Happy Anniversary Take 2

take-2What’s that saying?  Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed. Yea….that was the theme for our Anniversary dinner.

I kept thinking about my Lovers Gonna Love post from earlier in the day when I was chillin’ on Cloud 9 with Cupid, but as the evening went on it was getting harder to hold on. Clouds can be slippery you know.

Early in the day I met my BFF for a Yoga class to get my peace on for the day. Our class was great, and as always I left feeling like I just smoked the best pot ever. Not that I would know anything about that .. it’s just a reference. 

Now on to the dinner ….. The dinner that we got all gussied up for I might add. The dinner that was planned for weeks in advance with a reservation. The dinner I STARVED for all freaking day! Yea, that dinner.

We arrived at The Bridgeton Mill Inn. We celebrated my 50th birthday there, so we weren’t going in blind. However, something was off as soon as we walked in. Sixth sense kicked right in.

The seating was the first bump. Have you ever set up camp in a sardine can? Let’s just say I know what that might feel like. We were one with the couples on either side of us, which for me isn’t an issue, but for my introvert husband it was not h53078EECgood. I’ll talk to anyone, the husband not so much.

There was a young couple on our left, quiet as two church mice and a MAGPIE on the right who discussed every diseased ridden family member within a 1,000 mile radius! If unromantic had a face …. well …. she would be a star. 

Second bump was that our drinks never arrived. Tragic! After the THIRD request, they made a disappointing appearance. Seriously, for $16.00 my hand shouldn’t be bigger than the glass! 

At this point, the napkin was looking succulent. Finally, the soup and salad arrived. The jury is still out if they were actually good or we were starving.

I decided to use the ladies room since I already consumed two goblets of water, along with my spit of a cocktail while waiting for the entree. The bathroom was very pretty…yea for the bathroom! There were two private stalls with sink in the center area. I came out to be face to face with a man washing his hands. What?!

I broke the ice with a “Are we sharing this space?” He responded in a very heavy Russian accent that he was just washing his hands. I swear even “I love you” sounds harsh in that accent. He tossed me a washcloth and left. WTF just happened?

g1368292179426799220I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! The food was served when I left!

My sesame encrusted tuna was looking sexy on the plate. That lasted about two seconds. The first bite wasn’t even room temperature and the center was FROZEN. Mind you we could have gone out to the ocean ourselves to catch the damn tuna for as long as we waited! 

The hostess/manager came over at my husband’s request, stuck her finger in my tuna and said “Sir, it is cold not frozen!” Oh, no she didn’t! 

That was the last straw. We paid for my husbands partially eaten entree and left. We did tip the waitress since it wasn’t her fault her boss was an ass.

We came home had a bowl of ice-cream and called it a night. Life was good again.

Yelp was on fire with complaints today, including mine. Apparently this Inn is under new management and yes, we are using that term very lightly.

Take 2 included a delicious dinner prepared with lots of love by yours truly. Mangia’!

Even the best of intentions have bumps along the way. Sometimes it’s best to just breathe deep and Enjoy the Ride!

29 responses

  1. You have the best attitude. :o)

    1. Thanks…it was the yoga…lol

  2. Sorry you went through it. Makes you want to scream. Or Yelp. Or blog. And certainly, not go back. Ice cream sounds like a nice end of game pickup.

  3. I can’t believe that the hostess/manager stuck her finger in your food! I think you should at least write them a letter with a link to your blog… it might be worth a free drink or meal… assuming you’d ever want to return.

    1. I’ve been pondering writing a letter…..

  4. What a terrible night! It sounds like you made the best of it! I would complain to the management… Or write a Yelp!

    1. Oh, I wrote a Yelp! Some people actually had it way worse. Imagine having a taxi drop you off, only to be told “we ran out of food.” Not even “sorry we ran out of food” … unbelievable

  5. vastlycurious.com | Reply

    What a bad experience! Glad you listed the name and I hope you wrote a suitable review online. I always look before I try a new place. Bad PR really works. Hope today was better.

  6. Oh, the dinner’s that aren’t. I know them well. Here are just two.
    Our department head booked a Christmas meal at a different venue ‘for a change’. We were all crammed in and had no space to pull the chair out from the table, let alone sit at it. When my main course arrived (chicken) it stank and was covered in green slime. I almost threw up and left it, as did three others who had ordered the same thing.
    I ate the most expensive bread roll ever at £18 (full price of three course meal which I couldn’t eat). The boss was not impressed and refused to pay the bill, especially when another table’s drinks had been added to ours. We all filed out never to return and a legal case followed. It was easier to pay than pursue the matter, though they had to wait seven months for settlement. New Management arrived the following year.
    On another occasion I was promised a meal out for my birthday. It didn’t happen, not even a burger as by the time his bloody darts match had finished, everywhere was shut.
    Ho hum. Beans on toast are as good as anything these days! Bon appetit. 🙂

    1. That is insane!
      I think I had a very expensive piece of bread to now that you mention it!

  7. Lisa, I am so sorry. You reminded me of why tend to not celebrate Valentine’s Day at restaurants. Talk about not meeting expectations. Well, marriage is handling what is thrown at you, so I hope you made the best of it. Take care and happy anniversary, BTG

    1. It was nothing a little ice cream couldn’t fix! Thanks for the good wishes!

  8. Sounds like that manager needs to look for a new line of work. What a tool.

  9. Gee, Tops. What’s wrong with somebody sticking their finger into your food at a restaurant? They make them wash their hands after using the rest room, don’t they?

    1. Oh, now there is something I didn’t think of.

  10. At least you got a fun (it was fun wasn’t it?) blog post out of it! I can’t believe she stuck her finger in your food.

    1. It was fun. Her finger was like a knife!Lol

      1. Supposing it was warm. Were you supposed to eat it?

      2. In her world yes. She was just mean about the whole thing. I made a written complaint and gave a bad review on Open Table & Yelp. It really is a shame that someone purchased this beautiful historic Inn as a cash cow.

  11. Definitely A Does This Happen to You moment. I knew there was a good reason to stay away from seared tuna! Can I narrate for my podcast?

    1. Very wise choice Kris… ugh. Absolutely!

      1. Happy Anniversary Take 2 is now narrated and uploaded to my podcast site, http://kriskkaria.podbean.com/. Thank you for allowing me to narrate!

  12. I know it’s romantic to go out to dinner, but it seldom works that way on V-Day. I made my wife a lovely seafood stir fry and afterwards, we went to a brewery for a frosty malt beverage. We came home and she fell asleep on the couch. Ah romance!

  13. These are the moments that make the things we take for granted so special…a home cooked meal, a bowl of ice cream. I can honestly say, finding a Russian man in the washroom would have been over the top for me.

  14. Thank you for the reminder of why I never go out for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Easter. At the least the Russian man was washing his hands and not, you know.

  15. Forgive me, but this really made me laugh. I’m sorry you didn’t have a better time, but you got a great essay out of it. Love the Russian in the bathroom. New York has tons of those sink in the middle community bathrooms. I’m not a fan.
    Loved the line fishing for your own tuna…you said it better than that. So funny Top.

    1. Goot laugh otherwise I’d be in jail…lol.

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