Daily Prompt: Think Global, Act Local

Thanks Daily Prompt for this wonderful subject line this morning. This prompt has provided me with the perfect opportunity to bring awareness to the growing concerns within our food sources, while dusting off my brag book to give props where they are due. Looks like a win, win to me. 

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” Antole France

538921_429445957108021_1063347368_nAs some of my more seasoned followers already know, my nephew Evan started a Food Truck a little over a year ago. The concept behind the MOO Food Truck was to provide his customers with classic American Food made with ingredients sourced from LOCAL family farmers. I am happy to report that shortly after his one year anniversary, Evan has expanded into the world of brick & mortar.

MOO’s latest venture is a sit-down eatery  at 4010 Durham Road in Ottsville, PA. This wonderful little spot features seating for 46 satisfied customers, along with the ability to call ahead and take-out. The menu includes some claim to fame favorites from the MOO Truck, including the ever popular MOO burger, MOINK (Moo w/bacon), seasonal salads and my guilty pleasure; his to die for hand-cut fries. As if that weren’t enough to get your  taste buds in a frenzy, he has added some additions to satisfy a broader array of followers. The MOO dog – chili on a hot dog, veggie burgers, chicken burgers, veggie chili, homemade soups like chicken soup and sweet potato and leek soup, grilled cheese, shakes, root beer floats, local soda, french press coffee and even a PB&J sandwich – local jam, homemade peanut butter, buttered and grilled. Sweet Jesus…

The coolest thing about his concept is the bond he creates for his customers with their food source….literally. Hanging on the walls395505_515634071792921_1685596026_n throughout this venue you can look into the eyes of the farmers who raised the animal or grew those veggies for this eatery. This is subtle way to introduce a new mindset that will enable customers to make better choices when it comes to sustainable & ethical eating.

This method of serving food certainly limits Evan’s quantity, by it raises the roof on the QUALITY of food he provides for his customers. He takes pride in serving the community, every customer and the earth one burger at a time. Enjoy the Ride!


12 responses

  1. I wish your nephew well, supporting local producers is a good thing 🙂 D 34


  2. What does he do with his leftovers?, I hope he donates to a local food bank or community kitchen D 34


    1. Everything is fresh and made to order, so far no leftovers he actually ran out of food last Saturday. This is only his 2nd week in operation. Thanks for your good wishes and for stopping by : )


      1. Sounds like a good, pity I am across the pacific D 34


  3. Incredible! I am so thrilled he has moved into a building… what an accomplishment. Eating local is something I keep trying to do. It makes sense, doesn’t it?


  4. free penny press | Reply

    This is so good.. i remember reading about him last year when you were crossing fingers, hoping it took off..Well look where they are now.. Young entrepreneurs are what will change the face of our country. All the best to your nephew and now I’m hungry 😉


  5. Wow! Okay, apparently I missed you talking about this the first time around, but what a FANTASTIC thing he’s doing!! We have restaurants in Madison that source and use local ingredients, but they tend to be “upscale” and don’t have photos of those farmers they buy from hanging on the wall (I love this touch!); I think Evan’s idea brings the “Locavore” eating-style much closer to home and more accessible to his patrons. I think it will help those satisfied diners develop a deeper appreciation for what he’s doing because the foods he serves aren’t “nameless, faceless packages from the superstore.”


    I’m writing the address down to put in the travel folder!


    1. Thank you for your wonderful insight! Evan is a Pisces also, I know this doesn’t surprise you one bit.
      He really has wonderful ideas and I’m so glad he is able to share them with all of us. He’s only 19, so who knows what the future holds for him and his dreams.
      I hope you do get to stop by one day! Just tell him you’re a Pisces and he’ll hook you up! lol


      1. HA! We Fishes gotta stick together 😉


  6. Best wishes and continued success to Evan!


  7. I loved the concept when he opened the food truck and am really pleased for him that he has been able to expand in this way. Of course now that we have a source for those Fresh Cut Fries I imagine He-Who and I will be gong for a long drive so that we can add them to the Fresh Cut Fries Map.
    Congratulations Evan!


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