Time Flies When You’re …


Did you know it has been 2 months since LWTTD made an appearance? I certainly didn’t until WordPress kindly reminded me. Time flies .. right? When you’re “having fun” right?

I’m not going to dig up any unnecessary insanity, so lets just fast forward to July 29th, aka the beginning of a HEAT WAVE here in Philly when our air conditioner decided to say “Sayonara George family it’s been real!”

Day One:  We suffered for what we thought would be one night of horrible sleeping conditions. The young adults living here reminded me more than once that “they never lived in these conditions.” Really?  “Conditions?” 

The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real

Day Two:  Our Knight in Shining Armor arrives with freon to recharge our dying unit. It was equivalent to seeing a doctor running into the hospital with a beating heart in a cooler for me. My husband came in about an hour later to break the bad news .. “It’s not getting cold, there might be air in the line.” Translation: NO AIR!

Day Three:  Since M E N do not communicate by actually speaking to one another on the phone and explaining the severity of a situation beyond “I’m sweating my balls off” the Knight in Shining Armor was not aware that we wanted him to come back and left his equipment on the job site until M O N D A Y!  Sweating balls was much nicer than what I was thinking about doing to them in this moment.

My face Day 5 through 7

My face Day 5 through 7

Day Four:  We accepted that sweating was going to be our new norm for the next couple of days, so of course my husband decided “Let’s re-do the laundry room!” Next thing you know I’m cleaning, scrubbing and picking out paint colors through beads of sweat dripping down my face. Obviously the heat had taken over my decision making skills.

Day Five:  I was invited to a Baby Shower where I went to Ooo an Ahh in an air conditioned building with family, food, wine & cake. I left kicking and screaming! 

Day Six:  The struggle is real. This just happened to be the first day of our vacation, which I woke up to Peanut vomiting next to me … in our bed. Yep! I had plans for us to do something fun each day that didn’t involve sweat or vomit, but they went right into the shredderSo instead we decided to go look at a house. I already decided if it had air conditioning I would be making settlement.

While driving to our location my husband got a call. It was AC Mike a/k.a my Knight in Shining Armor. Normally I don’t condone being on the phone while driving, but it was DAY SIX of SWEATING so my screams of ANSWER IT! ANSWER IT! ANSWER IT! were legit.

AC Mike did come out, but only to call the Time of Death of our Carrier Unit at 6:15 Monday August 3, 2015. RIP!

Day Seven:  At this point I started saying things like “It’s ONLY 86 in here” and “You can feel a breeze if you stand on the patio facing left.” Oh yea! 

This is the day we had two Air Conditioning companies come out for estimates. Now, I have to tell you that we have NEVER EVER had a repairman in our house because my husband is able to fix anything….except air conditioners. Just imagine being these people right now.

We commit to a company, arrangements are made; and the weatherman announces that the heat & humidity will be leaving our area … of course it will.


There is no doubt this is what I looked liked this morning!

The husband cannot just sit still and wait for the job to be done by the professional, so he started the job by taking everything apart. Then he rented some sort of who knows what tool that drilled a hole through our house along with a bunch of other things I know nothing about. Can you tell not doing this himself was killing him?  

Day Eight:  Let’s just say I may have been a little over enthusiastic this morning when our new unit arrived. Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet? 

I am happy to report that at 1:56 today cool air began filling our vents. Angels began to sing; and this overheated menopausal maiden began to smile!

Enjoy the Ride! 

30 responses

  1. Wow. Yuck. I have one of those husbands, too. We’ve called a repairman exactly twice in 30 years, and one of those was for a fridge that was still under warranty. It’s a blessing, mostly…but sometimes a curse. As in the FIVE-YEAR-PERIOD during which we had ONLY a toilet in our main bathroom (no sink, no tub, no floor covering) because he was “remodeling.” Yes, he was very capable of doing the project. No, he did not actually do it. Until I threatened to pack his bags for him.

    1. Thank you for pointing out the curse part of being married to a handy husband! My friends think I’m crazy, but the have not lived under so sort of construction for 25 years!

  2. Not me, as I am handy and fix a lot of things but when it comes to electrical products I leave that to the pro’s. No way could I stand to be that long without AC in this heat! I would pay for a hotel room.

    1. My son went to a hotel and invited a bunch of friends for a party. Was I mad? Maybe if I wasn’t JEALOUS I would have been mad. I didn’t even have the strength to yell at him.

  3. Oh Tops! All those days? We lost power for 12 hours yesterday during a storm, and had to sleep with no AC/fan for half the night. I can barely keep my eyes open.

    You are a martyr.

    1. I would have welcomed being burned at the stake …. as long as it was quick and did not involve sweating.

  4. AC. Oh, I wish. We have OW on the boat (Open Windows……….. and doors, and roof hatches and more doors, and covers) and the temperature went up to 42 C when we were at the festival last month. The thunderstorm was very welcome, and if it wasn’t for the fact it was around 2am, we would probably have been dancing in the rain!
    Currently we are 22 C (10.30pm) so sleeping on top of the duvet yet again. 🙂

    1. Can you feel my envy … seriously I am beyond jealous right now. What a great way to live!!

      1. We’ve only been at it a year, and were lucky in that we had a very mild winter to ‘break us in’. It is nice though. 🙂

  5. Life without AC is unacceptable. The End.

  6. I didn’t know we had blogging police. Good to know…..Your reason is one of the best I’ve heard. I can only imagine the bad words you would have included had you written while you were….ummm…wilted!

    1. Hahahaha! Just imagine a truck driver, sailor and a character from the movie Casino wrapped into one, that was the cursing level.

  7. Oh my. It doesn’t get hot enough here to warrant AC in the house, but I panicked when the AC in my car died at the beginning of the summer! Knowing we’d be heading into hotter parts of the province, I had the car in immediately for service! Happy to know you’re cool again!

    1. You are very lucky. If I could have windows open without sweating I would. The car is definitely necessary!

  8. From sweaty balls to cool beans in seven days. You have been missed. Welcome back to Blogworld.

  9. You have been tested my friend. But in the end, you are now a believer: there is a god and he has the letter HVAC after his name.
    As we wrote in our high school year books, but with a new meaning: “Stay cool”

  10. Ohhhhh, that SUCKS. Glad you got the AC back now

    1. “Sucks” was the most used word that didn’t beginning with an “F” over those 10 long days.

      1. I bet. I can’t stand to sweat.

  11. Summer has such a nice name. Who knew it could push us to such limits. With such conditions? GLAD YOU HAVE AIR. And welcome back.

  12. That is the worst! Ours went out in a rental home four years ago… It was miserable… so glad you have had it replaced. I am glad to read your words… now, I need to write some words since I have not been on here writing since May or June…. DAF

    1. Looking forward to reading you!

  13. ciao! ac is a luvMUST. there is a heat wave on everywhere this summer…glad you can turn your heat off.

  14. I miss the days when you wrote all the time, however, blogging is not about pressure. We have enough of that…but your humor always perks up this thin girl 🙂

  15. I know the feeling. Due to the drought, its been extra hot in the Pacific NW this summer. Few houses have A/C here and ours certainly does not. Our fans are working over time!

  16. Thank God Day Eight Arrived!

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