Happy Souls Rock



Over the years I have had little subtle pebbles tossed in my direction to get my attention. Sometimes they are just little dings that I usually dismiss, and other times they are more like implosions. 0 to 100 that’s me. 

It’s not as though there aren’t “in betweens” so to speak, there are, I just choose not to take those too seriously, and always, always, always give other people the benefit of the doubt about their intentions. Seeing the good in others certainly has its ups & downs.

It just never occurred to me that anyone would really be annoyed by another person happy nature? Seems Effed up if you ask me. 

So when people have made sly comments about my happy nature or overly enthusiastic reactions, I really didn’t take them too serious. How can anyone be annoyed by happiness?

What could be worse than that you ask? Pulling in the reins on my happy disposition to please the cantankerous crowd. Oh yes, I did! 

I chose to check my authentic self at the door to appease, or shall I say feed the masses. Do not try this at home kids. da28c18474818c104d7de27f73f03db3

This is an old habit of mine that has always been hard for me to break, mainly because I want to make the people around me happy, it’s just my nature. Seeing the line between them and me is the struggle. I’m a Pisces, it’s how we roll. 

Last week authentic Lisa decided to go into full protest mode and she was not shy about it at all!

There I was attending an unexpected Yoga class on Friday morning. I normally can not attend on Friday because I take my mother shopping, but she called and for whatever reason changed plans. Let the DIVINE intervention shenanigans begin.

During class, we were experiencing the Fish Pose. Now, I am very new to Yoga, and almost always need some sort of adjustment to get the pose correctly. In my head I’m a rubber band, outside not so much.

I got myself into the pose, sort of like an octopus gets into a paper bag, but I did it. Gracefulness is not my forte. 

My instructor came over to compliment me on my accomplishment. She stated “Look at that arch Lisa!” “I’m not surprised, you have such an open heart and happy soul.” Validation in the house.

Right after this pose we went into Savasana a/k/a the Corpse pose. Lay flat and do nothing, of course I’m really good at this one. It is the final pose where you calm your nervous system, and relax your mind and body into bliss. It’s heaven.

Well, as I entered my state of bliss I began to cry. My authentic self just lets loose from the depths of the damn closet demanding her freedom, just as I was getting my bliss on. Pay backs are a bitch.

What happened in the days that followed was spectacular. It was as if the universe was working overtime to make sure I got the message loud & clear. Implosion! df175c1f8fb67f4d7b7ce8f7022634ef

Even Pinterest got involved slamming this quote right in my face!

The reminders are popping up everywhere I go these days, keeping me in check with myself. Hey, we can’t all be at the top of this class called life. 

I started this blog ride 3 years ago yesterday, basically to document travel adventures in my husband’s mid-life crisis convertible, but the universe took the wheel for a different ride. I was not in control. 

Instead this blog provided me a place to get real with myself by writing it down and bringing it to life. Can’t ignore that anymore…check. 

So, here I am again making it real, learning more crap about myself and Enjoying the Ride! 

Thanks to all the folks I picked up along the way, you are the best travel companions a girl could have on this bumpy road called life!

31 responses

  1. Beautiful. I’ve been doing other kinds of work to establish my own authentic self in the context of personal history, and you have inspired me to find a hatha yoga class to help bring it out physiologically. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Jane. I have only been practicing Yoga for about a month and I can not tell you how good it has been for me. I am highly sensitive to things, absorbing my surroundings like a sponge, which can be good and bad. But, in this case it is good … you will love it!

  2. I like happy people! You be my bitch honey!

    1. I would make a good bitch too…lol!

  3. I’m a basically happy (albeit sarcastic) person married to Droopy. Trust me on this one, happy is much better.

    (My niece has a coffee mug given to her by my late sister. It reads: “Do you have to be so damn perky?” Yup. Yup she does!)

    1. I am also married to Droopy, so my happiness and over enthusiastic ways seem WAY over the top at times … lol!
      I love that mug!!

      1. Glad there are two of us with Droopy. You know, just in case we get RGS.

  4. Lisa, never stop learning. Thanks for letting us ride along in the back seat. I think I could do a mean corpse pose; I just need to make sure I don’t lie on those pebbles thrown at me. All the best, BTG

  5. I get you! I often am caught off guard by the things that “annoy” others. I get accused of being a “people pleaser” but honestly just don’t seem bothered by what a lot of others are. You go girl!

  6. Is that the Pisces way? Bring happiness to those around them?

    Rock your happy soul.

  7. Go on with your happy bad self, girl!

  8. Happys of the world: Unite! I’m with you, Lisa. If the grumpies can’t take a little happiness…well, they can figure out what to do, I’m too busy being happy to figure it out for them. lol xoxoM

    1. You are the Norma Rae of Happiness!

  9. I, too, am miss happy face to my husband’s more grumpy one. I figure that if I believe things will go well, they usually do. It’s not that my belief changes the outcome, it’s more that my positive outlook colors my perception of the outcome. Why not look on the bright side of life?

    1. Damn straight! There are enough Debbie downers in this world without me adding to that mix.

  10. From one Pisces to another – I feel ya, Girlfriend! People actually think I’m cranky all the time (and snobbish, aloof, etc.) because I’m quiet and keep to myself, but I’m overall an incredibly joyful people – but being an Introvert – I will keep my “true self” from all but the closest of friends. But that elusiveness, in and of itself, is part of my “true self” – it just is, so I embrace it.

    Here is to listening to the universe!

    1. You just described my husband!

  11. you make my days happy when I read your words… life is a journey and you make the journey nice… great post, be yourself, if people can’t handle happy, they can go elsewhere…

  12. I have a magnet in my kitchen that says, “There is nothing so powerful as a woman with an open heart.” That’s you, my friend! Keep contorting yourself into fish pose! (And know that you are not alone in crying in Savasana – it happens to me regularly too).

    1. Wow Sally you don’t know how happy this makes me.

  13. I think I have always been a “happy” person. As I age, I have embraced that part of myself even more so. What’s wrong with spreading a little joy?

    Thank you for sharing your journey!

  14. Its funny, the messages you get from the universe when you’re open to receiving them. Yoga helps. I think the world would be a better place if everyone got out their mat.

  15. Haha, I’m really good at the lying-down ones too. I like the ones where you get to reflect on your accomplishment. Ah.

    1. Amen to that Jay! Thanks for stopping by.

  16. I can’t believe it took me this long to read this since it’s simply a delight. And I know how happy you are even when you’re sad because you somehow find the light no matter what. You’re the person I’d want to be with if I was lost or marooned. I remember when Chester died, you were heartbroken, but then you dusted yourself off, gave that heart a wax and got another doggie. Sadness is not your first chord, even if you are Italian 🙂

    1. Thank you Susannah. I love your thoughts on Chester’s passing, you’re so right. Why hoard your love? If you got it, give it.

  17. So glad that you followed your soul and you blog about your life! Keep on plugging away and don’t worry what the others say … it’s your journey, not theirs.

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