At this point in my life, why do I continue to let my Inner Critic rise to the occasion to spew its negativity? Really, it needs to just shut up!

The other day I was stretching at the gym when I noticed this young woman staring at me. For the record, the inner critic loves to come to the gym.

Now, I could have thought that she was admiring my flexibility, but nooooo not when I have the asshole in tow. 

Immediately I assumed she was looking at my faults. We all know spandex does not lie. When you wear it at 52, after years of abusing yourself with food and bearing children …. it screams the truth.

We made eye contact, exchanged awkward smiles and moved along. The smile was f17ad66469e2d358214941c55d215844received as sympathy for my flaws. Without one piece of evidence.

Later in the workout I noticed her looking in my direction  …. again!  I should have been thinking that perhaps she was looking for a date, but no not with the good ole critic by my side. It was all about body shaming from that one.

I allowed these negative thoughts to grow throughout the workout. I was ridiculously self-conscience the entire time. As if the struggle isn’t hard enough, I had to dodge some extra punches.

After the hour was over and the stretching complete, the young woman sheepishly approaches me. Mind you she was built like an instructor, not a client, so I assumed she was nervous about how she was going to be brutally honest with me. If only negative thoughts burned calories … I would be transparent.

There I stood waiting for the punch. Feeling horrible about everything spandex, everything about the workout and everything about myself. Defeat at its highest power.

This is what went down:

Young Woman:  Oh hi I was just wondering where you get your hair cut. I saw you last week and loved your cut and I’m looking for a change.

Me:  What did you say? I blamed my shock o the music.

Young Woman:  I was just asking where you get your hair cut I love it! 

Me:  Gave her all the details and made her very happy. 


My new attitude

By the time I got to the car I was furious with myself. I could not believe I put my accomplishments in the back seat while this miserable ass drove me to the point of such defeat.  My inner critic has a name, and I think it might be Donald, after another ass I know who continuously spews negative energy. 

Think about it….

No more trips to the past for me. Been there, done that.

No more beating myself up over my looks.

No more insecurities.


It’s all about moving forward to crush my goals like the badass rockstar from Mars that I know I am! Yes, that is the sound of someone wearing their positive pants.

I’m off to let my fabulous hair blow in the wind while I  ….. Enjoy the Ride!

Quote:; Photo: Huffington Post


23 responses

  1. Haha, love this! We can be our own worse enemies. Leave your inner Donald in the gutter where it/he belongs… you obviously look fabulous!

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    1. In the gutter is the perfect place! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Made me laugh…Stealing your intoxicated children quote for my desk! Have a beautiful spring day, and drive on!

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    1. It is the best quote! Enjoy it … laugh on!


  3. The perfect name for the Inner Critic. Now can we shut all Donalds up?

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  4. That inner critic looks like the mucus guy on the commercial.

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  5. I would have been right there with you only constantly checking myself to see if a seam split or something. I don’t know why we do this. Last time someone stared at me they like my shoes.

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    1. It’s an awful feeling. Great hair and shoes … the envy of the gym circuit.

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  6. Every girl deserves a great hair day, even at the gym.

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    1. Indeed we do. Thanks for stopping by!


  7. That inner critic is a bitch… and rarely right, I’ve found out. I like your new attitude, that’s how I like to see myself.

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    1. That’s what you are in my eyes! I love that photo of Keith Richards, one of the best I’ve seen.


  8. This was awesome!
    Loved every line.

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  9. I would have just assumed that she was admiring my fabulous body, my expensive workout wardrobe, my flaxen hair and my good brain… Hey – I don’t have an inner critic, but I do have an inner toady named Donald!

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    1. Oh how I wish I had a micro drop of that thinking. Thanks for stopping by.

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  10. Wonderful! Our inner critic’s must be twins… I was about ready to virtually punch her out for your spandex!! My inner critic needs a name too, but, I can’t think of another name that is as good as yours! Loved this! Cathi

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    1. They’re awful!! Thanks for stopping by Cathi with a fabulous “i”.

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  11. How did I miss this. You are so funny. I HATE DONALD TRUMP…best line. We all know spandex does not lie.


  12. Stop being so hard on my friend! 💗


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