Momma, You Were Born This Way

Here is a repeat to honor my mother. My sisters and I will be celebrating with her tomorrow by seeing The Great Gatsby and enjoying a nice lunch. We are all very fortunate to have the opportunity to once again gather together and celebrate motherhood.

Life With The Top Down

On this Mother’s Day weekend, I decided to pay homage to my mother … Venita.  My mother is the oldest of three children born to her Italian immigrant parents Vincenzo Torcini and Maria/Mary Landini in 1926.

Vincenzo left her life at 4 years old, shortly after the Great Depression entered. This left her mother faced with the burden of raising her young children alone, without any means to do so. After this abandonment, she suffered from what would most likely be considered a nervous breakdown today.  No welfare, free housing or valium for Mary. 

Years later my mother was told that the apartment they were living in had caught fire and her mother was under the impression that the children perished. That pushed her over the edge and lead her to the breakdown.

Scenarios like this were not uncommon especially amongst immigrant families during the Great Depression. Many of them…

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  1. free penny press | Reply

    I remember that post … such a great story. Enjoy your day tomorrow and heck, spending time watching Leo Dicaprio it’s bound to be memorable.
    have fun ladies!


    1. Leo has really aged very very well. The movie was great!


  2. I remember this post as well. It was a story that sticks with a person. Enjoy the Gatsby and your Mom.


    1. Thank you. Gatsby was amazing!


  3. I just read the post and loved it. What an amazing, and cool woman your mom is. Lady Gaga – that is too funny! I also had many Italian relatives who arrived “off the boat” as they said, with many living to a ripe old age. Hope you all had a great Mothers Day together!


    1. Thank you! We had a wonderful day.


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