It’s A Trap!

Daily Prompt: Show and Tell

You’ve been asked to do a five-minute presentation to a group of young schoolchildren on the topic of your choice. Describe your presentation.

2669e4e99d8d6040e6d7f06022f4f5d3Me:  Hey kids, how are you all doing today?

Kids:  In unison …. G R E A T!

Me:  Today I’m here to fill you in on some truths about being a grown-up. Oh, no not the lies the world is selling you, the TRUTH. Growing Up Is A Trap. How many of you already knew it was a trap?

Kids: The sound of chirping crickets filled the air. 

Me:  First of all don’t be in such a hurry to get there, you’ll be very disappointed. Honestly, it’s not that great. Of course there are some perks like driving, sex & drinking….but, you know what kids? They don’t last forever and if we’re being honest here, which we are, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be…seriously. All of these things can be great, but they can also get you in BIG trouble. Not the “go to your room” kind of trouble, but the “time to go back to your cell” kind of trouble.

Kid: My mom said ….

Me: Your mom is lying.

Kid: But….

Me: But nothing kid! I told you I’m here to fill you in on the big secret of life. Are you ready? Every grown-up you see, even good ole 790a986e6069dbc7af77ed0e8aee0ce8grandma & grandpa, mom, dad, teachers … all of them, wish for ONE thing….Interruption…What? You with the hand waving like you’re putting out a fire…what?

Kid: My grandma wishes she could walk faster.

Me: I’m sure she does kid, I’m sure she does. Do you know why? Put your hands down, there is no need to guess because that’s what I’m here to tell you…All grown-ups wish they were kids…just like you. That’s right guys, they want to play in the dirt without a care in the world.

Kid: My dad doesn’t like when I get dirty.

Me: Yes he does, he’s just jealous. I bet your parents don’t like when you run around the house like energizer bunnies do they?

Kids: In unison …. NOOOOOOO!

Me: That’s because once again they are jealous. Do you get it kids? Every time you do something they can’t do, because they’re too big and it’s no longer acceptable, they get angry at you. Have any of you ever destroyed something in your house, but because you are so darn cute you got away with it? You, all the way in the back with the pointy tail and horns..what did you do?

90f3e446e4ecc8b4ad7fab8be2c82e92Kid: One time, I um, emptied a case of bottled water in the driveway to make mud for my trucks and when my mom asked me “what happened to all the water?” I told her “I drank it” with a straight face and she smiled.

Me: Great example kid and kudos for the straight face…well-played, well-played indeed. Now, just imagine if your dad did that, what do you think would have happened? Ok, don’t get your pigtails in a knot, what would your mom do?

Kid: First she would tell my dad how stupid it was, then she would probably post about it on Facebook so all her friends could agree that my dad did a stupid thing and then she would just talk in “one words.”

Me: Your mom sounds lovely and pretty much dead on in this case. See, when you’re a grown-up you’re no longer cute…your just big, hairy and well, stupid. So, do you understand the message here kids?

Kids: YES!

Me:  Do you see how important it is to be a kid as long as you possibly can?

Kids: YES!

Me: So what are you going to so about growing up kids?

Kids: Respectfully decline. Never forget our inner child. Learn how to act in public. Have the courage to become who we really are and Enjoy the Ride! 

Me:  YES!  

31 responses

  1. I love this !! Thanks for sharing. BTG


  2. “You in the back with the pointy tail and horns …”
    Those ones already know.

    This was great fun to read. 🙂


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  4. Despite many attempts by adults, I never grew up. But I play on well when it suits me.


    1. Congrats! You could have assisted me on my lecture.


  5. My darling daughter figured this out when she was 5 years old…and she’s stuck to it! lol xoxoM


  6. Very cute! Very funny! Needed a smile and you gave me a big one! Clever idea. I am a big kid most of the time. Hope you are doing well!


    1. Thanks DAF! We got Chester’s ashes Friday…he’s home so that is better.


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  8. Perfect. I don’t want to grow up, either. I wish my body understood that, though.


    1. The body and the mind never seem to be on the same age.


  9. Advice I wish I had growing up. LoL Good one.


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  11. I agree – I wish I could still play with Barbies & bikes.


    1. I wish I was playing jumprope without a care in the world.


  12. Lmao! You know you’re going to get a call from the principle due to all the letters he or she received from angry old parents! 🙂


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  14. This was sweet and funny. So glad you’re feeling better.


  15. I’m with Elyse, I certainly never want to grow up, but my body has other plans. Loved this post.


  16. Glad Chester is home. ❤


  17. Go Lisa! Saving one budding grown up at a time


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  19. That was a good one – you sound like you’re coming back to us again with this one. Sounds like you were at my son’s classroom 🙂


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