Clean Livin’


It’s been a while since I’ve paused to do what I love so much, but better late than never folks. I bet you’re all wondering what the hell I’ve been up to over these past few months. Sadly the answer is NOT traveling the world with my lottery winnings in tow.

The biggest thing that has happened to us over the past few months is we have broken our ties with CABLE TELEVISION. That’s right people I am living the Antenna Life a/k/a Clean Livin’. Yes, I did say “no cable” and “antenna” in November of 2105.

This relationship came to erupt end when my son accidentally changed our plan via the remote when he was trying to order a movie. You know what prevents this from happening …. wearing your GLASSES. 

Within minutes, I called our new server Verizon Fios to alert them of the MjAxMy1iNjk1OTlkNGQyZjJlZGEwaccident. Of course, I acted as if my son were a toddler playing with the remote opposed to the 20-year old ordering some god forsaken movie in the middle of the day, but that didn’t seem to matter. He could have been legally blind, randomly hitting buttons and zero fucks would still be given!

This is when I was informed that our plan was no longer available. In less than an hour our plan disappeared?  Yes. Apparently that’s how our plan rolled. I had no idea we had the playah of cable plans, the plan that jumped from one customer to the next without looking back.

After several calls to rectify this is a civil manner we were calmly told “there is NOTHING we can do.” Really? In 2015, there is N O T H I N G that can be done?  Not a single button could be pushed to rectify an accidental incident for a new customer … nada! Alrighty then ….

Have you ever gone from calm, cool and collected to cursing like Tony Montana? I have. 

I won’t scare the crap out of you  bore you with the ugly details of these negotiations, just know they ended with more money in my pocket each month and a new pair of boots on my feet to prove it!

Leaving the 21st century wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be … for us. My son’s response was “Whew! I got out just in time!” and my daughter responded with “I think I just saw a dinosaur walk by.” They think we have lost our minds, but they weren’t paying the bill so we don’t care.


Lilly doing duck lips before duck lips were a thang!

No fears people we do have a Smart TV that allows us an occasional re-entry into the current century via Netflix. But I must say, we’ve been enjoying the calmness of outdated sitcoms much much more than anything from this century. Less violence goes a long way, especially at bedtime.

I’ve been hooked on the original reality show The Munsters for weeks now. The Kardashians have nothing on this story line! Lilly and Herman recently had an awful argument, but no worries Grandpa and that hideous character Marilyn worked diligently to get them to make up. Do you see how deep I’m in? I’ll leave my other addiction, My Favorite Martian, for another post. I’m crushing hard on Bill Bixby … really hard. 

Enjoy the Ride! Even if it’s in reverse, way back to the 70’s when we enjoyed life at a slower pace and weren’t polarized by fear, negativity and Donald Trump on a daily basis. 

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  1. Good for you! We went cable-free four years ago, and there’s only been once that we slightly regretted it – when we couldn’t see the Royals in the playoffs this year. Part of the joy was, as you discovered, saying “Good-bye and you suck” to the cable company. 🙂

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  2. You’re so much better off. If it wasn’t for the upcoming last few episodes of Fargo, The Walking Dead and 90 Day Fiance’, I’d turn off my cable too.

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    1. FYI: Words like Fargo cannot be mentioned in my presence.


      1. Please forgive me. Is Bismark acceptable?

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      2. I actually had a dream about all I’m missing on this show!


      3. Don’t fret, I’m banking on a another great season of F***o having a mediocre finale. I’ll keep you posted.

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  3. You are a brave, brave woman. I keep checking other options but none of them are all that great. Today the “communication” bill can cost as much as a mortgage. My Mom would roll in her grave. Back in her day cable was $12 of course our phone was tethered to the wall.


  4. Though we never had cable/sky/ or any of the other packages, we ditched TV altogether almost 9 years ago and have never looked back. OK it’s a novelty when visiting anyone to be able to watch it, but for the garbage that’s on, well, we’re just glad we don’t have one.
    Arguments with sales staff about tariffs, deals, and rip offs are familiar though. Hubby leaves such discussions to me as I take no prisoners and they end up with zilch sales, zero commission, and no chance in hell of a referral.

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      1. Thank you very much! To be honest, it wasn’t that difficult as we’d got really fed up with paying £150 a year for trash, repeated trash, rerun trash on a loop and when the adverts got to be more interesting than the programmes, well, the rest is history! We watch our DVDs on my laptop without cuts or adverts, but I must confess that watching TV now we are very out of touch with actors and music (News is via the internet so we’re not burying our heads in the sand). As for the soaps, we never watched the recycled actors and storylines when we had one anyway.


  5. I envy you, Tops. I’m sure there is now a medical journal article about how to lower your blood pressure by removing this specific item from one’s “diet.” I’m getting close to doing this, too. Because there is nothing on my 3489 channels that I want to watch. (Of course, there isn’t much on Netflix or Amazon Prime, either! Damn, I might have to read or worse — blog!)

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    1. Trust me you’ll find something, maybe not from this decade, but it will be something…lol! Oh, or that book.

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  6. Excellent outcome. That’s the way it seems from here. These cable companies get us coming and going. I tried and tried to point out to Comcast that the wrestling pay-for-views that showed up on my bill for a time in the day when nobody would was at home were an error. I told them that in the decade and a half that I have been a customer I have NEVER ordered a pay-for-view from them and NEVER had a wrestling event on the TV and that they should check the data history to confirm if they thought I was not telling the truth. I made this argument four or five times with their offshore call center and never received a response that was not already scripted. It was literally like talking to a computer. I finally figured out how to call someone in the U.S. The $200 bill was reversed in less than one minute and the monthly rate went down. The best part however was the customer service rep’s acknowledgement that the offshore call center was a miserable encounter for customers.

    Anyway, enjoy the clean living. You’ll save enough money that you won’t need to win the lottery.

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    1. Ooooo don’t even get me started with the overseas call center, which Verizon has as well. I once got a shower, came back and I was still on hold!!

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  7. well good for you. We are not big TV watchers so I think Trish and I could do it. My son watches mostly sports. No cable would be a problem as he would loose the Phila teams. At this point that may not be a problem for him. lol worth a thought. I really hate paying for it each month that’s for sure.

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    1. We are not sport watchers, yet we had 100’s of sports channels, which I found out could not be taken off during my f-bomb rant.


  8. Very cool. Breaking bad ties is liberating.

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  9. I’ve considered doing away with cable but never gone through with it. Please share how it works put

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    1. We still pay for the Internet, but got rid of the cable and our landline. We purchased a digital antenna (the hubby did the research on that) and it’s on our roof. We do get a lot of stations, some that are still useless, but others that are a pleasant surprise. Like I said we have a smart TV, so we can get internet based TV like Netflix, Hulu etc. My daughter does not, so she purchased something that allows her to watch Netflix on her TV via her computer.


  10. A thousand channels and nothing to watch. Usually the case.

    Just dropping by to say I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving and long holiday weekend!

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    1. I did and hope you did as well. I did a Rocky Run here in Philly a few weeks ago …YOU would have loved it and all the shenanigans .


  11. Yeah baby. Sounds nice, you and the Munsters. Enjoy your Trump-free time.

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