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Father’s Day has been different for me over the years. My father died on Father’s Day in 1994. It’s ok, don’t be all sad, he planned the big exit so we would never forget. 23 years ago on the 19th of June.

Honestly, I always thought it would be Christmas, the big guns of the holidays, but having your father die on Father’s Day…well-played Jim, well-played indeed.

This was a man with a very large presence, who wanted to be remembered in a very grand way so I would say…mission accomplished dad.

My dad was almost 58 when I born..oops, which made my childhood a tad interesting, to say the least. It’s funny because I never thought my dad was old, he was just my dad. Until that Summer afternoon in my driveway when my best friend invited me to come to her Grams surprise 60th birthday party. She informed me…

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  1. I appreciate the joy in this post! Our living large and well is the best lesson we can leave our children.


  2. I commented on your reblogged post, but here it is again.

    I can’t believe I am almost reading the story of my own life! Dad was 20 years older than Mom and my Dad was an unforgettable character too. He died when I was 24 and had just had a baby son. He was outspoken, sometimes tactless, a lot like Archie Bunker without too much prejudice. He was a house painter and taught me how to mix oil paints. He quit working at 75 and my Mom went to work, but she was still expected to keep the house clean (although he did a lot of the cooking). You are not alone my friend. Think of me as your twin – or maybe our Dads were related!


  3. What a touching tribute. Your parents sounded like interesting folks. You dad was a pip! Amazing that he passed on Fathers Day. It’s true as you said he might have planned it so you would always remember.


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