agenda a trip to Capogiro a/k/a Heaven on Earth, for our gelato fix of the season. We were holding vigil in the car on the way to our destination, in hopes that they would have our most favorite flavor for Fall…Pumpkin. 

“Mom! OMG! I can’t leave you alone for a minute…lol”

The gelato gods heard our plea and we enjoyed every last spoonful of heaven in a cup. If  anyone was listening to the sounds coming from the car, consumption of pumpkin gelato may not have been their first thought. Life was getting better by the minute.

While Emily was in making our score, I had the pleasure of meeting Daryl. I was illegally parked when he tapped on my window to let me know a spot just opened up. He was so nice and drunk as a dam skunk, as he guided me into a ticket-free zone. Thanks Daryl that was the best 2 bucks I spent today! 

Fairy Godmother

As we were leaving the city we saw heard some yelling as we sat at the red light. Low and behold it was this wonderful woman shouting “you don’t need no man to make you happy” and “cigarettes killed my sister” not really certain if the 2 were related, but it was good advice none the less.

It’s not everyday this sort of wisdom lands in your lap at a red light. She was wearing a Jesus Loves You hat, sequined top with a gold skirt…clearly a Fairy Godmother. 

Sunday was spent at the King of Prussia Mall boosting the economy. Honestly, there really is no shame in a little emotional shopping. Hey, a new pair of shoes does wonders for a young broken heart. Not to mention the joy it brought me to see my daughter smiling.

The mecca of retail therapy

Just a collective observation, the recession was nowhere to be found at this mall. It was jam-packed and everyone had a bag or two. It was like being in group retail therapy. 

If your brave enough to let go, life will reward you with something new to experience…Enjoy the Ride!

25 responses

  1. Love this…Motherly love is its own form of therapy! Sending loving thoughts to Emily and you…XO

  2. Loved hearing about your time with your daughter. And what fun to read about a place we had just visited. Now I want to try Stella’s on our return trip.

  3. Retail & mom/daughter therapy, nothing better in the world!

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your daughter. Much better than stinky diapers!

  5. That Fairy Godmother, always there when you need her 🙂

  6. Michelle Gillies | Reply

    This is a wonderful post. This is exactly the kind of weekend I like to imagine I would have had with my Mom had she not passed when I was 12. I often think about things like that when I hear stories of Mother and daughter times. What she would have been like? How would she have handled this or that? Thank you for sharing your weekend.

  7. Retail therapy is a wonderful therapy! And shoes are the best!

  8. Sounds like the perfect day. I need more of that kind of advice from women in sparkly tops! 🙂

    1. Life With The Top Down | Reply

      Seriously! She seems chock full of wisdom.

  9. I like having grown up daughters, so when we get together we can do things like getting pedicures together while we talk, if we can work it in during our whistle stop visits to Manitoba.

    1. Life With The Top Down | Reply

      Love the pedicures together. It is wonderful having this quality time.

  10. Sounds like you both helped each other through difficult times. Your therapy graduation and her break up. 🙂

  11. What an absolutely perfect time you must have had together with your daughter. I love the descriptions and details and can relate to the treasure of mother-daughter time.

  12. It seems like you had a great time with your daughter. 🙂 Best wishes to you and your daughter.

  13. great post – entertaining, fun and real

  14. Nothing like some daughter time…

  15. Deliberately Delicious | Reply

    Your poor daughter – so good she had you to come home to. I loved this story, especially the description of the fairy godmother 🙂

    1. Life With The Top Down | Reply

      Thank you. She rocked!

  16. a nice day with you daughter home from college for food, comfort and support. I can certainly understand her running away from that boiled meat in the dining hall. Good to know the economy shows signs of life at the King of Prussia mall. What a name for a mall!

    1. Life With The Top Down | Reply

      King of Prussia Mall is where the 99% shop. They let the 1% in to gasp at price tags or in our case get moccasins at LL Bean. lol

  17. Love this post! Love those mother/daughter times, times of healing, and bonding. There is a scripture I have used, don’t know where exactly it is (I think in the Psalms somewhere) but it goes sort of like this, : That which I have feared has come upon me…. Have said that for a nice smile and blue eyes that have broken my daughter’s heart more than once. Young love break ups definitely need gelato and lots of shopping! Thanks for sharing, I did notice some loose balloons flying high from the north and didn’t realize they were from you! 😉 Sounds like a great weekend. DAF

  18. Haha, your perspective on things is always awesome! The fairy godmother, the baby shower stuff. Truly impressive insight!

  19. So glad you’re writing again. Not sure I knew you had a daughter. Love that you spent the day with her around the ‘Old City’ that for me bleats with history.
    The aside about balloons and such made me laugh since clearly you didn’t want the ex as a son-in-law. Must be hard to zip the lip where your kids are concerned.
    Enjoyed the flow, how the weekend traveled. Felt I was in the backseat observing.
    And the pirates kissing. LOVED THAT IMAGE. Suddenly saw Johnny Depp and Juliet Binoche in Chocolat. May have to rent it again.

    1. Life With The Top Down | Reply

      I’m glad to be back and semi sane. My daughter is 19 and away at school. Dear lord it was brutal trying to contain my HUGE smile, while comforting her broken heart. One day she will look back and thank her lucky stars.
      The kissing pirates were so random, I LOVED capturing that moment as well.

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