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Daily Prompt: Early bird, or night owl?

313f44f5fb2f79fe7a894944c4c2e51cIt’s so funny that this subject should come up today, because I was just thinking about it this morning…when I was being my bright-eyed bushy-tailed self. As most of you know we have a new addition to our family, Peanut the Maltipoo.  I bring this to your attention because he was reason for my early bird thought this morning. Peanut and I are the first to get up in the house, which is great since we both seem to leave our beds with the same attitude … wide awake and ready to go. 

I don’t require coffee or anything else for that matter to “wake-up.” No alarm clock or wake-up call for this girl. If my eyes are open, I am awake and little Peanut is the same way.

He jumps out of bed with vigor, runs like lightning down the steps, grabs a squeaky toy and is ready to play. Minus the squeaky toy, that’s pretty much my routine as well. 08f2101ff4e7729da163fecc94f68c46

This stems back to my childhood when my father would bellow up the stairs “Hey! Are you going
to sleep your lives aways up there? I’ve been up with the chickens.” Um, number one it was 6 a.m. and number 2 I never saw a chicken around the house.”  This was bellowed almost every day of my young life and before I knew it I was up feeding those invisible chickens too!

Thank goodness I married another early bird, which produced 2 more early risers to the flock…actually 3 if you count Peanut, because if I’ve learned anything in this world, it’s that non-early birds really don’t quite get our perkiness. They don’t care to talk or even mumble for that matter until the sun is up and rolling for at least 4 hours. Hint: If you’re going on vacation with other people a pre-screening is highly recommended. 

hBAAC9D82Doing my research for this little piece I’ve come to learn that the early birds really are a minority. I’ve seen hateful t-shirts, coffee mugs (how ironic), bumper stickers and last but not least an endless array of memes filled with death threats from the non-morning crew. There were some stooping as low as using babies and kittens to spread their evil messages.  

Another road traveled by the non-morning crew is the mother of all mornings. Yep, you guessed it MONDAY. Whew, you want to talk about a bad wrap, this is it.

Who cares that it’s Monday? Honestly, if Monday weren’t Monday than the baton would be 167571_1616176568999_5619725_npassed onto Tuesday. The party has to get started at some point..whether we like it or not so make the most of it.

I’m an Early Bird, always have been and probably always will be. I guess I will continue to get the worm while those Night Owls get the tequila. If we were all the same the world be so droll. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s sun up or sun down as long as you … Enjoy the Ride!

23 responses

  1. free penny press | Reply

    I’m an early bird (thanks to the Army).. then I am also an afternoon napper (Thanks Dad)..
    PS- love the post and that rooster is hilarious..:-)

    1. I would be the perfect soldier, if it wasn’t for all that other hard stuff that’s required. Naps are always welcome!

  2. Nothing like an early morning to get things done… just don’t sit down in front of a computer… unless you are going to write down that story that you wrote in your mind all night.

    How is Peanut doing? Has he found out about hot dogs yet, if not, put him on the phone.

    1. Peanut is doing great. He blended right into our family. Please, of course he knows about the hot dogs. I’m the biggest spoiler on the planet.

  3. I wish I had your energy! I am forced to get up before the sun all week so come the weekend, I sleep till noon then hide in my living room with coffee and a book till around two or three then it’s breakfast. I adore you but am guessing we won’t be vacationing together any time soon, lol 🙂

    1. Hahahaha! Oh, I know you enjoy your Zzzzz’s. I actually thought of you when I was writing this….hahaha.

  4. | Reply

    Nice Blog, here I am an early bird and a night owl.

  5. I’m the rooster…

  6. Deliberately Delicious | Reply

    I’m an early bird too. My 16 year old son is now in the teenage stay-up-late-and-sleep-till-noon phase and it’s messing with my routines! He wakes me up when he gets ready for bed!

    1. Hahahahaha! My friend’s son does the same thing. Then him and the dog sleep after noon.

  7. Not really an early bird but I do enjoy that morning coffee while working on my blog and checking out the news. Now Monday, that is another story……

    1. I love the peace in the morning. It’s the clearest part of the day.
      Poor Monday….

  8. As you can see by my comment time, I am a night owl NOT an early bird. Hubby is an early bird so he’s sleeping in his recliner between 9 & 10 p.m. & I’m just heading for bed at 2 a.m. His alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. & I’m pulling myself out of bed around 9 a.m.

    1. I am cracking up because I recently had to wait up for my son after his prom. He came in at 2 a.m. and for 2 days I felt like I was recovering from a really great night on the town.!

  9. BTW is 12:29 a.m. here on Mountain time.

  10. My son and my husband are both early birds, they get up (on purpose) at 5 am. My daughter and I love to sleep in. Unfortunately, lately I have insomnia, so last week I was wide awake at 2 am. The good thing? I got so much done at that hour! I think I might even be able to finish that screenplay I’ve been working on now…

  11. Early birder here, too. Part of the reason is my daughter has to go to school so early, so I cannot sleep in any more. I do love getting so much done by midday.

  12. If were allowed to wake up on my own I might be alright, but Baby C and my alarm clock conspire against me to prevent me from getting my full allotment of sleep.

  13. I am an early bird and a night owl. I have always been able to stay up quite late and still be great early in the morning. My problem is about 2-3 in the afternoon. I am totally useless around then. If I get past it fine but seriously a nap would be awesome.
    I love that rooster! I want that rooster!

  14. I’m an early bird, as are Chi, the cat, and Mickey, the dog. The three of us have our morning choreography down pat! xoxoM

  15. Early bird? Yes. Morning person? No. I wish I could be a morning person, I really do. You gotta give me some time in the morning!

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