Summer, Summer, Summertime


It’s finally here in all it’s glory…WHOOT!  


Grab a friend and hit the beach.


Be a BadAss in a tutu…you only live once.


Do what you love, love what you do.


Let your inner child run wild.


Try something new. (These ladies set the bar pretty high)

Vintage Snapshots of Summer Fun on the Beach (16)

Summer isn’t going to last forever, so hang on tight and Enjoy the Ride! 


12 responses

  1. Love every line and nuance of this! Happy summer solstice!

  2. Perfect intro to summer! Have some fun!

  3. you make me want to go throw a party…. in a tutu… with a bikini top…. oooh, I can’t even take that image… great post!

  4. Great old photos and “up” words to put you right in the mood for summer fun!

  5. Love the old timey pictures! Yay summer!

  6. Summer breeze, makes me feel fine…blowing through the jasmine in my mind. Have a great one. BTG

  7. I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!

  8. A————–MEN!!!! Summertime!!!!!

  9. Unfortunately, I remember those days when people looked like that!

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