Busy Bee Takes A Breather

cec7bb842b872221a742b40c6e83177bGreetings! I thought I would take a moment on this beautiful Fall morning to give you all a shout out and a little explanation on what I’ve been doing lately that has kept me from writing as much as I would like. I’ll just assume you are all sitting on the edge of your seats right now. 

First, I’ve been working very hard trying desperately to get into shape. Something other than a rectangle. This has consisted of attending a high intensity Cross Fit class 3 or 4 times a week. In other words I’ve been a sweaty bruised pain stricken woman who feels surprisingly great. Attending this class with a great friend is a bonus, but being surrounded by a  group of people who just have a way of bringing out the best in us, well that is priceless. We have both come a long way over the past 8 weeks, physically & mentally. 

177329150_640I have also taken on a Paleo Challenge.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this term I will explain. Just imagine being a caveman or woman … without the cave and with a razor.

The key is to eat like a caveman. No grains. No sugar. No flour. Nothing from a box and brace yourself … no Alcohol. In other words, NONE of EVERYTHING I have come to LOVE. However, something tells me if there was a big fat piece of sugary cake in the cave the females would be fighting over it like a pack of wild dogs. There is no scientific proof to back up that statement, just the personal knowledge of female hormones.

So, I have been consuming meat, fish, chicken, fruits, veggies and nuts since September 23rd. Thank GOD for the likes of cocoa and coconut to satisfy my sweet teeth…yes, that was plural. I’ve been splitting my hunting & gathering between Whole Foods and Local Farmer’s Markets, which by the way can be equally as dangerous as a jungle, especially on the weekend. We can not even discuss how expensive it is to eat like a cavewoman, but then again so are visits to the doctor’s office…right? Looks like I’ll be working some over time at the quarry. 

Note: I spent $9.99 on a loaf of Paleo Bread after CRAVING some sort of grain. I have concluded that price in no way 6264128a70cb15243417de617a3d4e3ddetermines goodness…AT ALL!  I will painfully finish eating the entire loaf of dry wall bread due to the memory of my father’s voice saying “Are you out of your god damn mind?” I remember when he would complain over the increasing price of things like milk, bread & bridge tolls, so I’ll assume he is spinning in his grave right about now. Sorry dad…

This challenge is a learning tool to be used in making better future decisions. Honestly though the transition hasn’t been too hard and I do feel very good, but come November 4th you better believe I will be indulging in a Pumpkin Muffin … made from all natural ingredients of course. 

496d8006f5e83c27a87fe47cbba6a579One of the other things I was able to do this month was attend my 35th Grade School Reunion. That’s right, 35 glorious years ago I graduated from 8th grade and headed into the hell hallways of high school. Can you feel me shuddering?

One thing I know for sure after this evening is that women, at least the ones from my class, aged much better than the men. I was only able to recognize 4 on site, the rest … well, they needed to be reintroduced. Yikes! Also, the most asked questions of the night “are you still married?” and “how many times have you ben married?” All in all it was a wonderful evening filled with old friendships and laughs…lots of laughs.

Next on my list is the request to appear in Federal Court today for jury duty. Yea me…NOT!  I was all prepared to spend the 6dceebb3c3b5b0cb4c80b2b2e8bd985bnext (3) days waiting to find out if I’ve been chosen to serve on a federal jury. I had my David Sedaris book ready to go, just in case I needed some random outbursts of laughter to make me look a little cray cray.  I worked liked a dog to clear my desk, for the sake of my co-worker who will be holding down the fort. That is a post that has yet to be written. All these arrangements only to call the 800 number yesterday and hear the words “Report to your normal place of employment tomorrow.” “Do not report for jury duty.” This was equivalent to hearing All Public & Parochial Schools are Closed, after you already did your homework. Cross your fingers that I hear that message again today!

As if I weren’t busy enough, this weekend I will participating in 2, yes 2 fundraisers. One is being held this Saturday 10/26/20131379218_562393060482742_1940322726_n at the Cross Fit gym and it is appropriately called Barbells For Boobs. For every $80.00 raised a woman will be able to receive a Mammogram. My participation in this challenge will be on behalf of Susie over at Susie Lindau’s Wild RideShe knows first hand the importance of Mammograms and early detection!

2305.1251415141.customThe next event is a 5k walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. My family, including Pea-Wee (Peanut) will be walking on Sunday 10/27/2013 to support our neighbor Joey. He was diagnosed in February and this is his first attempt to raise some money to Stomp Out Juvenile Diabetes.  

This little boy is a wonderfully sweet, smart and creative kid. He has taken on his challenge with encouragement and hope that some day he will be the one known for stomping out the likes of this disease.

Live your life and Enjoy the Ride!

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  1. vastlycurious.com | Reply

    I congratulate you on your exercise classes!

  2. Wow! So good to hear from you. You are awesome! Exercising and eating right, well done you. Hubby and I are doing Fit for Life, have been since late summer. Still need to get more exercise into the mix, but we are feeling better eating with thought, not just shovelling food into us. Keep up the good work, are you going to carry a balloon next month? Just wondering. Take care! DAF

    1. I like the term Fit For Life, that has a good ring to it. It’s so funny you should bring up the balloon…lol…I have something else in the works that might prevent me from doing it this year, but I’m not positive yet. I will keep you posted!

      1. can’t wait to hear what you are going to do next! So good to hear from you.

  3. Thank you so much for the shout out and Boob Support my friend! Congrats on all you’ve accomplished. I’ll be cheering you on from Colorado!!!!

    1. My toned arms will thank you in advance!

  4. Wow, no wonder you have been absent! Just a word of caution – after some time spent on the Atkins diet (protein, some veggies, no carbs) I developed a large kidney stone. No carb diets have been linked to kidney stones, so make sure you include a few grains from time to time.

    1. Thanks for the information, I did not know that!

  5. I wondered where you were, Wilma. Glad you’re feeling so good. Love to Fred 😉

  6. In re your dad’s remark vis a vis paleo bread, he must have known my father. I heard that from age five to age thirty.

    1. I remember my dad going on and on and on about the bridge toll going from a dime to a quarter. Now that it’s 3.00 I’m somewhat glad I’m not in the backseat of the car. The worst is when I hear myself doing it to my kids…lol

  7. Wow, you’ve been busy. Keep up the good work!

  8. You are the first exercising cavewoman I know. Keep up the good work.

    1. Oh it’s going on the resume! Thank you.

  9. After reading all that, I think I need a nap! Sounds like you are getting things done!

    1. Hahahahaha…naps are always welcome.

  10. Your dedication is awesome! Or in modern lingo, “You ROCK!” No wonder you haven’t been writing lately.

    1. Some days my ass hurts so bad I can’t sit long enough to write…and that is not a joke. Thanks for your encouragement. Hope you are feeling a little better after your loss ((Hugs))

  11. You might be busy, but you sure look GREAT!!!!!

    1. Why thank you partner…and so do you!

  12. Sounds busy and extremely worthwhile. Well done, and keep enjoying those endorphins.

    1. I am really loving my endorphins. It has been such a good way for me to release the stresses of the day.

  13. Congrats on getting fit and in shape. It takes time. Just stick with it. Nice job on the 5K too!

    1. Oh your guns might be getting some competition real soon. Your blog on the Mud race actually pushed me in this direction….thank you!

  14. My husband and I just started the paleo diet too. How has it been working for you? Sounds like a busy, full life – bravo!

    1. It’s working great. I’ve been getting creative with cooking that’s for sure. There is a great site OMGPaleo that has recipes like Sweet potato brownies that were amazing to take care of your chocolate cravings. Good Luck to you both!

  15. Holy cow! I got exhausted just reading about what you are up to. Good for you taking action on so many fronts. You go girl!

    1. Thanks for your good wishes silk!

  16. I’m so proud of you! Kick ass and take names, Lisa!

    1. Will do! Although my ass is the one that feels like its been kicked…squats, squats and more squats.

  17. Well, to be quite frank, I was wondering what the hell you were doing…the thought of you in a loin cloth chomping nuts never entered my mind however. Yes, eating like Gandhi is very pricy not to mention a tad bland and unsatisfying, which now explains why he laid down a lot…he was weak and hungry.

    And if I ever went to my 35th eighth grade reunion, no one, and I mean no one would ever recognize me. I had no chin back then. Yes, I was fat and my nickname was Cookie Jar…so my hat’s off to you Top for being so brave to face your former panel of peers with fit aplomb. I just bet no one came up to you and said…every time I see you, I find I want a cookie 🙂

    1. Gandhi has the right idea with hitting the floor. That has happened to me twice during this challenge. I think my stomach noticed the pizza place next to the gym and fainted. You would LOVE this gym, which is located in Bucks County. The running trail is surrounded by animals. There are goats, llamas, ponies & Emus. My friend Susanne is a huge animal lover like you and NEVER gets through a run without saying hello to ALL of these creatures. She was last to finish one day because she was saving Eleanor the goat (we named her) from being raped.

      It was huge for me to go to that reunion, for so many reasons. I spent the evening talking to Eddie who was banished from our Catholic school in second grade because he was labeled “trouble” after taping Patty O’Mara’s pigtails to the desk when she refused to stop brushing them in his face. No points for creativity in a Catholic institution in 1972 that’s for sure!

      Ugh, I can just imagine how the nickname Cookie Jar probably took off like wildfire. Some snot nosed kid thought he was hilarious at your expense and bam he is a star. Why can’t the good things take off like that?

  18. And to think Cookie Jar became a model…wonders never cease, ANIMALS AROUND THE RUNNING TRACK? Can I commute from here? Eleanor the goat in sexual peril? I had a vision of Elenore Roosevelt with a bell around her neck being chased around the white house lawn. Doesn’t take much.

    The pig tail story reminds me of a girl named Henny Walsh in the second grade who got in trouble because (did not make this up) she put her Popsicle in her desk to save it for later.

    1. Hahahaha! Your imagination is dead on…lol I commute 35 minutes to get to this gym and it is worth every second because of the surroundings. Yesterday was an insane workout, with too much running for me. On the last round I shouted at the goats “what are you looking at?!” My friend Susanne was consoling them behind me..too funny!

      Oh Henny, just another poor soul not being recognized for her creative thinking at 8 years old.

  19. I feel terribly lazy reading all that you are doing. Great job on the CrossFit devotion – I am sure it is paying off for you, enormously. As for the paleo diet…..let us know what you think when you’re done.

  20. Great job! I’ve been working with a personal trainer who also changed my diet. Not a paleo diet though, I don’t think I can eat that many nuts. It recently hurt to sit down for 2 days after a training session. all worth it though.

  21. vastlycurious.com | Reply

    Funny, I just gave you all this advice on working out and then went backwards to see what I’d missed in your world and here you are working out. I forgot I’d read it but wanted to tell you that my big splurge is Ezekial bread from TJ’s and it’s my guilty pleasure @$5.99 per loaf, all spouts and raisins and its great! Keep up the good work Lisa!

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