I’ve come to the conclusion that extreme anything is just too weird for me. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, I’m basically too lazy to be extreme. Seems like a lot of work.

Last night I popped into the grocery store for a pack of gum before hitting the gym. There is something euphoric about chewing while sweating my ass off that makes the experience a little less horrible. Clearly, I enjoy chewing or I wouldn’t have an ass to sweat off!

I noticed something going on in the line next to me. A crowd had formed. There were three-baggers in place, and I believe smoke coming from the conveyor belt. The only thing missing was paparazzi.

Of course, the Newsy Susie in me had to inquire. Turns out I was about to witness an extreme couponing moment. I confess I have watched the Extreme Couponing show more than once. Because I like to witness insanity at its finest.

Let me just put this on the record. I’m all for using coupons and saving money, however, I am not into math beyond 50% off or buy one get one free, especially while shopping. Nor to I have a bunker to store 5,000 bottles of laundry detergent that I got for 30 cents.

Just listening to the explanation as to how someone would manage to purchase 100 bottles of shampoo for 2 cents is enough to give me a headache. Literally!

So, back to the insanity at register 2. This woman had an entire cart filled with CASES of yogurt, and more waiting to be rung up. Doesn’t yogurt expire?

My bones were getting stronger just looking at that amount of calcium in one spot.

Next on the belt were stacks of Lipton side dishes in a bag. Or shall I say bloat in a bag.

I’m not sure what else she had because I was too busy watching her frantically rummaging through her purse. Oh no! She FORGOT something. 

It couldn’t possibly be coupons since there were enough to build that border wall we’ve all been hearing about sitting right in front of the cashier. Who has time for that level of clipping?

I’ll never know, and neither will you because the next thing I heard was “I live right across the street, I’ll be right back.” Followed by deafening SILENCE.

Enjoy the Ride! 

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  1. Oy! Here’s the thing about yogurt, Lisa, it’s already sour milk. So if it spoils, does it get more sour? Wouldn’t be a good thing? Inquiring minds want to know! 😉 oxoM

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  2. I hate getting in back of those insane couponers. I use coupons but there is a lot of insanity with them. Expired dates, stuff you’ll never use but got for 10 cents. You get all sucked in and end up with either no real savings or a bizarre diet.

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    1. My sister-in-law will buy cases of things like crushed tomatoes when they are on sale. I prefer not to eat things that can out live me.

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      1. I have a membership to a warehouse store (strictly for cat food/litter). At first it was like a candy store. I bought a case of canned beans and a case of tomatoes. It took me years to finish them off. (There are only 2 of us at home.) I am much more controlled these days. I always find that coupons are rarely for the things I like. When my mother died, she had 25 lbs. of sugar stashed in her attic. She wasn’t a hoarder. It was from sales for her Christmas cookies.

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      2. I now go to Costco for the samples, paper towels & toilet paper, and I split those with my son in college.
        That was a sweet surprise to find in the attic. (I couldn’t resist)

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      3. We gave it all to my nephew’s wife who was doing a lot of baking.

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  3. This all seems like way to much effort to me! Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I never seem to have enough time to fit life in general into my day as it stands!

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  4. Oh my! I have never understood couponing to that degree either… sure, I would love to pay $2.00 for my groceries for a month… but, I can’t even fathom how people do that! great ride today!

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    1. Hahaha! I would love that to, but not if it entails that level of thinking .

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  5. I use coupons every once-in-a-while, but they are mostly for processed “food” so I seldom find them for items we actually eat. Who has the time to search for and cut out all those coupons anyway? I wonder if the same personality type that does this also has hoarder tendencies? Thank goodness she wasn’t in your line… “I just live across the street”… really?

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    1. Just the thought of all that makes me tired. I wanted to follow her home. The only homes “across the street” are a 55 and over community and townhouses.


  6. Lisa, I hope your made it to your work out. I had a friend who would carry her best receipts with her as trophies and would show them when asked. Here is one for a $1.42, e.g. Keith

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    1. Yes I did!
      I have a sister-in-law like that … lol!


  7. too much work…

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  8. No coupons for me… my brain can’t handle it. Couponers… and then there is the person who writes a check but waits until the end of the whole transaction and then starts slowly, haltingly writing… drives me to distraction!

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    1. You’re not kidding. As my kids would say “a check? it’s 2017” Haha! Thanks for stopping by!


  9. I’m a coupon snob. Too much work and effort for not a lot of reward – unless you want 50 containers of yogurt. Yes, that is EXTREME. 🙂

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    1. It really is! Thanks for stopping by.

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  10. Every time I change purses I find an array of coupons , mostly expired that I have forgotten to use. I don’t know why I bother in the first place but if I just pitch them in the recycle bin right away I feel like I am throwing away money.
    On another note, I just started chewing gum while exercising a few months ago. I was having some breathing issues. A little research turned up the fact that chewing gum while exercising actually helps raise your oxygen levels. I tried it and believe it or not it helped quite a bit.

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    1. Story of my coupon life right there Silk!
      I do feel I perform better when chewing gum…who knew it was actually a thing. Glad to know!!

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