On To Plan B

Well friends, I’m here to report that I’m not a bizillionaire. I know sad but true. It really is tragic considering all of the kick ass plans I had for that dough. All those good intentions down the drain….again.

All those college loans lingering within my family, they’re staying. Keep paying your mortgages folks they won’t be paid off. No million dollar checks in the stockings this year kids, just new toothbrushes. Well, you can’t miss what you never had…right? Yea, you can…just a little.

So, while getting ready for work, because that’s what us common folk do, I decided to start focusing on the good fortune I did receive. The silver lining if you will. Prior to loosing the largest lottery on record, I was extremely excited about my other winnings, so let’s focus of the good here shall we. 

Although I didn’t win the 500,000,000 (that’s a lot of zeros) prize, I did win $50 (that is one zero) on a chance I purchased from 
my son. WOO HOO! Clearly even God is capable of typos. He was probably using his new iPad from Steve and still struggling with the whole touch screen thing. It’s much different from those other tablets he was using, so he is forgiven..this time. Now, what the heck am I going to do with my jackpot?

Since my original plan consisted of spreading my new-found wealth all around the world, I will now be forced to think on a smaller scale. On to Plan B. This 50 bucks is screaming to be released from my purse, so I better move quick. Taking that huge unexplained typo into consideration, it appears I will need to be very savvy with my spreading skills. It’s time to channel my inner Suze Orman for this challenge. 

I’ve decided to collaborate my good fortune with this season of giving by performing 25 acts of kindness over the next few weeks. I have pledged to use my unexpected windfall to brighten the day of some unexpected recipients and share them here at Life With The Top Down. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comment section…we’re all friends here. 

Practice kindness, Pass it on to others and Enjoy the Ride! 

20 responses

  1. I had a dream the other night that I bought lunch and hot cocoa for an obviously homeless woman and her young child and left her the change. All squishy-Christmas-season-like stuff.

  2. Hey that is $50 more than I won! My sister bought a scratch ticket along with the Powerball and won $175! Clearly, I am doing something wrong.
    You could do a Use Me and Abuse Me Day post Susie style! Okay. Just so you know, it felt really weird to type about myself in the third person.
    Also Heather from did a cool think where she asked her readers to send in their favorite link and she featured them. http://prawnandquartered.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/my-readers-are-the-best/ and her latest post is about giving a virtual gift to all of her readers.

  3. Over tip a waiter or waitress…

  4. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line at the drive thru.

  5. Now this is the real Christmas Spirit! Can’t wait to hear what you do, with you I know it’ll be something super nice 🙂
    Erin Brockovich the Christmas edition!

  6. Oh I love this..25 acts of kindness..I have “pay-it-forward” day once a month..
    Some things I do-Put $10 gas in someone’s car, leave a cheery card on someone’s windshield, give an elderly woman a flower, etc.. the list in endless. Can’t wait to see what you do!!

    1. Of course you do Lynne! You are the Queen of Kindness inspiring us all every day to be our better selves.

      1. Well I don’t know about being a queen but doing for others helps the ugly scars heal 🙂 I’m so excited to see what you do.. you will LOVE it!

  7. Hmmmm…..$50 isn’t a lot — not saying you shouldn’t be thankful but you won’t be able to put a wing on my favorite animal shelter (that’s what I was going to do with the lottery winnings!). I have faith you will think of something wonderful.

    1. The 50.00 will just about fill my gas tank..please. A wing on an animal shelter would be wonderful. All these great things that aren’t going to happen is disappointing.

  8. Only one zero, huh? What a major, major typo. I’m sorry.

    1. Seriously, you should be. You were on the list for a stocking stuffer!

      1. Dammit!! Now I’m pissed instead.

  9. Tip 1 or 2 dollars to someone who gets paid minimum wage but never receives tips.

    Buy ice cream for some kids. One advantage of being a woman is people won’t think you’re a pedophile for doing that 🙂

  10. Good (sad) article in the NYT this morning about what happens to big winners. Read it and you will be relieved. It’s like some genie comes down to suck back ill-gotten gains and smite the poor suckers with divorce and insolvency. Hm. 50 divided by 25 … I’m sure you will have no shortage of opportunities for kindness. If it were my windfall, I would drop $2 gifts into all those holiday opportunities on the streets. You know, like people on the off ramps whose eyes you (ok, not you, I) avoid, with the signs that say “anything helps”? Keep telling myself one day I’ll have chocolate chip cookies in the car to hand out the window, but haven’t done it yet. Or the buskers I pass on the street (“slept last night in a good hotel, … playing real good, for free”)? Or the Salvation Army bell ringers? HEY. I think you’re inspiring me. Thanks.

  11. I think it’s quite something that you won 50 bucks. I mean, okay, so it wasn’t the jackpot but it’s still amazing. Keep playing because well, one day it very well could be you. I don’t want to get into why but, buy yourself a very expensive pie with your winnings. You give all the time anyway. Trust me on this.

    1. I don’t play the lottery unless there is a bizillion dollars on the line. I’m bandwagon lottery player.
      My first thought was to treat myself, but I couldn’t even think of anything I wanted…well, I could but it cost much more than 50 bucks..damn it!

      1. Did Chester get a cut? 🙂

  12. Having a cup of tea or a cup of coffee and a conversation would brighten anyone’s day, I am certain there are enough people in your circle who would love a few minutes to chat with you. DAF

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