Humanity Cliff

mw_1113_FISCAL_CLIFF_620x350The constant chatter about the impeding doom of falling off of the “oh so precious” Fiscal Cliff, had me crazy to the point of wanting to give it a big fat shove to help it along. Talk about beating a dead horse, or carcass in this case. Since early November we have been held prisoner to term “Fiscal Cliff.” What the hell does it mean?

Well, according to Fiscal Cliff for Dummies this is what it boils down to:

The United States fiscal cliff refers to a large predicted reduction in the budget deficit and a corresponding projected slowdown of the economy if specific laws are allowed to automatically expire or go into effect at the beginning of 2013.

What are we a bunch of wussies? I for one am much more afraid of things like Silence of the Lambs then falling off a fiscal cliff. Maybe we’ll have to struggle or god forbid sacrifice, but we’ll make it..simmer down. Remember the Great Depression? So does my mother, who was born smack into it and is still here to talk about it….you’ll all live. The imaginary money on our portfolios might take a hit, but we’ll all survive. I think some folks in that 1% category might have a much harder time than me…I’ve done struggle. 

The mascot went unnoticed

The GOP Mascot has left the building

While all of our elected officials were sweating over the demise of their tax brackets, a big ole polka dotted elephant made her way to the center of the House floor. Rumor has it she was stunning. I heard first hand that she was wearing a red tutu with flashing lights, but it still wasn’t enough to get her recognized. What does a girl have to do to get noticed on the House floor? Please don’t answer that. 

Her name was VAWA, she would have been 19 this year. Maybe you recognize her by her birth name, Violence Against Women Act. Sadly she is no longer with us since the GOP in the U.S. House of Representatives killed her this week. Yep, once again they will get away with murder. Why you ask? Other than the obvious, because they were too distracted by their own potential financial demise to give a shit, it’s because it would have expanded coverage of the law to more women including immigrants and Native Americans. More coverage, more money needed. It always comes down to the Root of ALL Evil money.

17654260Honestly, if we as a nation cannot recognize the importance of providing vital assistance, to vulnerable women and their children when they need it most, I think we all better take a glance in the mirror and ask ourselves…WHY?

Clearly there is a much bigger problem in this country and it has absolutely nothing to do with the almighty dollar. It’s the shortage of HUMANITY. We as a nation have fallen over the Humanity Cliff long ago. Where is all the hype about this freaking disaster? 

Oh, sure humanity teases us now and then when it climbs back up that mountain, all tattered and torn from its many, many journeys over the cliff. Poor thing is hanging on by a thread. We all see it peaking over the top in the aftermath of some horrific tragedy, but then as life returns to “normal” or what is then defined as the “new normal” we shove it right back down. We can’t survive on these tidbits, we deserve more. 

It’s obvious that the handful of good stories that surface in the wake of a tragedy restores our faith in humanity but it just isn’t enough anymore. These restorations need to be consistent in order to build a foundation that will prevent the fall. 

Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world -Desmond Tutu

561We are materialistic to a level that is on the brink on insanity. 

Our family units are broken.

Our children are becoming disconnected at the speed of light.

Our sense of community is scarce. We are distracted, divided and headed for disaster if we don’t collectively recognize this huge void in our daily lives. A unanimous Ah Ha moment is desperately needed for the common good. 

It really is the everyday, unnoticed actions of kindness and caring that restore our faith in humanity. Practicing simple acts every 211106301254243494_jTQXJFTk_bday such as using caring words, providing a reassuring hug, lend a helping hand and confirm the acknowledgement of our existence by smiling at a stranger is a wonderful way to get started. Practice make perfect folks…we can do this together.

Remember, in the end that’s all we have is each other. So, take a moment to recognize that our obligation is not just with ourselves, but those who live with and within our decisions.

Keep it simple, make it significant and Enjoy the Ride! 

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  1. well said. thanks for this post! DAF


  2. If you look throughout history, the human race has always been devoid of humanity. I don’t think the human race has gotten any more or less humane since its inception, but we just hear more and more about horrible things today because technology has enabled news to travel worldwide instantaneously.

    I would love for everyone who is way out of the right and way out on the left to realize that things only tip over when they’re imbalanced. Extreme views, no matter what they are, are detrimental to every society. Including ours.

    Unfortunately, people probably won’t realize all of this until it’s too late.


    1. People are so disconnected now,due to that same technology, that they are slowing loosing the ability to perform the slightest human interaction…eye contact.

      I don’t want a demonstration of extreme views, but I would welcome a pulse from people when there is a wrong to be righted. What happened to our voices?

      You are 100% correct! It already is too late.

      On an unrelated matter, can you tell me what a “ping back” is? The real definition please, not the one you really want to say.


      1. Lol. Its when somebody puts a link to your post in their post.


      2. Ooooooooo Thanks for being on good


      3. Good behavior? Pfft. That’s not me…


      4. Hahahaha…I know that’s no fun.


      5. Not the least bit.


  3. Well said, Tops.


  4. Tops, I have a hard time with your comments — I wanted to respond to TwinDaddy.

    Actually, TwinDaddy, there have always been crazies on the Left and on the Right. The Environmental movement is a great example. In the 60s and 70s, there were folks on both edges. Congress worked together for a compromise. They met in the middle. And the extreme groups? They became irrelevant.

    Nobody is willing to do that any more.


    1. I’m convinced there is no fight left Elyse. No one has time to hit the street, it’s easier to sit at home and make comments via FB. When I was fighting my fight this Summer with that parking lot there were 3 of us. Yet on FB we had over 1,000 supporters right from this immediate area. No one is willing to do anything but complain behind the safety of their computers.


      1. Look at the Occupy WAll Street Movement — the folks who went out to protest in Wisconsin and in Michigan. There is some left.

        And I think that more and more people will get off their cases.

        But actually all we really need to do is make folks realize that voting for folks like Michelle Bachmann does not further anyone’s agenda but hers.


      2. Your right, Occupy Wall Street gave it a good shot, but in the end they got lazy. I felt they spent too much time on “getting their word out” via the internet and missed the opportunity to organize a successful LIVE protest.
        Why are you mentioning MB’s name…I’ve suppressed that insanity!


      3. We really need to teach people the harm that is done by these extremists. People don’t understand basic civics and why government is important and especially why it’s important that it works.

        These days it doesn’t work because of MB and others of her ilk (who all happen to be in the Tea Party!)


  5. I for one have been upset that there is little to no media acknowledgement that this act was killed.
    I imagine that the average american has no idea. Which is yet another problem.
    oh goodness.


  6. There’s a reason the call it slack-tivism.

    I’m on the fence about government these days. It seems that the populace is either ranting about government being too big and intrusive, or government not doing enough to help them. The more we as a people rely upon our elected officials to get things done, the more likely we will be disappointed and disillusioned when the only thing they consistently succeed in is getting re-elected.


  7. morning, been here before and re-read the scrapbook post, too funny. Sauntered over from Susie’s place…. it all comes back to common sense and ‘to whom much is given, much is expected…’ sadly to the group to whom much is given have lost their compass… Happy New Year and BOLD post! Thanks.


    1. Thank you for stopping by. Actually I love that you sauntered…lol. Yes, some are very lost indeed.


  8. free penny press | Reply

    Well said here.. so much in need of repair and not enough hands willing to wield the hammer and nails..


  9. I know I’m using my computer to relay this message so I might sound crazy but… I think the lack of communication is all the fault of technology. That is why I am probably one of the few people that still has a land line, I want to talk on the phone if I can’t see a friend in person. I sent out 45 Christmas cards, I got 8 back in the mail but at least 40 “Merry Xmas” (can’t even spell it out) Text Messages. Everything is communicated over some type of devise. I even found out, a couple of months ago, on facebook, that my nephew had died. Seriously, no one actually talks anymore! I could go on with examples but won’t. I will say though that I have a few friends with children under the age of 10 & Santa brought them IPads & iPod touch & cell phones and one of them got a kindle! That just pissed me off! What, it’s too much to sit & read with your child? And these kids all love their new toys, that they’ll probably break in a week, but the thought of 6 year olds texting “Meet me outside to ride bikes” just drives me nuts! So this issue with humanity or the lack there of is just being passed on to the next generation. Sad…


    1. I couldn’t agree more! We had a little kid at the office the other day. No more than 6 years old GLUED to an i-pad. I understand that there are good for some reasons, but in all honesty so is using your imagination and pretending a stick is a magic wand.
      I refuse to acknowledge “happy” any holiday text messages…ever. I find it insulting, especially from family.
      It’s very, very sad.


  10. My favorite is when I get a Happy Birthday text message from a family member. My husband got one of those from his sister! All we can do is continue to stick with the way we behave and hope that someone will take notice & give it a try…
    Thank you again for another thought provoking story!


  11. Okay, I know that I’m going to sound like an “old lady” right now, but I agree with you on communication. I, like Jennifer, sent out over 40 Christmas cards and “year in review” letters to neighbors, friends and family. Thankfully, I got back probably just as many. I got a few texts – which is fine (I don’t often respond to texts anyway). But here is what gets me… where are the Thank You notes?

    I had to sent out thank you notes for gifts when I was young. I kept up with that all these going on 37 years. I send thank you’s for gifts, after parties we attended and dinners that were enjoyed. I send thank you’s to MY guests for attending parties and dinners. My husband laughs at me, especially after I give him “The Look” and follow it with, “Sending out Thank You notes is what is good and proper.” It’s a touch of civility in what appears to be an increasingly uncivil world.

    I send Birthday Cards. I write notes to my older relatives who I know, in some cases, don’t even own a computer. The first thing these relatives say to me is, “Thank you so much for the wonderful cards and letters you send. They brighten my day!” Then I get a hug.

    I’m saddened and frustrated to see that communication is breaking down. Our society as a whole is detached. We don’t know our neighbors and so instead of talking to them about issues – we call the police. We hide behind computers and phones, overloaded on information, but not registering any of what we read (if we bothered to read it).

    I will continue doing what I do, notes, letters, Thank You cards, greeting cards… I will continue with what I deem is “good and proper” because it lends civility to my life.

    By the way… the Fiscal Cliff… “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”. Who are people kidding? We’re going to have to pay for all of it eventually… not doing it now means we have to do it later.


    1. Amen! I also have a huge peeve about thank you cards and acknowledgements. I couldn’t agree more with your comment…honestly.


  12. Do the acts of maintaining our humanity HAVE to be large? Can it be shoveling someone else’s car out of the snow, or clearing their part of the sidewalk? Can it be mowing a church’s lawn for free?
    Seriously, I gotta know. If I lose my humanity, my bosses are gonna fire me and pull me off my observation mission on this planet! I gotta know! 😀


  13. Your comment about our community being scarce is dead on. We are divided and distracted. We are a product of segmentation in marketing of everything. Great post, BTG


  14. It’s still, and always, about money: humanity has been thoughtlessly discarded at a House garage sale! We seem to have forgotten that we are all equal, even as we’re not the same. What makes a legislator more important in your life than a rest room attendant? To my mind, the rest room attendant cares for my wellbeing and comfort much more than a politician does, so why are we complicit in paying that attendant less? With minimum wage laws, why do we acquiesce to discriminate the value of people’s lives? I don’t know of anyone’s time on this Earth, regardless of accomplishment or education, that’s any more, or less, valuable than another’s. Yet, time and time again, we accept such a world view! xoM


  15. Reblogged this on benzeknees and commented:
    Every person who lives in the US needs to contact their congress person to make sure they don’t forget about the Violence Against Women Act & how important it is to make sure better legislation is passed in the VERY NEAR future.


  16. Re-blogged this at Benzeknees – I am so distressed they let the Violence Against Women Act expire.


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