Doubt or Do It’s Up To You


G.I. Joe? Chuck Norris? or Jesus?

If you’ve been reading me for some time, you already know I admit to being the Mayor of Scardy Cat Town. I’m not embarrassed by this at all, it’s who I am. Lord knows I have entertained many with my fearful experiences.

Over the weekend, as I was casually walking my little lamb chop a/k/a my dog Peanut, I noticed this fucker creeping from under the bushes. Seriously! I’m not even sure what my reaction was other than a slew of obscenities with a side of what might be considered some sort of prayer. That is if repeatedly yelling “Jesus Christ!” “Jesus!” “For good sakes!” and “Holy shit!” are considered prayers.

Random mannequin heads lurking under bushes are just one kind of fear we have to deal with in our lives. These fears are sudden and usually provide a good bit of laughter in the end. Especially when you patiently wait for the next person to walk by.


Sing off key and live!

Then there are those fears that get to us via the media. They just love to plant those hearty doom and gloom seeds in our heads about planes that have plummeted into the ocean or just vanish or engulf into flames or ALL OF THE ABOVE! As if my own imaginary scenarios aren’t enough to keep me grounded!   

I won’t even tread into the murky waters of the World News, that shit is just too real. Information overload can consume even the strongest of minds. Thank goodness we control the “off” switch is all I can say. 

Last, but certainly not least are those fears that run deep. Those lovely little gems from our childhood or traumatic events that we just love to keep close. No, not the boogieman or clowns.

b183397faab0430ea8b56cde8efa4576I’m talking about those haunting fears of not being good enough, rejection, failure and the rest of the negative posse. We tend to keep these close like some sort of security blanket, just in case we need another excuse to move forward or perhaps when we need to point some blame in a direction other than the mirror. Safe, easy and paralyzing.

Why the hell are there so many fears in the first place? Well, I can answer that in one word … DOUBT. You know the sudden loud voice in your head that asks all sorts of negative questions just before you are about to embark on something wonderful. Guess what people? Doubt is an asshole! 

At 50 years young I am finally realizing just how much of an asshole Doubt can really be. It a2ec50f46abbf671c202b28284008b5889470a9998aa958f53939935a6502bfbshows up at the worst time; stays way too long and seems to ruin everything in its path. Just think of a drunk party goer who won’t take the hint that the party is over … yep that’s what Doubt is like. 

It has stopped me in my tracks, whispered “what ifs”  in my ear and managed to make mountains out of too many molehills. I’m not solving world peace for god sakes!

I vaguely remember my childhood aspirations to be a teacher, a judge, or a rodeo bull rider. I know a judge of all things right? What happened to those dreams along my road to adulthood? Doubt is what happened! You’re not smart enough. You’re not decisive enough. You’re not good enough.

Of course I could drive myself crazy wondering what my life would be like living on a ranch with the Marlboro Man or blaming my parents for not recognizing my passion for the Rodeo segments of the Wide World of Sports, but what would that solve? Zip.  

21919a5445b98e7745a02d887721b241.jpgInstead, I have chosen to little by little muster up the courage to punch fear in the face and bitch slap doubt every time they start talking shit about my fabulousness. It’s not really that easy, but it felt good writing it.

It takes time to put our fears in their place. Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you so have some patience.

 It’s up to you to get in the driver’s seat. 

When you do decide to head down your road to happiness, make sure you buckle up right next to fear. Look back at all your accomplishments. Pick up some positive reinforcements on the way. Let the accomplishments of others blow through your hair and don’t stop until you reach your destination … the corner of Awesome & Bombdiggity sounds like a good start. 

 Enjoy the Ride!

25 responses

  1. Yeah baby. The worst is sticking your neck out, not having things turn out perfectly and — oh my gawd — being embarrassed. While we’re bitch slapping fear and doubt, I’ll slip tolerance of mortification into the vacuum left in their wake. PS: just went to a rodeo. Thank your lucky stars you aren’t riding bucking broncos for a living.


    1. You are so right! I had no fear of bull riding as a 10 year old lying on my couch in a big city… lol


  2. i think the mannequin heads scare me the most. try your best to just jump in and live life the best you can, while staying away from those bushes with those heads lurking )


    1. Let me just say the head is still there and scares me every single time! It is just so weird and creepy.


  3. Great advice! Take the bull by the horns, not meaning to bring up bull riding, and Run with him!!!!! Great incentive for me to get my neck in shape (see above) and show off my fab self to the world instead of holding hands with Mr. Doubt!
    Wonderful Words!


    1. Oh, Neecie you Re so right!


  4. I hate doubt. It’s always winning…


    1. Come on … you can’t let an asshole win!. You’re a Storm Trooper for god sakes!


      1. You’ve…seen the movies, right?


  5. Lisa, this is quite excellent. That doubt is a nasty bugger indeed, just like that drunk party guest who won’t leave. Let’s call him or her a cab and send Doubt packing. We don’t need your kind around here anymore. No Doubt. BTG


    1. Getting them into the cab is a whole other challenge …lol, but I like your thinking!


  6. I don’t know, Lisa. I’m much more inclined to buckle myself up securely and forget to do the same for fear, while leaving the door ajar! xoxoM


  7. As you say…it is easier said than done. Doubt seems to spend a lot of time at my house and like most house guests has stayed far too long. It is time to give him the eviction notice he deserves. OK, it’s time to at least try to give him the eviction notice.


    1. Hahaha! Let me know how you make out with the eviction notice, Doubt has some roots.


  8. You’re right, Tops, Doubt is an asshole! Unless Doubt is telling me not to do something physically risky (because I am a totally uncoordinated accident prone klutz). Then Doubt stands in a good place – between me and the hospital!


    1. Hahaha! Totally understood.


  9. That head would have freaked me out too. And I could have added a few more choice words to your rant if I had seen that thing 🙂


  10. THE LINE OF THE WEEK… Guess what people? Doubt is an asshole! That belongs embroidered on a pillow.

    Excuse me while I go get thread 🙂


      1. Been embroidering all night…LOL


  11. I agree, “doubt is an asshole” sums it up perfectly!


    1. Why thank you so much for taking time away from the freshly pressed red carpet to comment. I’m honored.

      I think I’m going to have t-shirts made with my slogan.


  12. That disembodied doll head bears some resemblance to Hugo of Speaker 7’s blog – also creepy.


  13. Doubt is such a downer. I think as we get older we get to a point where we just say to hell with it, I’m just going to go ahead with this, consequences be damned! I love the freedom of being older & able to kick some a– once in a while! I still have my doubts of course, but as I run out of time on this earth I’m not willing to let them determine my life path anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

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