Revolution? Nobody Has Time For That!

In light of all the chit-chat out there about revolting, I thought it was appropriate to resurface this truth bomb.

Life With The Top Down

0050_soap_box3I’ve been trying to get up on this damn soap box all week, but I kept getting distracted by one piece of insanity after the other. So here I am, finally **tap pssh tap** I hope you can all hear me out there in Blogosphere and beyond. Ok, here we go…..

I need to address the escalated chatter I’ve been hearing lately in regards to a Revolution of some sort that is prompting people to run out and purchase firearms. People, I might add, who have NEVER owned a gun in their life. Everyone suddenly wants a weapon for “protection” for this Revolution. Really? Have these people ever tried to organize a group of people for a cause? Please!

You can call me crazy, but I’m going to provide you with a little scenario explaining why I believe there will NOT be a Revolution.

SCENE SETTING: The rally is being held in…

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4 responses

  1. The more things change the more they stay the same!

    And convenience. Don’t forget how inconvenient a revolution would be without open 7/11s — just look at all the trouble them Bundy Boys are having keeping their stocks full of beef jerky! (Did you see that folks have been sending them sex toys in response to their request for “essentials”?. You gotta love liberals!)

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    1. I think I’m speechless …yes, yes I am.

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  2. I feel like revolution often changes badly. People prefer gradual change to revolutionary.

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