Signs of Living & Love

Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

I’m sitting in a living area of some sort. It appears to be a quiet area strictly reserved for adult dwelling. However, there is evidence of a sloppy teenage boy considering the (2) pairs of sneakers that have been left scattered on the floor, along with a basketball that looks out of place next to a stack of books.

The flowered youthful looking wallet left on the end table would indicate a young woman lives here as well. Ugh, looks like she has a dentist appointment scheduled for June according to this appointment card. The polka dotted luggage sitting by the door might say she is prepared to head back to college today.

Ooo, it looks like someone enjoys reading due to the overflowing book rack that seems to have spilled over into a second pile. There are (2) candy dishes present, so I’ll assume more than one person who lives here has a sweet tooth. I see keys, glasses, gloves & a tape measure on the landing as you enter the front door. This appears to be an area where everyone unloads their pockets before entering this room, leaving them the ability to restock before they leave.

I see a large Beagle snoring in the middle of the room. Whoever lives here loves him very much due to his content nature , special basket of toys and that big bone he is guarding in between snores.

There is a very small TV, almost the size of a postage stamp, placed on a end table. It doesn’t appear to belong in the room, but perhaps the adults needed something to watch since the teenagers took over an original family area with their friends. On the other table is a wireless Bose stereo system playing 70’s classic rock tunes at the moment.

This room is warm and welcoming. The colors are inviting and the woodworking provides wonderful character. Someone who lives here is extremely talented in woodworking. There is a half-moon cherry wood mantle that is the center of attraction. The wall has been arched to make this beautiful piece the focal point of the room. It’s beauty is enhanced by antique sconces, with just the dimmest of light shining through the frosted glass. There is also crown molding accenting the windows that pull this room together and create a look that you would expect from a time long gone.

All in all I think the people who live here are a typical middle class family who just happen to enjoy the finer things when it comes to their dwelling. They are chocolate eating readers who prefer music over TV. These people love their children enough to walk over their big sneakers. I would say that they are generous, creative and warm people who enjoy quiet time in this room, but certainly don’t mind sharing it with a couple of teenagers, a basketball and a beagle. The room I am in is filled with signs of love.

Enjoy the Ride!

20 responses

  1. nicely done- the room certainly indicates the type of people who reside in that house–I did this exercise too – though not as poetically as you


  2. Great description. It was like playing Zork, “You have entered a large room containing a coffee table, sofa, and overflowing bookshelf. There are two bowls of chocolate on the table. In the distance, you hear classic rock….”


    1. Just so you know I had to Google Zork. You are indeed correct! Thank you for stopping by!


      1. That’s the problem with being too dorky…people don’t understand the jokes…


  3. I like this. Thanks for sharing. When I go into someone’s office for a meeting with someone I have not met, I read the room looking for conversation starters or continuers, if it wanes. Are those recent pictures of your kids? I did not know you went to Wake Forest? Otherwise, the meeting would be dull. Take care, BTG


    1. I’m the same way, I can’t stand awkward silence.


  4. I think all of the people living in that home are wonderful people who love each other dearly! Oh, & I miss seeing them!


  5. Imagine, books in this day and age! We are buried in them.


    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by!


  6. Wow! Sounds inviting and beautiful. Well done, you, for doing the daily prompt, each day I say I am going to and haven’t yet. You are encouraging me with your recent posts to use them. Thank you for the description of your lovely home. DAF


    1. Thank you! It’s not easy doing the Daily Prompt and I certainly can’t do it every day, but it does force me to think quick which is better than over thinking. You should try it!


  7. Um … a drug-addicted slob with a strange fetish for stuffed animals? (Obviously not someone with any self-respect, since I just admitted the above… 😉 )


  8. I feel like I was standing in the entrance way to this room seeing it through your eyes. It sounds like a beautiful room, full of love & warmth!


  9. This reminded me of an Anne Lamott story. You would really like her. She has a son also along with a stupendous sense of humor like someone else I know. Who? I’ll give you a hint. She owns a beagle.


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