The Truth and Nothing but the Truth

22f3413f964e0d774e694743286a4ddcToday I am here to bitch and complain about a couple that have been driving me absolutely batty for some time now. Please let me introduce you to Politics and Religion. Not that anyone really needs an introduction at this point…they get around.

However, I’m sure you know them by their more popular names such as the Buzz Killers, Room Clearers, Fun Suckers and of course the old school … Party Poopers.

At this point in our lives I think its safe to say that we are all aware of the huge invisible SKULL & CROSSBONES displayed at the entrance to all public gatherings warning us of these two. So, unless you are prepared for a full on debate, that could potentially turn into a scene from the Fight Club, you must heed to the warning and avoid these two like a plague. People are on the brink of cray these days. 

Sadly, thanks to technology, we now have the displeasure of facing these two in the comfort of our own homes. I know when danger-Will-RobinsonI open my dear friend Mac I just want to chill. I do not want to be exposed to a heap of BS opinions about these two, but BAM! they always make an appearance. Unfortunately social media does not come with and arm waving robot screeching … DANGER LISA! DANGER! before logging on.

Honestly, how many hateful misinformed memes or “news” alerts that MUST BE SHARED to spread the misinformed hate across the land can one person endure? Not ONE more!

Don’t get me wrong, I too have had my moments. This fun-loving non confrontational Pisces has been sucked right into the vortex on occasion by … dare I say … responding to the crazy.  I actually blow my own mind at how quickly I switch to Cap Lock and fire away.

It’s so frustrating to suddenly read the “opinion” of a well-educated, normally reasonable person, because it is based on the opinion of some half-truth media source. I think that’s what bugs me most….people have transformed from armchair quarterbacks to polarized parrots over night. 

ed67d87bd7685c9357cbf9a54189d245What the hell happened to waiting for the facts or heaven forbid the truth? I know they always seem to take their good ole time getting to the surface and their black sheep cousin Distorted ALWAYS shows up first reeking so much havoc no one even takes them seriously when they decide to sachet through the door….late as usual, acting like a couple of wallflowers!

I do have a solution to make some big changes, but it sadly doesn’t have a chance in hell of actually happening … even though it’s brilliant.

During my extensive research on this subject, I came to the conclusion that the only legit Truth & Fact tellers on this planet come in the form of a 4-year-olds. An advanced 3-year-old would also do. 

These uninhibited balls of cuteness don’t play around with appropriateness, they go right for the jugular and get away with it with one flash of their dimples. They don’t worry about filtering what comes out of their mouths and they certainly don’t have a care in the world about political correctness. The truth and nothing but the truth.


I’ll tell you everything you want to know and then some.

They just let the truthful facts and common sense spew from their mouths without an ounce of concern. Let me put it this way … if a 4-year-old tells you you’re fat, chances are that is indeed a truthful fact. They don’t play!

Look at little Nancy Drew over there on the right. She took matters into her own little hands when her Kitty Bank was stolen by her babysitter. She just let the police know the truthful facts and BAM! the crime was solved. Kids are also very good judges of character .. we need to listen to what they have to say. 

“The bad guys stole my kitty bank, they stole my iPod. They also stole my Xbox and my Wii,” the little girl said. “That was really her being bad. She’s not a good babysitter.”

Now take a moment to imagine all the decision-making seats in D.C. filled with 4 year olds. They don’t lie and they have no concept of money! Why no one has made this suggestion before is beyond me. 

I can’t help but laugh as I ponder on all the conversations that may take place during a decision-making session. “Your Bill is dumb!” “No it’s not!””Yes it is!”  “Ok.”  Lord knows they would have these sessions wrapped up before snack time if little Mateo was running the show.

As we celebrate our freedoms today, let’s make a conscious effort to use these privileges wisely and Listen … Listen… Listen as we Enjoy the Ride! 




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  1. I don’t know, Lisa, this kid seems to have the makings of an excellent member of Congress! Yeah, politics and religion, flip sides of the same coin. Happy Fourth! xoxoM


    1. He has a future in law that’s for sure. I loved his argument that “you can touch everything at grandmas house” just made me laugh.


  2. I’m going to listen more carefully to my (advanced) 3 1/2 year old grand daughter the next time she comes over. It won’t tough to hear her, as she has yet to figure out what an “inside voice” sounds like.


    1. I have no doubt she is advanced! Little girls love to chat about e v e r y t h i n g, which always makes things interesting. A little one on our block, who is being raised by a wolf, came over to me the other day with a full can of orange soda and proudly stated “my mommy said I could have this if I went back outside and talked to the neighbors.” Oh…I bet she did.


  3. You are so right on! I get frustrated when I hear distorted information presented as facts especially when I KNOW they are wrong. (Seriously, I don’t know everything but there are a few topics I am very familiar with because it was my field.) I used to try to present the facts but no one wants to hear them. They like their own version of gloom and doom. There are some people I don’t read and many emails I delete without reading. My sanity comes first.


    1. It really can test my sanity!


  4. I skyped with my Little Man the other day. The first minute of the Skype was he and I blowing raspberries at each other. Then the first thing out of his mouth was ‘Find Grampy’ because my hubby wasn’t right beside me. We had a concise conversation, blowing raspberries, laughing and getting to the point of getting Grampy in on the fun.
    I agree with all you said, when you have to have 24-7 non stop news and talking, truth goes out the window… Happy 4th! DAF


    1. That is so adorable! I envy that you get to hear that little voice and listen to his wonder … it’s priceless.


      1. it is wonderful and I cherish being able to do that.


  5. Unfortunately, all my grandkids are teenagers… oh for the magic age again.


    1. It really is magical! I could listen to little children all day, they just fill my heart.


  6. Children — or better still, women ruling the world would give us a much better place!


    1. Woman running the show is a given for a better WORLD!


  7. Lisa, good post. My favorite line was uttered by a senator who said these famous words when caught in a lie – “please do not mistake my words for the truth.” That may have been the first truthful thing he said. It also gets back to the old joke, “how do you know when a politician is lying? His lips are moving.”

    From a man’s standpoint, I agree with Elyse’s comment that we need more women in positions of power. There may be less “shoot, ready, aim” stuff going on. And, it is not without notice that ten female senators brokered the end to the US government shut down hours before we started defaulting on debt.

    As for religion, I detest when religious texts are wielded as weapons. It seems those texts have words that can be drawn upon to divide, looking past the many that say to include. Yet, in dinner parties, it can be a perilous path to argue. Sometimes, you cannot escape, so I look for some common ground to end the conversation.

    Yet, I must confess, I write politicians often as we have passed some crazy stuff in our state. I try my best to focus on the issues. With the hyper-partisanship going on, we need more people to write our legislators as they tend to listen more to their funders and lobbyists. Thanks, BTG


  8. I’m not so sure. My four-year old is a notoriously unreliable wtiness.


  9. Hope you and your family enjoy a great July 4th weekend!

    At times I think we would be better off if 4 year olds ran Congress!


  10. That boy has a future at the bar. As in legal/lawyer bar. Re-posted this on my Funny Blogs page. Tried to drag your cool header onto the page, too, for promotional purposes for you, but you are too clever, and have protected your image. Smart woman. I’ll never try to do that again without permission. Can I have permission?


    1. Thank you for the re-post and for the compliment regarding my ability to install protected images. If something is protected it either came that way, it was done my accident or someone else did it because I have no idea how to do those things … lol.


  11. This is an excellent idea!


  12. Kids do say the darndest things and usually they are right!


  13. | Reply

    Sorry my dear, I learned to not discuss either (plus sex) in a public forum!


  14. There’s been something wrong with my wordpress…how did I miss this…every time I went to your site it was still the Father’s Day essay. Wonder what else I’m missing.

    Sorry. Glad you’re writing in any event.


    1. WordPress has lost its mind! I’m not sure what is going on either. Glad you stopped in.


      1. yeah…the only thing they NEVER seem to have a problem with is billing…lol


  15. ciao! a clever idea…iy could make more sense:))


  16. This must go hand in hand with the book someone wrote with a title like Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten!


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