Age Is Just A Number

It’s time to be inspired by the passion, the message, the power and the determination that can not only be heard, but can be felt through the voice of Lillie McCloud. Personally, I have never heard this song and if I’m being honest, it’s not something that I would seek out for my playlist…until today. Age is just a number folks! 

May you all have goosebumps while you Enjoy the Ride! 

11 responses

  1. Awesome awesome awesome!!!


  2. Wow – what a voice. Not my style of music but I can appreciate it.


  3. I’m hummin Top, and tappin my Manolo…


  4. That was an amazing way to start my day today! I have never heard that song before. It was beautiful, she was fabulous. Wow!


    1. Thank you! That was exactly my reaction.


  5. Goosebumps all the way through!


  6. I agree totally. Her voice is amazing and her fashion sense is to die for. My big question is how can she have that figure at that age after having kids?
    She reminds me of Diana Ross, but probably nicer.


    1. Freaking leather Cat Suit! It must be good genes!


  7. And it was a cat suit without a camel toe!


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