Check Please!


I wanted to write this while watching the Grammy’s on Sunday night, but when it started to sound more like the script for Scarface II than an essay on WordPress I stopped. Back away from he keyboard. 

Some of the things crossing my mind during the show were: Please feel free to read these with or without the numerous F-Bombs that were going down!

What is this?

What are we watching?

What was that?

Why are you famous?

Then, just when I thought the universe was playing some evil game of Talentless People Rock the earth put itself back on its axis and ANNIE LENNOX took the damn stage and hold on to your hats PERFORMED. Something no one else knew how to do. 

That’s right, she belted out I Put A Spell On You with such passion I was speechless or spellbound. Even the cameramen were under her spell, considering they never panned into the audience for a reaction. Nothing to see except some wide eyes and open jaws anyway … but that’s none of my business. 

No props for Annie. No hot men to divert our attention. No choirs. No dancers. No chucking spreads. Sorry Madonna, you know I love you, but if you still have to chuck a spread for attention in your 50’s …. just saying. 

Annie just walked onto the stage with a voice, passion, and the desire to bring down the house. Check Please!

At that moment, it was clear how lucky I was to have grown up in an era where artists, yes Kanye ARTISTS, used their natural born talent to create music, music which is still going strong today I might add. No autotune in my era! 

10991398_10205870401183020_3978892924044134349_nThere was so much going on during some of the performances I totally forgot about the mediocre at best person performing. Mission accomplished or did they not get the “less is the new more” memo? 

Most of the show was actually awful and I swear it has nothing to do with my age because I really do enjoy Pop music with the catchy tunes and what not, but for god sakes when you put it up against the real deal they are so dull. Do it with passion or don’t do it at all! 

I can only hope that Annie put a spell on these young performers and they will start to realize that PASSION is what’s missing from their act, not dancing marshmallows with gold sequins and fireworks! I just can’t.

Listen to this tune and Enjoy the Ride!

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  1. SO true every last word.

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  2. Annie most assuredly rocked the house. I did enjoy the pairing of older and younger artists and since I am a head banger, as well, enjoyed ACDC starting the show. We gave out at 10 pm. so we missed the later theatrics of Kanye.

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  3. I missed the show again. That makes 56 years straight. I’m not surprised that Kanye made an ass out of himself – it is his forte’ after all.

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    1. Sadly it is …. ugh he is awful!


      1. Apparently not awful enough to be kept off the guest list.


  4. I would never watch these shows, but have no doubt about A. Lennox. Nice contrast photo.

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    1. Well Bruce I’m here to tell you that you are better off not watching. I love trying to find the right photos for my writing. I’m a little obsessed. Thanks for stopping by!

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  5. Sometimes these shows confuse me. Is it about “shows” or truly music. What’s the point of dangling on a wire from the ceiling? In my book that should be saved for people who can’t sing to save their life. My favs were the folks who stood on the ground and sang their hearts out.


  6. Kanye’s a tool. I don’t watch those shows, but I still hear about them because of idiots like him.

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  7. Here, here. And while we’re at it, what happened to lyrics? Most pop songs have about 10 words, sung over and over. Packaged, canned, gussied up. Hard to find the music in the pile o’ gloss. I didn’t even watch this year, so thank you for the link.

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    1. You are so right and very generous giving them 10 actual words.


  8. Love ACDC and saw them on the last tour. They are an awesome live band. I turned off the show after that, even though Annie is a great talent. I just can’t watch that mess of a show.


  9. I knew we were in for a rough haul when they started with AC/DC… didn’t like them then and don’t like them now. Annie was a standout, as was Miranda Lambert. What the hell was Sir Paul thinking, and for that matter Rhianna, for appearing on the same stage with Kanye??? I have never figured out why he is such an artist. Tony and Gaga were great and I liked that Stan guy who won everything. And the number with SIA was simply amazing as a piece of performance art… Kristen has shown another creative side. .But for the most part the musical numbers were overproduced to death… I agree with you about that Lisa. And one other thing… The Social Statements were a bit much… who cares… it’s an awards show for music and musicians.

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    1. I do love me some Gaga! She is indeed an artist. Her and Tony were great.


  10. Annie was great wasn’t she? And yes, otherwise the show was pretty terrible.


  11. I didn’t watch the Grammys either. Thanks for sharing this video. Annie is amazing.


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