Best Days Of Your Life

Daily Prompt: B+

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.


Woo … I’m A Man!

This album features a ROCK STAR that rarely flies solo. He loves to be surrounded by his entourage, which seems to grow each year. Zachary turned 18 last weekend and celebrated in true Rock Star fashion. The house was packed as he took center stage to debut his new album appropriately titled … It’s Finally Official.

We celebrated the release of his new-found freedom album by treating him, the entourage and a couple of groupies to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse. The paparazzi swooned in and captured this shot of him performing a duet of Happy Birthday with the chef.

Zachary will not disappoint his fans with this latest release. His uncanny fusion of teenage boy, young man and complete goofball can be heard within each track. His hit single I Can Do What I Want Now soared to the top of the charts this week when he came home with a tattoo.

For most of his life, we knew him as an unfiltered energized boy, the kind of kid who just loves to have fun. But lately he’s showing signs of re-birth – taking things a little more serious. Not completely ditching his hands in the air like you just don’t care attitude, but showing glimmers of responsibility that have left us all in a state of…Huh? This comes through loud and clear when you listen to the lyrics of One Less Gray Hair For Mom on track 3.

When Zachary crossed over that imaginary threshold into manhood he learned to appreciate the wisdom that went into the two special tracks cowritten with yours truly…Adult Is A Four-Letter Word and my favorite … Being Grown-up Isn’t Half as Fun as Growing Up so Enjoy the Ride!

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  1. Did that to a whole bunch of fans, read adults. Didn’t regret it then, don’t now. Also, I don’t have kids. No album releases for me. My gray hair came naturally, at my own hands.


    1. I think Zac actually has a deal with my hairdresser and they are splitting the money I shell out to cover these grays!
      He is a great kid who has always kept me on my toes.


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  3. Congrats & Happy birthday to Zachary! Welcome to the world of being a grown up! It sucks, you’re gonna love it! 🙂


  4. That was a cute read and yes, Happy Birthday to Zachary!!


  5. Happy birthday to your son and to you, too, as his mom of 18 years!


  6. Congratulations on the new release. It must be feel good to have finally finished production on such a long project. It sounds like it will be an Grammy award winning hit. Let’s just hope you are appropriately credited.


    1. Best Comment EVER! Thank you, thank you very much.


  7. This is a chart topper for sure! The whole Doppelganger thing continues, my J turned 18 a month ago and I’m loving being the parent of an adult. Happy birthday to Zach.


  8. Congrats! Must feel great!


  9. Oh man, to be 18 again! Happy Birthday!


  10. This was was soooo good! I thought for a minute you acutally spent the weekend with a celebrity. Well, I guess he is really a celebrity at your house. And if he were at the Oscars, he would be thanking Mom. 🙂


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  12. That was a good one! And Happy (late) birthday to Zachary! I love celebrity reporting, you missed your calling for a job on TMZ.

    I read your posts about your son and wonder what my son’s teen years will be like. I’m afraid that when Jake turns 18, I’ll be in tears OR trying to figure out how to get him out the house 🙂


    1. Brace yourself….they act the same, but have a deeper voice.


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