Music Is Played For LOVE

Love is....Greg & Lisa

Love is….
Greg & Lisa

Cheers to all things LOVED today! 

Today there is just a little extra LOVE in the air over here at Life With The Top Down.Why you ask? Well, because it’s also my 22nd wedding anniversary. That’s right folks we were married on the same day that LOVE just happens to be bursting at the seams all over the globe.

We even had The Honorable Judge Goodheart perform our nuptials…you know, to really seal the deal.  

 Keep on cruisin’ while you Enjoy the Ride! 

16 responses

  1. Happy hearts day and Happy anniversary!!!


  2. Hooray for Cruisin’! I actually used the Duets version for the first dance at my wedding.


  3. 22 years! Happy Anniversary, Lisa! And Happy Valentine’s Day!


    1. Thank you! Right back at ya!


  4. A very happy anniversary to you & Greg!


  5. How sweet…Happy Anniversary….you and Teddy had the same idea. 22 years? Wow…that just made my day, and you didn’t even mention it this morning. You’re a humble soul you are.


  6. Happy Anniversary & Happy V-Day!


  7. How romantic! Happy anniversary!


  8. 22 years is awesome! Congratulations!!!!! SMOOCH!


  9. Dropping over from Susie’s party. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many more. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Following yours by email too.


  10. Congrats from me! Good for 22!


  11. I’m late to the party, Tops. But happy anniversary!


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