Dog Breath

On Thursday I had to take the fur babies to the Vet for a dental procedure. Easier said than done friends.

The hardest part was leaving them there for the day. The fact that they were being held, while listening to how cute they were as they were kissed on the head made it easier … for them, not me.

dog-breathThe procedure is equivalent to human routine cleaning. Except dogs are knocked out cold. 

My luv bugs had no pressing issues other than having breath with the scent of Satan’s anus due to tartar and plaque buildup. A mint will not help breath once it reaches the Satan anus level.

The tech informed me that I should be getting a call on their status after lunch. When 12:01 came and went my concern started. I waited until 2:30 before making the call to check on their status. A lifetime … it was a lifetime.

At that time I was told Landon was still being treated, Peanut was waking up nicely with a “beautiful smile” and the doctor would call when all was done. Perfect! 0a19e8abe89b47d1350c3c03bc71c045

When the doctor called she was very kind. She informed me that no teeth needed to be
extracted, but that Landon had a “crooked canine tooth” that could give him trouble in the future. If she said he needed braces it would have sounded completely normal coming out her mouth. 

Fast forward to 7 pm when we went to pick them up.

This is when I started to think we might be a little crazy. We were discussing looking forward to seeing their excitement. Somewhere in between packing their coats and leaving the car running so they wouldn’t be cold. 


Starring at NOTHING and it feels GOOD

The thought of them being high as kites never really crossed our minds. Peanut came out crying like the drama king he is and Landon stared at nothing with a little smirk. They were officially the crying drunk and that one guy who went too far at the party.

While all this was going on in the waiting room the receptionist presented the bill. I’m pretty sure it was brought to the desk with a forklift, but we were too busy with our high dogs to notice.

All I do know is that when these luv bugs smile I need to see a SOLID GOLD GRILL.

That evening the messages of concern from friends were blowing up my phone. Inquiring if they were in any pain. Wondering if they were “ok”. Pet people flock together.


Peanut and his friend Hussy Owl providing comfort

The responses are as follows:

Landon is happily staring at nothing. Loving every second.

Peanut is being held like a baby. Milking every second.

My wallet is the only thing in any sort of pain. It’s still shivering in the corner. 

They are being waited on by their two human roommates. Being hand fed scrambled eggs.

As we approach Oscar season, please look for Peanut’s name on the list of actors being considered for the ultra dramatic role as “dog who had his teeth cleaned.” This little guy has put Bette Davis to SHAME over the past few days. 

Sport your smiles and Enjoy the Ride!



24 responses

  1. Lisa, I understand the pain in the wallet. Dumb question – aren’t they all canine teeth in this case? I will look for Peanut’s Oscar announcement. Does he have Bette Davis’ eyes? Keith

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    1. Hahaha! That’s what I thought too! Oh…he does have the eyes … lol


  2. Check out the “no anesthesia” mobile doggy units which are supervised by a vet. Less traumatic, way less costly and less time consuming. Toucan afford to have their teeth cleaned more often which is highly recommended 🐕🐕

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  3. You have the most fabulous gifts for simile and metaphor–thanks for making my day in your post about your fur babies! Whenever my mother’s Golden Retriever got a tranquilizer, my mother said “Thom has martini eyes.” !

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    1. Hahahaha!! I love your mom…that is hilarious.
      Thank you for the compliment!


  4. Our beloved Shugo once had his teeth cleaned, the vet told us to expect to pick him up around 4:30… I went about my day. At 1:30 I got a call from the vet…. I was so worried. The receptionist said, “Please come get Shugo, he won’t stay in the cage and he is now in our office wrecking havoc!” When asked how his appointment went, they remembered to mention that, “Oh that? He was great, but he is awake and alert and into everything! Hurry over.” That was our Shugo, full of life, miss him so much. Thanks for this. Thanks for the memories.

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    1. Hahahaha! Just imagining that scene makes me laugh … so funny!

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  5. This is too funny. Braces? Love the line, Peanut is waking up nicely as if he were in an opium den. If we need to clean out teeth minus any anus involvement I’d say it is quite right to floss and polish even if it means, they’re out like a light. You want them to have friends after all. Woof.

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    1. You had to hear her voice, I wish she was my doctor…lol!
      They were given chicken flavored toothpaste as a parting gift.


  6. What? No Golden Globe for Peanut? Glad the ordeal is over, Lisa. The wallet will recover…in due course! 😉

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  7. And when they sneak out at night looking for the local dealer just know that it’s your fault. you gave them the taste of one hell of a good high! Nothing is better than that first euphoric high ( so they say) and now those poor snowflakes will be chasing it.


  8. Tops, the perfect antidote to my last two days. Of course, my wallet is not involved! 😏


  9. I relate on so many levels. I did both of my older cats this year. Separately. When the vet says I can call after 2 to check, I call at 2:01. Both required extractions and both came home with pain meds. One just acted wonky and mostly slept for the rest of the day but was a diva for the rest of the week. The other escaped from the cat room (I kept them there so they couldn’t fall down stairs and hurt themselves) like a caged lunatic. She also refused the pain meds after the first dose. I can’t even talk about my wallet. The cost has gone us exponentially in the past few years but vet surgical units are better equipped and they do get pain meds. Glad your friends are doing so well. I’ll look for the Oscar nomination.

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    1. Glad to know I’m not alone…hahaha! I think these Diva’s have our number. We are being played.

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  10. I’m glad they survived the trauma, although, I believe you and you wallet did most of the suffering. They should be able to knock the parents out too!

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    1. Hahaha! I’m all for that…lol

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  11. This is so darn cute. Glad I got to it this morning – I’ll be walking around with a smile on my face all day. When our golden Henry was with us (12.5 years) I brushed his teeth once a week with special doggie toothpaste (poultry – he loved it) but it was such a pain to do. B U T, we only needed to have the dentist put him out to do a dental clean twice in his life. Helped the wallet. Helped Henry. And to his dying day, he had a beautiful set of teeth. 🙂
    Happy Holidays to you and your adorable doggies.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your advice. Peanut and Landon thank you too!


  12. We’ve spent over three grand on Chelsea’s teeth this year.
    It was worth it, but…

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  13. I love this post! Fur babies

    I wrote about mine too. Do give it a read


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