Daily Prompt: Lonely Lust

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person?

Well, my favorite person is my husband and the most time spent apart was 7 days. Yes, 7 long lonely days. The thing you need to understand is that for years my husband had a job that required him to start at some god forsaken hour, leaving him to return early in the day. This provided us an opportunity to spend an unusual amount of time together, which we enjoyed as a couple and a family. Eventually all good things must come to an end.

A few years back the hubby’s body gave him a heads-up that it really wasn’t willing to continue taking the daily beatings anymore. This was followed by a very serious ultimatum “it’s the job or me.” So,when opportunity knocked, he answered. The only downfall to the new career were the mandatory trainings throughout the year that required time away from home. The perks far outweighed this minor inconvenience, so he signed on the dotted line. This fact is true right up until that point when you are actually inconvenienced, then it’s a pain in the ass.

I can’t even explain the ache when he was getting ready for his first 7-day training trip. Let’s just say one might assume he was going to moon, not Indiana. As you already guessed by now yes, I SURVIVED.

The best part of the entire separation was the anticipation for his return. I could just about contain my excitement ! It was equivalent to Christmas morning for a 6-year-old. I arrived at the airport early, which left me with the added pleasure of circling a million times while burning a half a tank of gas and no doubt looking very suspicious to the authorities. The unusually large grin on my face probably didn’t help the suspected crazy.

Finally, I got the call “the Eagle has landed.” Woo Hoo! I circled one last time, picked-up my man and headed home sweet home. Remember that anticipation I mentioned earlier? Well it exploded right there in the car and we were suddenly like two hormone induced teenagers. The trip was not nearly as long as that drive home! 

The universe was working in our favor that day. The kids were at school, the dog was snoring and well, I think I’ll let my man Marvin Gaye end this story. Sometimes a little alone time does the heart & soul good! Enjoy the Ride!

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  1. I hope you put the top up for that one! lol xoxoM


  2. Obviously I need to leave town more often.

    It always cracks me up on Survivor when they have the “reunited with family” episode and people are crying and carrying on like they haven’t seen their loved ones in years, not a few weeks. I could just imagine being reunited with my wife on some exotic island and having her show up with a honey-do list in her hand and questions about programming the DVR.

    On a side note, if you pick up hubby at Philly International, you can just go to the cell phone waiting lot and jam out to Marvin Gay without driving in circles.


  3. The first sentence alone had me going awwww
    Oh and, woo hoo! 🙂


  4. Marvin Gaye would be proud, but, did you play some Barry White as well? :>)


    1. Two songs? I was happy to still be dressed on the highway! I do love me some Barry!


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  7. You had to go and get a new bed the next day, didn’t you?


    1. Hahahaha! I was just glad to make it to the bed..I-95 was looking good!


  8. free penny press | Reply

    Wait, you & him, did “things” in the car, with Marvin crooning? High Five Girl!!!


    1. It wouldn’t be the first time Lynne…hehehehe


  9. Deliberately Delicious | Reply

    Oh, sweet anticipation… I remember returning from a trip to Greece and getting caught up in Customs at my home airport knowing my guy was waiting for me on the other side of the wall. After two weeks away and a 14 hour journey home, those 15 minutes in Customs seemed to take forever!


    1. Anticipation can be a great feeling.


  10. What a sweet post! Love it! The longest I was ever away from my hubby was 15 months… what can I say? We were in the Navy!!! The 15 months came a couple years after an 8 month separation followed in the next few years by a short 2-3 month separation… there are days that this navy wife longs for a deployment of her own!! DAF


  11. Jack and I were apart for an entire year, about 5 years ago. That was hard.


  12. In the second year of our marriage, hubby & I spent 3 weeks out of every month apart for about 8 months while he helped a friend close up hubby’s former business partner’s business after the former partner’s death. It was both hard & good for the relationship at the same time.


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