Don’t Take It Just From Me

I’ll be busy the next couple of days, so please remember to VOTE! It’s the American way.


I’ll be busy for the next few days.  So I will let one of my idols remind you of what you’re sick of hearing me say:

Elections matter. 

VOTE on November 6 if you haven’t already!  If Obama wins, which I hope he will, I will be able to get off my soapbox and re-establish myself as a humor blogger instead of a political one.  You can thank me later!


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  1. free penny press | Reply

    I voted early and have been rallying others as well.. May the best man win (go barry)


  2. I love this. Thanks for sharing! And I feel the same way – back to the photos as soon as Obama wins!! 😉 Thanks for your passion and motivation!! elections do matter…I just wrote that on my post for tomorrow.


  3. Good Luck, kid… tomorrow’s the big day!


  4. Thanks for sharing!


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