She’s “That Kind of Girl”

In case you haven’t heard the East Coast is about to get slammed by Hurricane Sandy. As if that isn’t scary enough, some genius (please insert sarcasm) came up with the term Frankenstorm. Why? Sandy isn’t “that kind of girl.” Please we’re ALL “that kind of girl” at one point or another.

In case you were wondering, here is a full explanation. YES, someone actually took the time to define a Frankenstorm.

24/7 coverage since FRIDAY….FRIDAY…is really wearing thin, but I guess it’s necessary since apparently there hasn’t been
anything else going on here in Philadelphia. Apparently Sandy is so BadAss she scared everything away.

Not a single crime, fire or accident has been reported. Looks like it’s all butterflies, unicorns and fairies in the city of love. Now that’s really scary! 

I felt a little better when I went to the supermarket, where I ran into an entitled bitch woman at the deli counter. SHE was #17, even though we were on #23 when she made her grand entrance. Her late arrival meant nothing in her mind. Poor # 24 tried so hard to put up a fight, but eventually gave in and we all secretly hoped the deli kid would add a little something something to her tuna with cranberry. Never treat your food handler like crap…ever. 

Yes, I went to the store! I wasn’t one of them I really needed food and someone had to get the damn milk, eggs & bread. Jeez, making French Toast is a tradition during catastrophic events. I think the theory is it weighs you down like an anchor so you stay put. Well, that’s my theory anyway. 

No School = Sleeping In
Life Is Good

Now my son has been holding vigil since he got home from school on FRIDAY in preparation for a day off. Hmm, he really seems to have a thing for Sandy.

According to the imaginary Senior rulebook, you no longer have to make-up days like the other pion students, you simply graduate. 

In his words “Mom, really, think about it, are they gonna make us come back in the Summer?…Come on they already rented the graduation place.”  You’ll all be happy to know his prayers have been answered! All Public and Parochial Schools will be CLOSED. It really is good to be young!

Now, lets hope that the rest of our prayers are answered, Sandy remains a goody two shoes and we can all enjoy an unexpected day off to eat all the food and drink all the wine water we purchased. If not, please take a look below…

Please scroll down for some helpful hints to survive…FRANKENSTORM!


No need to fret over a missed day at the siree, not when the 24-minute Frantenstorm workout is right at your fingertips.

Remember, you will be alone for days with bags of Halloween candy….just sayin.

Stressed and jacked-up on chocolate that my friends is a dangerous combination. Hold on I have just the trick…                                                                                                                              

 A few glasses of some Frankenstorm Pumpkin Punch and you won’t give a shit that your lawn gnomes set up residence in the next county!

Helpful Hint:  For those of us in the direct line of this storm I would suggest holding off on the cider, syrup, pumpkin, cinnamon & nutmeg and doubling up on that vanilla vodka (or anything that might be lingering in the cabinet). 

Ponder on some Halloween costume ideas. I think the guy on the left is really onto something.  Stay away from Frankenstein or Sandra Dee this year.

Something tells me a Sun costume would be a hit, especially for our East Coast trick-or-treaters. 

Hopefully Frankenstorm will be nothing more than a Goblin with a big ego and Sandy will be wearing a chastity belt so we can all remain safe & sound.

Be Safe. Be Prepared. Be Well and of course Enjoy the Ride! It might be a doosey….

43 responses

  1. French toast…we do french toast bread pudding. I don’t have the patience with the dipping and frying thing! Stay safe, my friend! xoM

    1. Hmmm, sounds like a good idea to me! Thank you : )

  2. I want to taint-punch #17.

    I also want several Frankenstorms…

    1. 17 needed to be taken out right there in the line…so beyond rude. My husband is looking for one gigantic Frankenstorm to call it a day…lol. Be safe where you are.

  3. So funny! Where did you get the Frankenstorm photo? I have been using that term all day since I heard the morning weather forecaster use it.
    I hope you are inland somewhere!

    1. Google images, just put in Frankenstorm…I was cracking up at some of the photos. I’m in Philadelphia and it suddenly got very bad about an hour ago. My concern is falling trees, more so than water.

  4. Sandy is supposed to smash Beantowne too, but so far just a few leaves blowing around. Not much to show for our state of emergency. #24 should have told #17 that she was now #71.

    1. Hahahaha # 17 should have been beat with a salami! I hope is misses you guys. It suddenly got very bad here over the last hour. Be safe!

  5. Your recipes sound like the best way to start what will end up being an, ummm, interesting day/week.

    Stay safe, Tops. And keep your heads down!

  6. Deliberately Delicious | Reply

    Sending warm wishes and mild West Coast weather your way. I might have to whip up a few Frankenstorm Pumpkin Punches just to show solidarity with those of you in the line of the storm. Be well. Stay safe. Don’t eat too much candy 🙂

    1. Cheers! My husband is the chocolate freak around these parts and he is in heaven right now.

  7. Well, I’m so glad you clarified and told us it was food you were getting. I was just about to roll my eyes, shake my head and ask why the hell you didn’t have batteries and bottled water already stacked in the basement. It’s nice and warm here, but I did notice about 3 or 4 days ago when I was freezing my ass off, that a cold snap was passing thru the San Juan Islands. I thought it was coming from the Atlantic and not from us. Just keep drinking plenty of Pumpkin Punch and you’ll be fine.

    Stay Safe!

    1. Hahahaha! Thank you it’s starting to get nasty.

  8. Stay safe & warm with your heads down (instead of your top down).

  9. That Frankenstorm Pumpkin Punch sounds like a good idea!
    What? The neighbor’s tree crushed the car? Eh, have some more punch!

    1. Hahaha! Funny you should say that..I moved the car!

  10. You might just have to raise that top for the next few days. Stay safe and if all else fails sing that song from Grease… “Oh Sandy”

    1. Hahahahaha! I use to know every word of that song and all the others on the album for that matter.

  11. I’m sure somebody has already copyrighted the term ‘Frankenstorm’.

    1. I’m sure someone is going to name their baby Frank N. Storm.

  12. free penny press | Reply

    When I first heard the term “Frankenstorm” I thought, “Really?”.. anything for a catchy news line..
    Stay safe and crossing fingers you don’t lose power!

    1. That was my first reaction as well…who is in charge of making up those hideous names? I want names & numbers!

      1. free penny press

        haha.. too funny…

      2. free penny press

        I meant to add, Let them be grilled by Jon Stewart on the hideousness of the name

  13. LOL! I do love using teenspeak to compliment a very funny blog post. This one is special because I keep picturing pigging out on Halloween candy and happily skipping the gym. Maybe I “have a thing for Sandy” too. 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Hahahaha! School is cancelled tomorrow as well, so now I’m just waiting for the wedding invitation!

  14. Michelle Gillies | Reply

    I think it would be more fun to wait this out at your house. Pumpkin Punch and French Toast … then maybe a little more Pumpkin Punch … mmmmmmm.
    Stay safe.

  15. Ha! Love the Olivia Newton John poster. I forgot she was Sandy. Maybe it was because John Travolta calling her name. All eyes on your neck of the woods this morning. It’s kind of a relief from campaign “news” to have all the stories about the storm. Hope you weather the storm safe and sound.

    1. You are so right…not a peep from the candidates which is a blessing. Thanks for the good wishes.

  16. I was at a deli counter once when the guy called a number 4 times. No one responded. He then went on to the next one and the next one. Suddenly the woman standing next to me woke up and yelled at him for skipping her number. Never mess with people who handle your food! Also, for the punch you should at least quadruple the vanilla vodka! Stay safe!

    1. Hahaha! Sleeping in the deli People kill me sometimes I swear. Thank you…be safe as well.

  17. stay safe! I think Philadelphia is the new Florida when it comes to hurricanes…. Hope you have minimal damage, power outages and inconvenience and plenty of food, drink, and laughter. We are just getting steady rain and the wind is slightly picking up as I write this, nothing major though… yet… Will check in again, or later, if the power should go off! 😉

    1. Thanks DAF! I just got in from work. We had to see some post operative patients. It wasn’t too bad other that the Target Shopping cart I saw blowing down the road. Stay Safe!

      1. you also, will be praying for you! BTW, was the target shopping cart empty or full? If it was full you should have grabbed it!!

      2. Sadly it was empty, otherwise you would have read about my new loot.

      3. Rats!!! Don’t you hate a missed opportunity?? Your luck it would have been something you didn’t need, not like it being filled with chocolate and wine… I mean batteries and water.

  18. This is so funny and the pictures take it. You deserve special mention for your pictorials. I LOVE the catastrophic French Toast ‘it weighs you down like an anchor so you stay put’…I refuse to watch the news. I’d be making out my will. How’s Chet doing? Still clenching? Worried about him.

    1. The pictures kill me. I felt a little guilty laughing so hard at them..the Catholic always creeps in with the guilt. Imagine being at the shore? Just take me directly to the cemetery. Just tried to take him…nope. He is insane!

  19. Lmao as usual! I want some of that punch. I have never been so happy for the Directv to go out. If my husband watched one more episode of those two annoying guys who pick through people’s crap & actually buy it, I was going to shove the remote down his throat. Sandy may be a bitch, but she’s got nothin on me 🙂 stay safe & enjoy the vanilla vodka

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