What Face?


I am clearly the cat vintage.es

Over the weekend, we took a trip to The Philadelphia Auto Show … why?  Well, because sometimes you do things in the name of love. There is a song all about it.

I knew my husband really wanted to go so I made the plans. Feel free to let out a big old awe!

I presented the plans to my husband, whom I thought would be over the moon, however that was not the case. No balloons or confetti to be found!

This is what happened next:

Me: I thought you wanted to go to the car show?

Husband: Yea, I do.

Me: So why do you look as if I just asked you to split an atom?

Husband: Because I can’t believe you want to go.

Me: Well, I really don’t want to go but I’m always dragging you places, so I thought why not.

Husband: Are you going to have “the face”?

Me: What face?

Scarlet didn't even pretend to care

Scarlet like Lisa, didn’t even pretend to care

Husband: The Williamsburg Virginia face?

Me: Hahahahaha! You remember a face from 24 years ago, but no recollection if our son is currently in the house?

Husband: Well that face was memorable.

Me: Silence. Can’t argue that truth bomb!

I roamed the streets of Williamsburg VA., dreaming of all the other things I could be doing while the husband looked at EVERY SINGLE artifact in awe. Omg! The flashback is too much!

Don’t even get me started on the women making candles …. I can’t!

So, what does a good wife do? She promises not to have the Williamsburg face, but will not guarantee a lesser state of boredom face. Win win. 

We went. We looked. We left. Oh and we overpaid for a soft pretzel that should have been made of gold dough!

On the way home I couldn’t wait to ask the million dollar question:

Me: How was my face?

Husband: Silence

Me: Come on I thought I did really well.

Husband: Yea, I guess it wasn’t too bad.

Me:  “Wasn’t too bad!” I thought I held it in pretty well.

Husband: Yea, you did better than Virginia.

Pretty much how I felt tumbler.com

Pretty much how I felt

Me:  In my defense I don’t care about new cars. In fact, the smell makes me sick. I just care that my car starts and gets me to my destination. Although I did like the speedometer on that Mini Cooper and the red seats in the Jaguar were cool, but I was much more interested in the people.

Husband: In that case you were very happy.

Me: Did you see the empty Gatorade bottle in the Mercedes?

Husband: No

Me: Did you see that guy with the gauges in his earlobes down to his shoulders.

Husband: No

Me: How about the pack of Newports in the Lexus?

Husband: No

Me: Umm … the guy with the tear drop tattoos on his face taking selfies in the Hummer?

Husband: No

Me: Were we at the same show?

Husband: Apparently not.

Me: Hahahahaha!

It doesn’t matter where we were or what we were doing that day, we still had a great time just being together … Enjoying the Ride! 

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  1. Hahahaha I get this. I used to go along with my husband to any air show or aviation museum within 500 miles. I tried so hard to be nice about it…but man, was I glad when our son was old enough (and also nuts about aviation) so that I didn’t have to go any more. And I know I have “the face,” too. It’s just too hard to pretend you wouldn’t rather have your head nailed to the wall. Have to say, though, I loved Colonial Williamsburg! 🙂

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    1. Aviation and museum … dear god you poor thing. It was worth having a child just so you could stay home.
      Williamsburg was beautiful, but this girl can only look at old farm tools for so long. The food & drinks were wonderful!


  2. Our local auto show was this past weekend. Fortunately I didn’t have to go or I would have made your Virginia face look like a cherub. We went last year because we were both in the market for a car and that was a good way to see a lot at the same time. I have as much interest in cars as you do. They need to start and oh yes….they need to be red.

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    1. We are so easy to please Kate. I’m glad you didn’t have to go either … no one should be subject to that 2 years in a row!

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  3. I know I’ve had “the face” many times (as has my husband when he’s indulging me). It is funny how, when we discuss the experience afterwards, it seems like we were in completely different universes. I’m like you, I like to observe “moments” and people (especially odd ones) – my husband… not so much.

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  4. My husband gets That Face whenever I mention blogging. Sigh.

    I took my husband to the auto show last year when we started looking at new cars. I thought it would be much better than spending every single weekend at a different car dealer. But no. Or no new car. I got tires. And I made a face …

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    1. Oooo tires how romantic…. hahaha.


  5. I love this. It so funny that your memorable boredom face has a name – The Williamsburg Face. The “I would rather be drinking battery acid face.” 24 years later, you found a way to entertain yourself seeing things your husband did not see at the Auto Show. Might as well make the best of your time. Tear drop tattoos on a face in a Hummer – that is a caricature of the realization of how often it needs filling up. Priceless.

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    1. I am a wonderful audience to myself!
      The caricature is so funny and of course true … lol!


  6. In our family, my sweet husband’s the one with The Face. Mine is just normal, whatever THAT means! 😉 xoxoM


  7. Oh, we are too much alike… been there, done that, had the face…. Hubby’s idea of a great day is going to look at cars, all day long. I am a pro at the face! Did buy him tickets to a golf tournament one year, a three day pass with parking and dining in the dining tent. He took friends and I breathed a sigh of relief until the last day and his friend cancelled. He was so sad, that I went with him. But, I actually did enjoy myself that day, saw Tiger up close and several other pros. It is a fun day when you can be together… sometimes… 😉


  8. Great post. We’ve been on walks and see different things, even though we’re going in the same direction!


  9. Pensivity’s comment was spot on. I guess it’s because women and men are wired differently. I get the face when George takes me to the hardware store so we can spend some quality time together. He can spend half an hour looking for the exactly right nail or screw or bolt or whatever. I hang out in the section with the kitchen remodeling ideas, drilling over everything I can’t afford. Which is pretty much everything. Great post, and I love the pictures.


  10. HA! I love people watching – and I’ve had “the face” before. Sadly, it also comes with the response of, “Hmm? What was that you said? I didn’t hear (i.e. listen to) you.”

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  11. Hooray for fun! I’ve never been to a car show. I’m not really much into them, either, I guess.

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    1. I think my husband just likes to see what’s out there and then complain about how over priced everything is, because that’s all I’ve been hearing for DAYS.


      1. Well…they ARE overpriced.

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  12. Somebody above beat me to it: air show. War museum. This year we’ve been to Gettysburg, the WWII museum, the Confederate, I mean Civil War Museum. How we missed the Air and Space in WA, DC, except maybe it was that we’ve visited together at least three times. And we live far from DC. The Portland, OR art museum did have a pretty cool car show last year, with all these one-of-a-kind, shiny, 1940’s cars with gigantic hoods and — never mind.

    You do these things because you love.

    I wouldn’t have minded seeing the tattooed guy taking selfies.

    Hope you were properly rewarded for (1) suggesting the trip and (2) keeping your face in line. Wife of the week award to you.

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    1. My husband has been to Gettysburg more than once and all sorts of places I’d rather not go to. He went with his motorcycle friends, but he sold the bike…..I now live in fear.
      The Red Carpet awaits my greatness!


  13. Our excursions are very much the same. Although, it is my husband who pulls the face more often than not. It just seems to be his nature.

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