I’ll Have Rainbow Tears To Go Please

d2a2e5e58030d7bca98165af11eab10bI have been very sad for the last few days while my heart is still on the mend after the loss of our beloved dog Chester. The continuous crying has left me looking like an Iguana, which is not a very good look. Bulging puffy eyes should never be allowed outside of the world of reptiles. However, over the past week I have had the pleasure of discovering something very important about tears…they are necessary and they come in different flavors. Let me explain…

This week we had two patients come in together right after lunch. One was a long existing pain in the ass  patient and the other, her evil bitch sister, who was there for the first time. Right out of the gate she was a bitch and it just kept on coming. Whew! My back is to the desk, so I couldn’t see her at first, I just had the displeasure of feeling the flames coming from her mouth. Well, let’s just say she was as ugly as her disposition. Ugly, mean and demanding….a triple threat. 

My dear friend and co-worker always gets me going with her anger…is it wrong to enjoy watching someone on the verge of a a66ceb2baf4528c0e61947d463a62327killing spree? I can’t help myself she’s hilarious in this state so I tend to…you know…egg her on. There she was, right in the line of fire with these 2 witches…literally on the verge of jumping the counter, when the PITA (pain in the ass) approached for assistance with her cell phone as if she were at the AT&T store. She had no clue how lucky she was at this point that she was still alive.

Well, let’s just say she may not have been so lucky during Round 2 when she approached the desk screeching “my phone keeps talking make it stop”  and waving her phone right into the face of her soon to be murderer. I did what any good co-worker would do … jumped up, took the bullet and prevented a jail term. Lord knows it would have been justifiable homicide.


I have to admit, as aggravating as they Toxic Twins were, they did provide us with something that we ALL needed at the time….a good old-fashioned belly laugh…at their expense of course. 

Years ago we decided to create invitations a/k/a coping mechanisms for some of these unruly patients. Ironically, last week I accidentally came across the one for our imaginary Hay Ride. Talk about good timing!  Who knew that just the thought of these 2 sporting flammable outfits to a bon-fire could bring such … well … JOY.

The gray gloomy Tears of sorrow were replaced by a shiny set of rainbow Tears, leaving us all with a healthy glow, replenished souls and crossed legs. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Recognize the silver linings and continue to Enjoy the Ride! 

16 responses

  1. Sorry to hear about your dog.

    Also, reading about the people around you here I am surprised you didn’t go all postal on them! That is willpower.

    Enjoy the weekend!



    1. Hahaha! I really try not to let them get to me, I’m just glad they don’t live in my house…that would be a whole other story.


  2. vastlycurious.com | Reply

    I am sorry about your dog. I used to manage a Dental office so I loved your story!


    1. Thank you. Oh, I’m sure you can. People can be such a “joy”. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. You had every right to carry a fire axe as a deterrent. PITAs deserve a nice gentle bitch slap. But remember we all carry a bit of PITA inside. We just don’t notice.


    1. Hahahaha! Oh…indeed we can but I’m never mean.


  4. I’m glad you were able to find something you could laugh about at this terribly sad time. I like to think of Chester playing with my beloved Bandit & my daughter’s lost friend Annie.


    1. All that emotion came pouring out…it felt good. We still have our moments and our house is way too quiet, but we’re getting there. I’m sure he is playing with Bandit & Annie, he would have liked those names. Thanks for your kindness.


  5. free penny press | Reply

    here’s hoping this new week is lighter and less sorrowful for you !


  6. Tears really are a way of detoxifying. Sad tears and happy tears are made up different things so you need both. I love the idea of the invitation. I may have to steal it to vent a little.
    I hope you can begin to enjoy just the happy memories of Chester without the tears very soon.


    1. They really are detoxifying. Feel free to steal away, trust me it works. We also have one for a Snow Ball and BBQ…all seasons are covered…lol.

      I am doing better…thank you!


  7. I’m glad you got to shed rainbow tears due to the two Pita’s! When you deal with the public and I do too, you have to have some serious patience! I mentally bitch slap people all day every day!


    1. If nothing else it makes me act like a complete angel when I go to public places.


  8. You are a saint to be able to be reasonably nice to folks who, ummm, aren’t.

    Glad your heart is mending a bit after losing Chester.


  9. Good to hear you’re feeling better. Nothing better than a good laugh 🙂


  10. I look like Carl Malden when I cry…its not pretty.


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