Mr.Clarence Clemons On Sax


Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

It’s so interesting that this would be the prompt for the day. Just yesterday I was visiting one of my favorite places, Susie Lindau’s depositphotos_4092180-Girl-with-saxophone-silhouettes.VectorWild Ride. She provided her readers the opportunity to take part in a little experiment of sorts, it’s something called Typealzyed. You must go her page and partake in the festivities. I am still amazed at the accuracy of my results, which now brings me all the way back to the initial prompt. You’ll thank me later for the detour over to Susie’s place!

Considering I hold a Phd. in self-deprecation, it’s not easy for me to toot my own horn.  The real reason, according to the results of my Typealze study, is because it’s just not my nature. I get much more satisfaction out of hearing about or supporting the accomplishments of the people around me, than I do from talking about my own. See, apparently I am an ISFP personality. We tend not to give ourselves enough credit for the things we do well. Hence the lack of horn tooting.

I must say I am in very good company with my fellow ISFP personalities. Some famous ISFP’s are Jacki O., John Travolta, David Beckham and Michael Jackson. Not to shabby if i do say so myself. I consider myself honored to be in such good company.

ISFPs are observant, considerate, and kind. They appreciate being in the moment, and are often able to see beauty where others may not. ISFPs are particularly attuned to their environment and the emotions of those around them, and are motivated to bring harmony to both. ISFPs enjoy helping people achieve their goals, as they find meaning in being of service to others.

ISFPs are excellent listeners, and are sensitive to the needs of others. They value common sense and facts, often searching for a practical and immediate solution to a problem. ISFPs typically prefer to support others quietly and in the background, and may not have any desire to control or lead people and projects. As a result, an ISFP may find their accomplishments overlooked or underestimated by others.

487991Mark your calendars folks! Today is the day that this ISFP personality is going to turn over her Phd in self-depreciation, dust off that beautiful hand-crafted horn sitting in the corner and she is going to give it the toot of a lifetime. Please note: I am being very dramatic to build myself up.

TOOT:  If I’m going to to release this toot, you better believe it will be done in style. So I now present to you Mr. Clarence Clemons on the Sax! Please insert sweet soulful sounds. 

I am proud to announce the thing I like most about myself would be my incredibly quick wit. I’m not sure how you define “wit” but, my definition would include terms like; fast come-backs, under the breath sarcasm, snarky responses and hilarious one liners. This talent has been confirmed by the smiles or laughter they leave behind.

Everyone deserves a good toot now and then, so pick up your favorite horn and Enjoy the Ride!

21 responses

  1. Tops, that is truly a magnificent talent, but I think I could give you a run for your money.


    1. I’ll take that as a compliment. We could be the life of every party.


      1. Oh, I already am. But I’ll share the spotlight with you. 😉


  2. You’re an ISPF? Interesting, I’m more of a USPS – American male, usually a day late and ALWAYS a dollar short…. 😉


  3. Interesting. It is similar to the Myers/Briggs and when I put my blog address in it, it came up with an extrovert type, which according to Myers/Briggs I am an INFJ. I have taken that test several times, at different stages of my life and am always an INFJ. Very interesting post, thanks, DAF


    1. It’s exactly like the Myers/Briggs. It’s fascinating to see how we are reflected through our words. I thought it was very interesting too!


  4. Thanks for the linkage and the shout Lisa! It is really most appreciated. You are one of the very best!
    Way to tooooot! I love your wit. 🙂


    1. No problem. I thought that was so interesting.


  5. This was fun, and you ARE hilarious. That’s why I come along for the ride! xoxoM


  6. Way to go, Lisa! Toot away!


  7. Deliberately Delicious | Reply

    And that wit is evident on your blog, a place where I have often found myself laughing out loud! I am so intrigued about the personality typing, that I’m heading right on over to visit Susie after this…


    1. Thank you! Have fun at Susie’s place.


  8. This describes you to a T! For the record, I like you just the way you are. You should be tooting away… (lol)


  9. I think this describes you — but I got the same one and it isn’t close to what I was determined to be by the Myers-Brigs 2 day analysis I got a few years ago (ENTP). But I love these things. They are so much fun. Thanks for keeping me away from the work project I’m supposed to be doing tonight.


  10. I followed your lead & I will have to post my results too! Seemed to be pretty accurate.


  11. free penny press | Reply

    Hence the reason I love your blog so much.. you are all of those things and more for TOOT away!!


  12. I am going to have to go dig out my Myers Briggs dictionary. I do like the USPS rating that was added by John. Off subject, but I am sure the USPS is glad they sponsored the Lance Armstrong Led Chemical Bike Riders. As for me, my one competency is being tall. I looked great walking onto the basketball court until the tip off occurred. :>)


  13. A problem us humble ones have… not tooting our own horn enough… I think I bluster more than toot… most likely trying to overcome feelings of insecurity. I got ‘Performer’ when I took it… that’s a mask to hide behind I think.


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