Bitch Please! I’m A Rescue


Landon. 2.5 year old Maltese/Yorkie mix.

It’s a BOY!  I’m just stopping by to make a HUGE announcement about a new addition to our family. I’m still trying to figure out why we decided to expand our family, especially since our kids are just about out the door and freedom is at our fingertips, but here we are the proud parents of … Drum Roll Please …..Landon. Isn’t he just the cutest? …. after Peanut of course.

We rescued Landon from the Dutch Country Animal Rescue.  This wonderful organization saved this little guy from some hell hole in Missouri. It’s unthinkable to know that this sweet boy spent 2 of his 2.5 years on this earth in a crate. He came with some issues, so he fits right into this house.  This is not an “issue free” zone.


Peanut & Landon chillin.

Peanut has been the center of attention around here for 2 years, so my daughter, who knows ALL about being the center of attention for 2 years before her world came to an erupt end at the birth of her brother, has volunteered to advocate on Peanut’s behalf. Looks like she is already using those Psych & Sociology classes to do some good … or … evil. 

Peanut has welcomed Landon with open paws. He has dragged out every toy we ever purchased to make sure Landon understands,“These are ALL mine and NO it doesn’t matter that I haven’t touched them in over a year they are MINE. Landon did not seem fazed by this episode of toy hoarding in the least. He gave his best ” Bitch please I’m a rescue” face and moved on.


Landon with me. Peanut with Greg.

We are all adjusting our schedules to make Landon’s transition into our family a happy one. Tomorrow will mark week one for Landon in our home and he is doing well eating, walking and pooping without incident. Yippee!

According to my daughter’s faceless smile and palm emoji, I may have crossed the line purchasing matching sweaters for these furry boys, while my son was just glad they weren’t for him and his sister. Hehehe!

Landon is filling our hearts including Peanut’s with love every day and we are glad he is here to Enjoy the Ride!


14 responses

  1. OMG! Just adorable and you can never have too many pets. It’s good for Peanut. He won’t have those “only pet” issues.

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    1. Hahaha! I think he already had those issues.

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  2. Congrats on the new arrival, Tops! He is adorable — nearly as cute as my little demon, Duncan!

    May you all have many long and healthy years together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Why are demons always so freaking adorable?


      1. It’s a clever disguise, ain’t it?

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    2. Scott? Twin? Love the photo and the smile.


      1. Yup! That’s me! Thanks!

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  3. I AM SO EXCITED…ANOTHER DOGGIE. And Peanut deserves a steak for his magnanimity. I mean with the exception of the toy episode, he’s been like Loretta Young welcoming a dinner guest who will just never leave.

    A crate for two years? Let me at them…We can get Kate and the 3 of us can stuff them in a crate for all eternity.

    How wonderful you are.

    Wait till i tell Carmela.


  4. Oh what grand news. Landon is adorable but so is Peanut. Now you have two reasons to smile very single day! Congratulations on the new addition! 🙂


    1. Thank you and you are so right. I come in the door and it’s like being on the Red Carpet….even if I just go to get the mail!


  5. No problem seeing why you expanded your family. That is not a resistible face. Even for me, who, with my husband, has taken a solemn pledge not to complicate our empty nest lives with a dog. Peanut buddy, move over.


    1. Hahahaha! I am such a sucker for a cute face.


  6. Landon is definitely adorable. It is hard to imagine how his life was before you. Hopefully, he can forget it and enjoy his new family filled with love.


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