Les Miserables and Social Injustice

This is a wonderful piece on Social Injustice. Take time to read it through, there is a very important message to be heard.


My wife and I have long been fans of the musical Les Miserables, so yesterday we took two of our children to see the recently released movie with Hugh Jackman as the lead character of Jean Valjean. We were not disappointed and enjoyed the movie immensely. Of course, a few people have noted some of its imperfections, yet on the whole, it is a very moving experience and fills in a few details that the play could not.

As an aside, I also enjoyed the dramatic movie made a few years ago with Liam Neeson in the role of Valjean. As for the recent musical version, I would encourage you to see it , whether you have seen the play, early dramatic movie or not. If you have seen the play, you will be even more moved by Anne Hathaway’s Fantine singing how life has killed her dreams. The music is so wonderful, sometimes the everyday tragedy  of…

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  1. Many thanks for reblogging this. You are a gem. BTG


    1. No problem, the more that read about this important subject the better.


  2. Thanks for reblogging this from me, too, Tops. Very much worth reading.


  3. Thanks for sharing that one! The writer touched on this idea briefly but I live this every day. I’m one of those single moms who make too much money to get help from the govt but yet still live month-to-month. There’s this whole group of us who live in the middle ground afraid we’re one bad thing away from being those people in the shelters and all we can do is push and push more to make more money to get a better life. I certainly have enough to pay my bills and do a little extra ever now and then but I’m no where near the 1%.
    Some days, it’s exhausting.


  4. free penny press | Reply

    A wonderful share.. Thank you !!


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