Honk If You Like Boobies

DAILY PROMPT: Express Yourself


Imagine receiving a call from a potential employer, who decided to conduct an impromptu phone interview right in the middle of a summer day when your two overzealous boys are home. Are you sweating?

Well, this is exactly what happened to my sister. She was on the phone putting her best professional voice forward, while waving her hands; talking through her teeth and giving an evil eye to her two laughing boys, whom she decided to keep after this day. They have no idea how lucky they are … really.

Mothers of boys know that the laughter only escalates when her face begins turning all 81e852da0591f6d25a60f134a95df56fsorts of colors and she appears on the verge of exploding. In their eyes this is the best thing since double stuffed Oreos. 

While she found herself trapped between motherhood, corporate America and a full-blown circus right in her own living room, she slithered up the steps to the sanctuary of her bedroom, shut the door and continued the interview. Just when you think you’re safe…

Suddenly she heard some sort of commotion outside, which wasn’t too unusual since she lived on a main road, but this noise just didn’t seem normal. At times like this you just want to smother your inner curious cat. 

While still on the damn phone she looked out the window only to see her two boys, one in his boxer shorts, holding a sign that read:

Honk If You Like Boobies

Unfortunately for her the neighbors really, really liked boobies!

Express yourself. Never be afraid to find the humor in life and always Enjoy the Ride! 

Yes, she got the job! 

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  1. Honk honk! Just cerTain boobies, though. They need to be fronting for big hearts.

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  2. vastlycurious.com | Reply

    Great post! Honk! Honk! (mother of two sons and one daughter ( Interviewing NOW at the weirdest times when composure is mandatory – HA)

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    1. Good luck with your interviews and composure … haha! It gives multitasking a whole new look.


      1. vastlycurious.com

        Thank you 🌷🌷🌷


  3. That is hilarious!!!!

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    1. It’s even more hilarious when we remind my nephews about it and they think it was perfectly legit. No fear of expression with those two.


  4. Too funny. I love your comparison to accountants who suck at math and love the story. Glad you got the job. It is funny, in this day with people working from home, you get to know the people calling in to a conference call better – you know their dogs names, kids names, etc. as you can hear them in the background. Who knows, the person who you spoke with may have been at home too.


  5. This is hysterical! Rarely do we accuse kids of lack of expression, we could all learn a lesson from them! Although our signs might read something else…hahahahaha!


  6. Did your sister finish the interview and get the job? I think I would have burst out laughing and run downstairs to pull them off the street. Too funny.

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    1. Yes she did! Knowing her she just closed the shades …hahaha!

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  7. LOL My old neighbor was watching out the window as her young son (about 5 or 6) was leading a line of friends in a parade chanting. She thought it was so cute until she opened her window to hear what they were saying and heard “Boys have penises Girl’s have vagina’s!” Over and over… This was a great post, brings back hilarious memories of childhood…


  8. I’m okay with boobies – more of a leg man I suppose. I do love horns though.

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  9. Funny stuff! Honk Honk Honk! What straight guy doesn’t like boobies? We all love boobies!

    At least you got the job!


  10. thanks for the laugh today!!!


  11. Deliberately Delicious | Reply

    I’m suddenly feeling grateful that I don’t live on a busy street…. What a great story – and as the mom of boys, I so relate!


  12. Please forgive I’m behind on my reading…HONK IF YOU LIKE BOOBIES is too funny. Reminds me when I was a kid, my cousin Gary a year older named mine, mumbo and jumbo…they were far from big, but to a 6 year old, they were everything one could ask for. YOU ARE SO FUNNY.


  13. Very funny!


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